Who is the Vice Presidential Candidate Jagdeep Dhankhar

Bharatiya Janata Party President JP Nadda on July 16 announced the name of Jagdeep Dhankhar , the current Governor of Bengal, as the candidate for the Vice President of the NDA . With this announcement, Jagdeep Dhankhar  has become the Presidential candidate from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). 

The election for the post of Vice President in the country is to be held on 6th August . In such a situation, now the interest of the people has increased a lot about Jagdeep Dhankhar (nda vp candidate jaydeep dhankhar).

If you also want to know about Jaideep Dhankhar in detail, then this article is especially for you. In this article, we are going to tell you about Jaideep Dhankhar in detail.

Jagdeep Dhankhar Biography: Early Life

Jagdeep Dhankhar, who was made a candidate for the post of Vice President by BJP and its allies, was born on 18 May 1951 in village Kithana of Chirawa Tehsil of Jhunjhunu city of Rajasthan. Kithana is also known as Jat Land. Jagdeep Dhankhar was also born in a Jat family. 

His father’s name is Chaudhary Gokul Chand Dhankhar and mother’s name is Kesari Devi. Jagdeep Dhankhar has two brothers and one sister. His elder brother’s name is Kuldeep Dhankhar and younger brother’s name is Randeep Dhankhar.

Jagdeep Dhankhar’s sister’s name is Indra. His family Jat has been associated with farming for many generations.

Jagdeep Dhankhar has been fond of reading books since childhood. Despite being from a very simple family, he started dreaming big from the very beginning of his life. Apart from studies, he used to be very ahead in sports as well.

Jagdeep Dhankhar, fond of reading and writing since childhood, started his student life from a government secondary school in his village Kithana. Despite the lack of resources in this government school, he studied hard. After completing 5th standard in the government school of his village, he had to take admission in the government middle school in Gardana as there was no school above 5th standard in his village. 

After studying for a few years in Gardana’s Middle School, he and his younger brother’s military school in Chittorgarh on the basis of merit.I got admission. After passing 12 from Sainik School of Chittorgarh, Jagdeep Dhankhar did his graduation in Physics from Maharaja College, Rajasthan. 

After completing his graduation, he studied law from Rajasthan University. After completing his law studies, he started his career as a lawyer.

He worked hard in this journey from a very simple farmer family to becoming a lawyer. In the initial days of his studies, he had to walk 5 kilometers daily to school. 

Jagdeep Dhankhar was so good in reading and writing that he was selected in IIT, NDA and even IAS. But his dream was to become a lawyer, so he neither became an engineer nor went to the army nor did he think it right to become an IAS officer.

Started career as lawyer

Jagdeep Dhankhar, who started his life in a small village of Jaipur in Kithana, became a lawyer after completing his law studies from Rajasthan University in 1978-79. He started his career as a lawyer as a lawyer in the Bar Council of Rajasthan. 

As a lawyer, he fought many cases to get justice for farmers and poor people. He was very well versed in law, so he was soon counted among the best lawyers of India. Later he was also made the President of Rajasthan High Court Bar Association.

As a lawyer, he traveled from the High Court to the Supreme Court, climbing the stairs of the high court. Jagdeep Dhankhar became the President of Rajasthan Bar Association at the age of 35, which is a record in itself. 

He has become the youngest lawyer to become the President of Rajasthan Bar Association. Jaideep Dhankhar also got the status of Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court in 1990. In the same year, he also became a minister at the Centre. He has also been a member of the International Court of Arbitration.

Jagdeep Dhankhar became Lok Sabha MP in 1989

After becoming successful as a lawyer, Jaideep Dhankhar started working as a social activist. He did many agitations for the reservation of Jats. After gaining fame as a social activist, he came into the world of politics. He started his political career with Janata Party. 

In 1989, he also contested the Lok Sabha elections from his constituency Jhunjhunu on a Janata Party ticket. He got great success in his very first Lok Sabha election. He won this election with a huge margin. 

After winning this election, he reached the Lok Sabha for the first time. This was the 9th Lok Sabha election of independent India when VP Singh’s government was formed.

After winning the 1989 Lok Sabha elections, he was a member of the Lok Sabha for almost 2 years. In 1990, he was also made the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs. During this he worked with VP Singh in 1989 and Chandrashekhar’s government in 1991. 

But then there was the era of coalition governments and these governments could not last long. After becoming the Union Minister in these governments, when this government fell. So in 1991, Lok Sabha elections were held again.

In these Lok Sabha elections, the Janata Dal cut his ticket, due to which he left this party. After leaving the Janata Dal, he joined the Congress party. After joining the Congress party, in 1991, he contested the Lok Sabha elections from Ajmer, Rajasthan on the Congress ticket, but he had to face defeat in these elections. Then he was defeated by Rasa Singh Rawat of Bharatiya Janata Party. 

