World Health Day 2022: World Health Day theme and History of WHO

World Health Day 2022: Since 1950, every year on 7 April, the foundation day of the World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrated as World Health Day. This year in 2022, 72nd Health Day and 74th Foundation Day of WHO are being celebrated on Thursday, 07th April .

The concept of celebrating World Health Day was first conceived in the year 1948 at the first health assembly and it was started celebrating from the year 1950. Today, due to the coronavirus pandemic in the country and around the world, there is a special need for you to take care of your health.

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World Health Day information:
Name World Health Day
Name of the organization World Health Organization (WHO)
date 07 April (Annual)
first time 07 April 1950
Theme 2022 Our Planet, Our Health

When is World Health Day celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, WHO was established on 07 April 1948 .

World Health Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 1950 with the aim of bringing together countries around the world to spread awareness on the issue of health at the international level.

How Health Day is celebrated:

On this special occasion, many health programs and free health checkup camps and eye checkups are organized by government and non-government health organizations, organizations and NGOs around the world.

Why is World Health Day celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated with the aim of raising people’s attention and awareness towards health issues and problems around the world.

At the same time , prevention and treatment of terrible diseases like polio, tuberculosis, AIDS, leprosy, hypertension, blindness, heart disease, malaria and today’s corona virus etc. The major objectives of WHO and Health Day include.

So far, many programs have been run by WHO, in which they have achieved a lot of success such as: Polio. Yes, in the year 1995, this International Day was celebrated with the theme of Global Polio Eradication, after which many other countries including India have become free from this disease.

Theme of World Health Day 2022 (World Health Day Theme)

The theme of World Health Day 2022 is ‘Our Planet, Our Health‘. The aim of this theme is to draw global attention to the well being of our planet and the humans living on it.

The theme of World Health Day so far:
Year theme
1950 Know your health services
1951 Health for you and the children of the world
1952 Healthy environment makes healthy people
1953 health is Wealth
1954 Nurse: Health is the leader
1955 Clean water means better health
1956 kill disease-carrying insects
1957 food for all
1958 10 years of health progress
1959 Mental illness and mental health in today’s world
1960 Malaria eradication – a challenge for the world
1961 Accidents and their prevention
1962 Keep sight – protect from blindness
1963 Hunger = disease of millions
1964 ‘No ceasefire for TB’
1965 Big mother – be constantly on the alert
1966 man and his city
1967 health aides
1968 health in tomorrow’s world
1969 Health, wages and productivity
1970 Early detection of cancer saves lives
1971 a fulfilling life in spite of diabetes
1972 your heart is your health
1973 health starts at home
1974 better food for a healthier world
1975 Badi Mata: No chance to come back again
1976 Prior knowledge prevents blindness
1977 Protect and protect your children
1978 below high blood pressure
1979 A healthy baby: a sure future
1980 Smoking and health: the choice is yours
1981 Health for all since the year 2000 AD
1982 add life in years
1983 Health for all from the year 2000 AD: Counting has begun
1984 Children’s Health: Tomorrow’s Wealth
1985 Healthy youth – our best resource
1986 Healthy Living: Everyone Is a Winner
1987 Immunization: a chance for every child
1988 Health for all: Health for all
1989 let’s talk about health
1990 Our Planet Our Earth: Think Global, Act Local
1991 Will disaster strike, be prepared
1992 Heartbeat: the rhythm of health
1993 Handle Life With Care: Avoid Violence and Neglect
1994 oral health for a healthy life
1995 global polio eradication
1996 healthy city for better life
1997 infectious disease to come
1998 safe motherhood
1999 Active aging can make a difference
2000 safe blood started with me
2001 Mental health: stop exclusion, dare treatment
2002 go to health
2003 Shaping the Future of Life: Healthy Environments for Kids
2004 road safety
2005 Every mother and children count
2006 work together for health
2007 international health protection
2008 Protecting health from adverse effects of climate change
2009 Save lives, build a safe hospital in case of emergency
2010 Urbanization and Health: Make the City Healthy
2011 Anti-microbial stop: no action today, no treatment tomorrow
2012 good health add more time to life
2013 healthy heartbeat, healthy blood pressure
2014 vector borne disease
2015 Food Safety:- With 5 solutions:
1: Always keep clean,
2: Keep cooked and raw food separate,
3: Cook food properly,
4: Keep food at safe temperature,
5: Safe water and raw materials use
2016 Diabetes: increasing prevention, strengthening care and increasing surveillance
2017 Depression: Let’s talk
2018 Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere
2019 Sarvatra Swasthya Suraksha (Universal Health Coverage)
2020 Support nurses and midwives
2021 building a fair, healthy world
2022 our planet, our health

What is the World Health Organization (WHO)?

The full form or full name of WHO is ‘World Health Organization‘, which is called World Health Organization in Hindi.

The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations that oversees health-related matters. It was established on 7th April 1948. Headquarters of WHO is in Geneva, Switzerland. At present, a total of 194 countries around the world are its members.

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