Why Do People Create History After A Breakup?

This is the story of a boy who was deeply in love with a girl. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with that girl as if that boy loved that girl so much that.

That boy could not even think of his life without that girl. Even if that girl loved that girl or not, only that girl knew. Time passed slowly and that boy did not even consider that girl a part of his life.

Rather, he had accepted his whole life. That boy was always happy and always worked hard in his life. But perhaps something else was written in his fate, a strange twist took place in this beautiful story .

The girl left the boy and left. What was it now where the boy wanted to spend the whole life with that girl, but on the contrary, that girl remained only a part of that boy’s life.

The boy loved her very much , perhaps that’s why the boy was completely broken as if his whole beautiful world had been shattered in an instant. That boy does not feel like doing any work.

He was lost all day. Whatever big dreams were in his life, as if all those dreams went away with that girl. He would miss that girl many times a day and whenever he remembered that girl at any time, he would be completely shattered.

Man sorry, but I would like to say one thing in the middle of the story, “It is not a big deal to be shattered after a heartbreak, but it is not an easy thing to move forward after picking up the pieces of a broken heart “.

The boy had only two ways. Waste your whole life behind one’s memory of that girl or forget her and work for your dreams. Now that boy chose a way to call that girl

But whenever he would sit alone for a while in a silent place, he remembered that girl again and again, as it was not as easy as he thought, and as difficult as he had imagined. Had to forget him.

But when he had decided to do something amazing in his life, now he worked for his dreams and tried to achieve his dreams with full sincerity and hard work. (Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

Every moment, he kept himself engaged in some work so that he does not remember the past, he would spend a lot of time in the day to learn new things and gradually make himself better and better and make himself successful.

He could never completely forget that girl, but whatever dreams he saw in his life, he fulfilled all the dreams. That boy did wonders to that girl without forgetting it.

It is said that it is not easy to forget someone, so it is also understood from this story that forgetting is also not necessary. (Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

“The person who has left you will repent one day, work hard for dreams, you will get a good and true lover from that person, has left infidelity, has no loyalty, no one is with you, this is a good time, do something Like this, everyone wants to be like you”

Today I am going to talk about how to move on, how to get out of your breakup face, how to forget your ex because you know whenever a breakup happens, a person becomes very sad.

Whether the relationship is two years old, 5 years, ten years, then there is a lot of problem to move forward in life, many people are always sad, keep crying, lock themselves in the room, most are cut off, But it’s not all right

So I am telling you some things, you should follow those which will help you to forget your ex and move forward in your life because if you do not follow these things then depression can also happen which is not right.

So trust me you follow these things, Improvement will be seen

Start Writing

Whatever was the problem with your ex, there must have been some reason for the breakup, there will be some dislike, he will not like anything, you will not like any thing, then because of that breakup happens.

So write that reason, don’t write in paper, then save it by typing it in phone and whenever it comes to mind, no, I have to talk to him, why it happened, then read those reasons, you will read that reason neither

You will find that it was a hopeless relationship with no future and then your mind will be at peace a bit. (Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

do not talk to him

Cut off, block the number, Facebook, Instagram If you do not want to block, then do not look at his post, you will not see as much as you will, whether Babu is doing this, Babu ‘s call will come and I know in the phone too You’ll be watching

If there are no blocks, then it is 11 o’clock in the night, it is 12. Now I must be missing, now the call will come, but the call does not come, then better block it or switch off the phone.

Keep the phone on the side, keep it away for a bit at that time, when you think that the call used to come and if you know this thing that there is no future with it, look, I will not tell, ( Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

You will know more about whether you have any future with that person or not and if you do not know these things, then there is no point in talking to him better than him.

Stop watching Emotional song, Movie

Emotional song, stop watching the movie because otherwise you will feel that I am a rockstar, sometimes I am a devdas, Devdas will be lying in front of his house, Paro will come running while running, then see he was a fictional character,

Neither you are Devdas, nor are you Paro, I am not saying that you do not see such songs, do not listen to such songs. Listen look. But not at this time. Avoid This Time When You ‘re Trying To Move On . (Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

Follow your hobby

It is very important that whatever you like, Sports, Dance, Music, Reading, Painting , you can join the classes of whatever you like, if you do not want to join the classes, then there are many things that you can do at home. can also

Like Reading, Cooking, Painting, Dance, you can also do it at home, so it is important to do this because it will give you some peace and the mood becomes fresh.

Don’t have any revenge

Don’t have any revenge feelings because many times it happens that now I have to take revenge. So do not bring such things in your mind at all, because you will not take revenge, neither you are wasting your energy, wasting your time, wasting yourself and wasting that too.

So why harass someone, invite so much waste, do not bring any vengeance in your mind, and know that try to spend maximum of your time with your friends or with family members,

You can talk with them, go out with them or even if you are not doing this now, keep yourself busy even then, keep doing something, some activity, some work, exercise, gym, ( Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

The more you sit empty, the more negative emotions will keep coming in your mind, you will feel that I should talk to him again, go to him again, but if things should not happen then it is very important to keep yourself busy.

Focus on your goals

Now sitting down, you will not keep thinking about your ex or keep crying while lying down that my ex comes back, I should go to him, you will keep doing this, neither are you hurting yourself, hurting your parents too Yes , your parents are with you but your ex is gone.