But only two years after this defeat, he contested the assembly elections from Kishangarh in Ajmer. He got a landslide victory in this election. He was the MLA of Kishangarh from 1993 to 1998. Jagdeep Dhankhar has also contested the Lok Sabha elections from Jhunjhunun in 1996 on the ticket of Congress Party, but in this election he was at number three.

When Jagdeep Dhankhar joined BJP

As an MLA of the Congress Party for 5 years, he became disillusioned with this party because of the party’s high command system. He left the Congress party and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2003. He has been one of the special people of the former Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje. 

After working in the organization of BJP for a long time, he became the 28th Governor of Bengal on 30 July 2019. He was sworn in as the Governor of Bengal by the President of the country, Ram Nath Govind.
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Career of Jagdeep Dhankhar as Governor

Jagdeep Dhankhar was appointed as the Governor of Bengal on 30 July 2019. As the Governor of Bengal, he has criticized the Mamata Banerjee government several times. During his tenure, he has directly clashed with Mamata Banerjee’s government several times. 

As the Governor of Bengal, he has openly said many times that the democratic situation in Bengal is fine. He even once said that West Bengal is sitting on a volcano and is in a very critical stage. 

Then he directly attacked the attitude of the state government of Bengal and said that there is no such thing as democracy in Bengal. If you want to live a good life while living in Bengal, then there is only one way, come with the ruling party.

Mamta Banerjee has said many times about Jagdeep Dhankhar that he is working in Bengal as an employee of the Central Government. They try to impose the decisions of the central government inside Bengal. Once Mamta Banerjee was so annoyed with Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhand that she blocked him on Twitter.

Jagdeep Dhankhar had recently criticized the Bengal government at Pratap Gaurav Kendra in Udaipur, saying that in West Bengal, there is no rule of law, it is the rule of the ruler. Then he had said that after the assembly elections in Bengal, when he saw the orgy of violence, he could not even describe it with his own words.

Even after having so much estrangement with Mamta Banerjee, he has called Mamta Banerjee his younger sister many times. When he became the Governor of Bengal for the first time, Mamta Banerjee herself came to the President and tied a rakhi on his wrist.

Personal life of Jagdeep Dhankhar

Jagdeep Dhankhar got married in 1979. His wife’s name is Sudesh Dhankhar. Jagdeep Dhankhar also has a daughter named Kamna. Her daughter is also married and her husband’s name is Kartikeya. Kamna also has a son named Kavish. In this way Jagdeep Dhankhar has become maternal grandfather.

What is the connection of Jagdeep Dhankhar with Salman Khan?

NDA’s Vice Presidential candidate Jagdeep Dhankhar also has connections with Hindi cinema superstar Salman Khan. Yes you read it right. Actually Salman Khan was accused of hunting blackbuck during the shooting of Hum Saath Saath Hai in Jodhpur in 1998. 

His case was fought by Jagdeep Dhankhar only. He was selected for this case by Salman Khan’s advocate Devanand Gehlot. During the hearing of this case, Jagdeep Dhankhar was successful in getting Salman Khan bail. Jagdeep Dhankhar and Salman Khan also met after getting bail in the court.

Jagdeep Dhankhar become the 14th Vice President of India

After the announcement of Jagdeep Dhankhar as the candidate for the post of Vice President of BJP President JP Nadda, it is believed that he will become the 14th Vice President of India. Actually, the reason for believing this is that the equation which is needed to make the Vice President is in favor of NDA. 

To become the Vice President of the country, the votes of the elected MPs of both the houses of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are required. At present, there are a total of 780 elected MPs in both the houses. Out of which BJP alone has 394 MPs. More than 390 votes are required to win the election for the post of Vice President.

In such a situation, it can be said with certainty that Jagdeep Dhankhar is going to become the next Vice President of India. Let us tell you that the nomination paper for the election of the Vice-President will be filled on July 19, after which the election for the post of Vice-President is to be held on August 6.

Brief biography of Jagdeep Dhankhar

Full Name Jagdeep Dhankhar
Father ‘s Name _   Chaudhary Gokulchand Dhankhar
Mother ‘s Name Kesari Devi
occupation Advocate , Politician
Party Bharatiya Janata Party
Date of Birth 18 May 1951
Age _ 71 years
birth place Kithana , Rajasthan , India
constituency _ _ Jhunjhunu , Rajasthan
length 5 feet 4 inches
Caste Jat
Religion Hindu
Wife _ Sudesh Dhankar
Property 10  lakh
Join Bharatiya Janata Party 2003

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