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Arvind Arora biography (Who is Arvind Arora? Where was he born? Arvind Arora’s life introduction, age, place of birth, date of birth, college, profession, nationality, social media platform)

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Arvind Arora Biography

Who is Arvind Arora (A2 Sir)?

Arvind Arora ie A2 is famous by the name of Sir. Who is a Teacher, Youtuber, and Motivational speaker by profession? Arvind Arora, famous for his unique way of teaching, is a chemistry teacher. Along with teaching, Arvind Arora uploads 3 fact short videos on Daily Youtube. Due to this millions of people are learning something new by watching his videos and taking good information.

Arvind Arora was born on 28 September 1988 in a middle-class family in Suratgarh, a small town in Rajasthan. Arvind Arora’s father is a shopkeeper and his mother is a housewife. Arvind Arora used to sit at his father’s shop since childhood and used to help his father.

He used to think that when he grows up, he too will run his father’s shop and do the work that his father has done. But one thing changed his life. It is a matter that once in childhood Arvind Arora ji went to his maternal uncle’s house with his mother.

There his maternal uncle made fun of him by saying “you will not be able to do anything, you used to sit at the shop yesterday also and today also, you will sit in the future as well”.

This thing went home in his heart and he decided to become a big man by working hard. Started studying diligently and when there is stubbornness in oneself, even luck has to bow down.

Education of Arvind Arora

Arvind Arora’s early education took place in Rajasthan’s public school, Suratgarh, after completing 12th standard, after completing his degree from SKIT College, Jaipur, Rajasthan, his father did not even have money, but due to the insistence of Arvind Arora, he took an education loan and joined the engineering college. Took admission and B.E. (Electrical Engineering) and started studying.

Passed well in the first year, but as soon as the second year came, a girl started appearing in his life, and he started falling in love with that girl. Now Arvind Arora used to think of her day and night. 6 months passed and there was no attention at all toward studies.

Arvind Arora’s Wife Jagriti Arora

Got a chance to talk one day after 6 months in college days. And Arvind Arora ji made a direct proposal that you will marry me, then what Jagrati ji said after a long silence changed Arvind Arora’s whole life. Jagrati Arora said, have you come to do all this with the money of your parents?

Jagrati explained that they had heard a lot that you are a smart and intelligent boy in studies, but you turned out to be like this. And said that when you become something then everything in the world can be yours even I can be yours.

Hearing such a thing, Arvind Arora studied day and night for the sake of getting his love and achieved a position and got his love after achieving success in life. And Jagrati married Arvind Arora. Today both people are very happy in their married life.

YouTube career of Arvind Arora

It is about those days when Arvind Arora was a teacher. After a lot of hard work, such methods of education were found which made it easy for the children to read and understand. Started putting my methods of reading in that different way on Youtube and then it was known that money is also available from Youtube.

The purpose of posting Arvind Arora’s video on YouTube was so that the students who come forward do not face any problems and this hard work of theirs will be useful in the future as well. He did not even know when he became a good YouTuber while working hard slowly.

And today we all know him only because of youtube. Started doing most of the work on YouTube when Tik Tok stopped and Shorts videos started being made on YouTube.

Arvind Arora’s YouTube channel has 14 million+ subscribers. Arvind Arora (a2 sir)  is the name known as the king of Fact video. His videos are so famous that millions of views come on each video.

Social media platforms of Arvind Arora

In Arvind Arora’s Biography, you are given below Arvind Arora’s social media platforms as well as their links. So now you can connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

FAQs – Arvind Arora biography

Where was Arvind Arora born?

Ans: Suratgarh, Rajasthan, India.

Who is Arvind Arora?

Ans: Teacher, Youtuber and Motivational speaker।

When was Arvind Arora born?

Ans:  28 September 1988.

Annual income of Arvind Arora?

Ans: Around 1 to 1.5 crores.

How old is Arvind Arora?

Ans: 34 years.

What is the name of Arvind Arora’s wife?

Ans: Jagrati Arora.

How many subscribers does Arvind Arora have?

Ans: 15 million

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