Which Is The Best App For Trading?

Are you also thinking of trading or investing in the stock market? Or you are also looking for best app for trading in Google ! In today’s post we are going to know about the best trading app! Which you can use to earn money from the stock market! 

In today’s time many people are earning millions from the stock market! Because in the digital age it is easier than ever to buy shares in the stock market!

You can also trade or invest in the stock market from the mobile application! Trading apps make trading very easy! In the trading app you can open demat and trading accents for free!

So in today’s article, what are we Trading App and the best app for trading in 2023 ? About to know! We are about to learn about several such trading apps! Which make you an expert in trading the stock market! And from where you can earn millions a month!

What is the Trading App 

Trading apps are mobile apps that you can install on your mobile and start trading in the stock market! You can buy and sell stocks through these apps! Demat and trading accounts are opened in these apps.

Your stock is kept in Demat account. Stocks are sold and bought through the trading app! All these trading apps are operated by big brokerage companies in the stock market!

You get a variety of features in the trading app like stock news, research, stock prices, stock graphs, and more! You can earn money through these apps in different ways!

Like by trading in options, trading in futures, buying and selling stocks, investing in mutual funds, investing in SIPs, investing in IPOs and so on! 

Now you can imagine that if so many investment and trading options are found in one platform, then who would not want to invest in the stock market! This is the reason that in today’s time the number of people trading in the stock market is increasing. 

So now let’s go ahead and know which are the best app for trading 2023 which people are using more in today’s time and earning money from the stock market! 

1. Groww Trading App 

From Selling and Buying Stocks to Investing in SIPs and Mutual Funds with the Grow Mobile App! One of the best features of this mobile app is that you can open your demat account and trading account here for free! You don’t have to pay any kind of charge! 

 How To Invest In Share Market?

This app is stabilized by Nextbillion Technology! Groww Trading App was launched in 2016! Currently the CEO of Grow App is Lalit Keshari!

In today’s time this app has become very popular! More than 10 million people have installed this app from Google Play Store! You can download this app from Google Play Store! 

The dashboard of Groww Trading App is very friendly in which you can easily view every stock! Let me tell you one more thing, Grow App does not invest in Commodity and Currency! 

If you are thinking of investing in stock market then you can start with Groww Trading App! For more information about Grow App we have read How to Earn Money with Grow App? The article is also written, you must read the article till the end! 

2. Upstox Trading Mobile App 

Upstox is also considered an online discount broker! Upstox Mobile App allows you to open Demat and Trading accounts paperless! With this mobile you can earn money by trading in different ways! Like by trading in stocks, trading in mutual funds, investing in gold, investing in IPOs and so on! 

The current CEO of Upstox is Ravi Kumar. Ratan Tata also holds about 2% stake in Upstox! With Upstox Mobile App you can buy Equity, Commodity. Can invest in currency and F&O! Today Upstox has over 5 million active clients! 

You can easily install this app from Google Play Store! Login to it with your Gmail ID and create a Demat and Trading account! For this, we  have also written an article  on how to use Upstox App, you must read this article till the end!

3. Angel One Trading Mobile App 

This mobile app is operated by Angel One Broking Company! This is one of the best trading platform in which you can open demat account online!

Angel Broking Company was established in 1996 by Dinesh Thakkar and Angel One app was launched in December 2015! 

Angel One App provides Stock Selling, Buying, Commodity, Mutual Fund Services, Life Insurance, IPO Portfolio Buying and Selling Services!

In this, to open an online account, you need PAN card, Aadhar card, email id, mobile number, bank account number! More than 10 million people have downloaded this app from the Google Play Store so far! 

What is Dividend – How many types of Dividend are there? Dividend shares

It has a rating of 3.7 which has been rated by nearly 3 lakh people so far! It is very easy to use this app for trading!

Because just by looking at its dashboard, you will understand a lot! You can also get information by calling on the number given by Angel One Broking Company! 

4. ICICI Direct Trading App 

ICICI Direct App is one of the leading retail brokerage companies! ICICI Direct is providing trading service to people since last 10 years! 

If you have all the necessary documents available with you! So you can open demat account in ICICI direct app for free and start trading with ICICI direct! 

To sell and buy any stock, you can get complete information about the stock from this app!

You can install ICICI Direct App from Google Play Store! More than 1 million people have installed this app from Google Play Store! If you want, you can start trading with this app too! 

5.) 5Paisa Trading Mobile App 

5Paisa App is a share market investment platform where you can trade and invest for free! 5Paisa Company was created by a Canadian investment company General Atlantic! The 5Paisa company had also invested in Reliance and Ali Baba Group in India!

5Paisa Company was established in 2007! In today’s date, if  we talk about discount brokerage  investment  platform, then the name of 5Paisa Company comes first! 