So seeing you in this situation, your parents are also getting sad, then stop hurting them, think about your present, think about your future, focus on your goals , I can say with confidence that you will be forgotten

Follow the things I have told, Improvement will come, don’t sit idle, keep yourself busy, keep doing something or the other. The more you sit empty, the more direct thoughts will come in your mind, then negative things will not roam in your mind,

So it is very important to keep yourself busy and friends who have gone through these things, do share this post with them because maybe they can also take their life on a right path. (Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

Why do people make history only after a breakup?

I can’t forget her. Try it and see. Deleted his name. Blocked him on Facebook , Whatsapp . Still can’t go without him, everyday I think I will forget him

But then I start messaging her, I start calling, begging in front of her, begging for my love, but she doesn’t reply. I started smoking cigarettes, started drinking alcohol so that I could forget him, but his memory is increasing.

You say forget him. Oh it is very easy to say but very difficult to do. Loved her so much Gave her everything. He gave up everything for him. He broke all his dreams for his happiness.

She too used to wait for my message every day. She also loved me more than life. We had kept so many happy moments together, so many promises we made together. But she left me for someone else. Not only my heart

I lost my hope of living. But even today I am waiting for him. I still love him as much today. In memory of him crying, I refuse to live life. Yes he is unfaithful but I still love him as much.

Can’t get away from his memories, I can’t forget him. I can’t laugh at myself. I can’t forget him, I can’t save my life and my dreams from ending. 

Now he has become a lover of yours, so now I can’t forget listening to him, don’t forget him and keep pleading in front of him, why only cigarette and alcohol. End your life by taking drugs cocaine too and begging her for love every day,

This little self respect is left, don’t put an end to that too and make life like a drug addict so that he laughs at you and said, I did absolutely right by leaving this useless man. Hey, who can’t handle himself, how can he handle me?

What happiness would she give me who cannot live for her mother and family, after saying all this she will start loving her new lover more and hating you more.

Hey, seeing your condition, you will feel disgusted with yourself and if she comes back even after your crying and pleading, will she be able to be happy. Your life will be like dogs, you will be left alone and isolated from the whole world. (Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

But what should you do with all these things, you are just intoxicated and make your mother cry and ruin your life. So that people said there was a boy like a lion who chose his death like a dog.

But listen, close your eyes and look inside yourself, if there is still self-respect breathing inside you, if there is still a warrior running in your blood, if there is still a hero alive inside you, then get up and go in front of the mirror. ,

By making a promise to yourself with your eyes that after today he will not plead in front of him, will not beg for love from him, will work hard in himself, will run after his passion. Oh he has no right to leave you, you yourself will leave him.

Will revive your dreams. Standing in front of him will embarrass him one day, will go to the gym and build his body. Will make daily hard work his hobby and listen, when did I say that he has to forget, he just has to leave,

He is not to be forgotten, he has to remember his deception, every wound he has given, his hatred has to be kept alive in your heart. He used you, you use his memory and his hatred and conquer this world and when this hatred or anger starts to subside

Go to her profile, see her photo, read the comments coming on the photo, see how she is laughing making you cry and make that anger your fuel because you have to fly very high and to fly at such a height will need a lot of fuel handjob

So by making a promise to himself who used to waste time behind him, now he will improve himself in that time, the value which made him different by giving him, now he will make the mother God by giving that value to his mother. (Breakup Motivational Story for Success)

Be so successful that one day he also said that I wish you could come back to me. His personality became so great that he was ashamed to hang out with his fellow. you can do it all

Because you are not a loser, you are a hero and a hero should never beg for love, that too from an unfaithful girl, this cannot happen. Focus on your dreams, focus on yourself. Win the world, create history, become a brand, show him his position.

I know friend all this will not be easy, but what is the hero who does easy work and friend don’t type message to him. How to make good body by typing this on google, don’t search his profile, search good dressing sense.

how to get him back Don’t think this The thought of how to come back to my family and to myself, become so successful that your name is everywhere and every moment in your success story, it becomes infamous, become that missile in front of which everything slows down.

If he comes out of the house, then there is your bungalow in front, if he wants to meet you, the security guard should drive him away. Want to call your manager pick up the call. Make so much progress that you should live in such a way that seeing your lifestyle, he has a dirty jealousy.

You don’t call him because that point is coming very soon, don’t call him because that point is going to come very soon, your name is going to appear in all news channels and newspaper headlines and listen friend, you have created such a beautiful life. with the unfaithful.

Hey you are an artist, you can create a better composition with someone else than that. A story that brings a smile to everyone’s face and you are a lion, don’t cry man, now it’s his turn to cry, you just have fun.

And boys and girls you are also precious and you are the hero of your own story, if you want to win this world then boys are wrong, girls are wrong, don’t talk or write about such nonsense. 

Not all boys are wrong and all girls are not wrong and I am neither on the side of boys nor like girls, I am on the side of warriors and warriors can be boy or girl, so get up and take out the success, which fluttering inside you,

And you will definitely win, I believe, once you take a step forward, that’s right. If you also have faith in me, then come with me, I move forward, let’s do something big. 

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