WhatsApp New Feature: Now you Can Remove Message after 2 Day on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Time limit to delete messages increased: Messaging platform WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features to change the experience of users on its platform.

Today i.e. on August 9, the company has rolled out one of its powerful features. After the arrival of this update, users will be able to delete the messages sent to their family, friends and colleagues even after 2 days. Earlier, there was an option to delete the sent message within an hour of sending it.

Meta-owned company WhatsApp has given information about this feature on Twitter. WhatsApp said that this option will definitely be helpful for those who are thinking of deleting the already sent message. However, for the new feature, users will have to update their WhatsApp.

Now messages can be deleted even after 2 days

WhatsApp users will have 2 days and 12 hours to delete the message after sending it. Earlier, this limit was only 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. To delete a message sent in WhatsApp, all you have to do is tap and hold on it for a few seconds, then tap the ‘Delete’ button.

This change happened for Apple users

Interestingly, while WhatsApp is increasing the time it takes users to delete messages, Apple is going in the opposite direction with iMessage. In the first beta version of iOS 16, users had 15 minutes to unsend the message. Now with the latest beta, this limit has been reduced to just two minutes.

This feature has been controversial as some users believe that the options to edit and send messages can be used for malicious purposes. This prompted Apple to add a change history for edited messages in iMessage. Meanwhile, popular WhatsApp and iMessage competitor Telegram lets users edit and delete messages without any limits.

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