The 5Paisa company manages the fund of more than 15,000 crores. There are over 1 million clients of the 5paisa investment platform!

And more than 8 million people have downloaded this app! For this we covered how to trade in 5Piasa!  An article has also been written, you must read this article till the end! 

6.) Kite App By Zirodha Brooking Services   

Kite App is a leading trading mobile app operated by Zirodha Brooking Company! You can use the Kite app to sell stocks, buy, and trade futures and options! 

For opening demat and trading account in this app, you have to pay 200 rupees charge! You only have to pay this fee once!

After adding your bank account in this app, you can add funds! You can use UPI , Net Banking and Debit Card  to add funds !

You can download this app from Google Play Store! So far more than 10 million people have downloaded this app from the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.3 has been given to this app! In my view this is one of the best Trading App you should use it too! 

7.) HDFC Securities Trading Mobile App 

HDFC Securities App is an app through which you can login to the app by doing Bio Metric and Face Recognition! That’s why it is considered one of the safe trading apps! 

HDFC Securities Trading Mobile App displays live market data in your dashboard! Which makes your trading very easy! 

Tracking any stock with graph is very easy in this app! You can download it from Google Play Store! It has over 1 million downloads so far and rated this app a rating of 4.3! 

8.) Sharekhan Trading Mobile App 

It is considered to be the fourth largest broking company in India! Sharekhan Trading Mobile App offers users a high earning category of trading products like Stock Market Securities, Loan Against Shares, among others! 

You get facilities like Advanced Search, Technical Indicators, Mutual Fund Monitoring, Resources and Study, Commodities and Sharekhan Classroom Features in this app which makes trading in it even easier!

You can easily download ShareKhan Trading Mobile App from Google Play Store and start trading! 

Talking about the charge on buying and selling of stocks in the Stock Market Trading App mentioned in this post, then this charge is different!

Like Angel One App is charged by the broking company at Rs.20 + Gst per order! Talking about other trading apps, this fee is levied at Rs.50 + Gst per order! 

Your demat and trading account is opened online in all trading apps! In which you are submitted online documents! All these trading apps are safe as all these trading apps are operated by registered broking companies! 

9.) IIFL Demat Account Stocks & IPOs

IIFL Trading App is operated by IIFL (India Info Limited) company. You can download this app from Google Play Store to trade! More than 5 million people have downloaded this app in the Google Play Store so far! In this app you can invest and trade in Stocks and IPOs! 

10.) Investing

Investing App is a Financial Android Application! It’s also a news site! The investing App was published in 2013! Investing website was established in 2007! You can download this app from google play store. 

Along with doing stock and other types of investing and trading, you can analyze stocks after reading the news in it, which makes it easy for you to pick stocks too!

11.) Money Control Mobile App 

Money Control is a mobile app where you can view news about a wide variety of different stocks in addition to trading! In this you can open both demat and trading account! 

Only after that you can buy and sell the stock by analyzing the stock! The dashboard of this mobile app is very friendly which you can use very easily! 

12. E Trade Mobile App 

You can download the E Trade app from the Google Play Store! This app is SEBI certified trading app in which you can earn money by online trading and investing! You can buy and sell stocks in it but mostly if you want to trade then you use this app! 

FAQs – People Also Ask –the best app for trading

Q 1. Which app is good for share market? 

Ans. You can use Groww App, Upstox Trading App and Kite App to trade in the stock market! All these three apps show you accurate information on each stock with graphs! 

Q 2. What is Mobile Trading? 

Ans. Mobile trading means you can buy any stock live! That is, if you are trading in the stock market through any app, then it is called mobile trading! 

Q 3. How many stock markets are there in India? 

Ans. There are a total of 21 stock exchanges in India in which the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange are the largest stock exchanges! 

Q 4. How to identify good stock? 

Ans. Whichever stock you want to buy, first add it to the watchlist! Check the stock in the first one hour of the day’s market! If the stock is increasing continuously then buy it and then sell it after few hours whatever the profit or loss is! If you are buying the stock for a long time, then you should first get complete information about the stock. 

Q 5. What to look for before buying shares?

Ans. Before buying any stock, check the business model of the company. What is the turnover of the company and there is no debt on the company! Check all the fundamentals including the balance sheet! Whenever there is a circuit in any stock, then one should not invest in that stock! 

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Conclusion –The best app for trading

So in this article you must have come to know about the most popular the best app for trading ! You can also visit the trading app website for more information about all these trading apps!

You can download all the trading apps from the Google Play Store and start trading! 

How did you like our The best app for trading article, do tell us by commenting and also tell us about which trading app you use more! Do share this post with your friends too! 

Thank you so much for reading this article of ours till the end! 

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