What is Youtube Studio and its benefits?

If you are a Youtube Creator, then you must have heard about Youtube Studio and many professional Youtubers would also be using it. But some people do not know well about Youtube Studio or Youtube Creators Studio and do not use it. But if you are a youtuber then you must use youtube studio. It is very helpful for youtubers.

But if you want to know whether this is YouTube Studio and how it can be useful for you, then in this article today we are going to explain or tell you well about it, what is Youtube Studio and what is its use and what is its use. What could be the benefits. Read this entire article to know –

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What is Youtube Studio?

Youtube Studio is an official product or tool of YouTube, with the help of which you can easily manage your YouTube channel. Earlier YouTube Studio was known as Creators Studio , but now it has been changed to Youtube Studio. It is also known as Youtube Analytics .

YouTube Studio is like Google Analytics in a way. The way you can see website status, views, etc. with Analytics, you can monitor all the status of your YouTube channel with this. With its help, you can see the views of your YouTube videos, customize the video and delete the video. You can see all the data related to your channel with the help of youtube creator studio.

Like – How many views got today, how many subscribers got, which video got how many views today, how is your new video performing compared to old video, who liked-disliked your video and who commented etc.

The new design of YouTube Analytics  gives you insight into your performance, from your entire channel to each video. It also has new metrics. For example, views, click-to-click (CTR) views, and new (unique) viewers, etc.


Youtube studio is available for free. You can use it through the Android App, on your PC or online from YouTube itself. Youtube Creators is just starting to shut down slowly from 2020 and its new design youtube studio has started replacing it.

Now Youtube Creators are rarely seen on any channel. In YouTube Studio, great creator tasks get done with fewer clicks and the tool gets the job done faster.

One advantage of the new design is that YouTube can provide creator-only features more quickly and reliably. More and better features have been made available in Youtube Studio than in Makers Studio.

How to use Youtube Studio

As I told you that YouTube Studio is available in Android app or PC app. To use YouTube Studio, you need to download its Android app. After this, access your channel by logging in with the mail id with which you have your channel.

After accessing your channel, you can now see all the data related to it in the dashboard of youtube studio app, such as which videos you have uploaded, how many views are there and daily or monthly status of your channel etc.

Apart from this, if you do not want to download the app, then you can use it directly online. For this you have to first go to https://studio.youtube.com/ . Then you have to login here with your mail id and that’s it, now you can use YouTube studio.

Note – If you want to access it from mobile then you have to turn on Desktop Mode of your browser. It does not open in mobile mode in mobile browser. It is not yet available in mobile mode.

What are the advantages of Youtube Studio (Features and Advantages Of Youtube Studio)

If you use YouTube Studio, then you can get many benefits from it. As –

  • With the help of YouTube studio, you can easily see the video performance of your youtube channel.
  • In YouTube Studio, a video snapshot also shows how your new video is performing compared to your previous video.
  • You can also reply by moderating the comment in YouTube Studio.
  • You can also get notification related to your channel in YouTube studio.
  • With the help of YouTube Studio, you can also set the details of your video like – Title, Description, Category and Advance Setting.
  • You can also customize your playlists, profile settings, etc. in YouTube Studio.
  • YouTube Studio provides overview, discovery, audience, interactive content and playlists all in one Analytics.

So these were some of the advantages of Youtube Studio or some of its main features, which you can take advantage of.


Friends, Youtube Studio is a good app. If you are a youtube creator, then this is a must use. This can be very beneficial for you. You can do all the data monitoring work of YouTube from this YouTube studio. We also use it and it gives much better results.

So this was a little information about our youtube studio, which we hope has helped you a lot to know about youtube studio. For the time being, if you have any other question related to YouTube Studio or you need help, then you must definitely ask your question to us through the comment box below and give your suggestion regarding this post. Do share this post also.

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