What is Shala darpan and How can I register in it?

In June 2015, the Government of Rajasthan launched two websites Shala Darshan and Shala Durban . Teachers are having a hard time using these two types of website as they have developed a point of view for funding for primary education and secondary education.

In view of these problems, the Government of Rajasthan has merged these two websites, which is now known only as Shala Durban. There is such a website of the Government of Rajasthan, with the help of which students, parents, teachers and educational institutions can connect with each other, which will increase transparency.

Shaala Darpan Rajasthan Details

scheme name Shala Darpan Rajasthan 2022
portal launched By Education Department, Government of Rajasthan
Portal Department Government of Rajasthan School EducationDepartment Rajasthan Council of School Education
Portal Benefits Correct information to all schools, all students, all teachers and staff related to education in the state
portal registration process Online
Purpose of launching the portal To provide all the information related to education department and education to all the citizens of Rajasthan and to make the field of education better.
start in state Rajasthan only
official portal www.rajshaladarpan.nic.in

School mirror of purpose

Earlier parents had to go to their school to get information about their children, in which a lot of time was wasted. Keeping all these things in mind, Shala Durban Portal has been started. Parents can easily get all the information related to student, teacher and school with one click. Gradually the country will move towards Digital India, which will bring more transparency among the people and children will get better education.

Shala Darpan facts of

Many education policies are promoted by the government through the Shala Darpan website.

More than 60,000 schools are connected through this web portal project.

Through this more than 12 LAKH students, their parents and 50,000 teachers are connected to each other.

The purpose of creating this website is to help the education officers to get online information about the progress of the students and the progress of those schools, but only the Government of Rajasthan has taken this initiative.

School mirror of Work

Below we explain what Shala Darpan Portal does for the students, their parents, teachers and educational institution authorities.

In this the profile of the students is made.

The profile of every student is different in every school.

It contains all the information related to the students’ school attendance record and parent’s information, health report, score sheet and scholarship.

Every student is given a smart card id.

When the student enters the class, his attendance is marked by fingerprint on the machine.

Whose register attendance is done online.

If the student takes a leave of more than 2 days, his parents are informed through SMS.

Darpan website teachers for do What _ does ? Shala

Shala Darshan website has made many tasks easier for teachers, which we will tell you below.

An identity card is made for each school teacher.

It contains complete information about the staff involved in the school.

There is also an online attendance register for teachers.

Authors can also see their posts and transfers on this portal.

It also includes salary and pension information.

How log _ _ in _ ? to

Follow the steps given below :-

Friends, for admission in Shala Darpan School, first of all you have to open Shala Darpan Portal. below you can see

So friends, when you go to the portal, the option of school login will appear in the left side, you have to click on it first and then a new page will open in front of you.

Shala Darpan on What be will ?

Here you will get all kinds of information and facilities which are very important for teachers teaching in Rajasthan. Teachers can register their attendance online by visiting here, and they can also submit leave applications here. Teachers are fully connected with the school with complete information of students of all classes so that they can get all kinds of important information online. This is a very good step for the welfare of the society.

School mirror to use How _ _ ?

There are all kinds of information and facilities here which are very important for a teacher. Here you will find detailed information about teacher and student classes, which are essential for community formation. Detailed information is available at the district and state level of Rajasthan, which makes this website an important website.

To understand how important the Internet is today, here you will get a detailed description of all government programs in one click. Through this website education department can fully connect with that school which is most important for social welfare.


The Rajasthan government has taken a good step towards Digital India. Like shala darshan, online portals should be started in other states. This will lead to the progress of India and there will be a lot of efficiency in the work of the schools.

So friends, what is shala darshan? I have tried to give you complete information from this article, hope you liked this article, if you liked our post, then please tell us in the comment section and also share with your friends.


How to login in Shala Darpan?

If you want to search the school listed on Shala Darpan, then this option has also been made available.

What is Form 10?

Shala Darpan is a data base portal run by the Rajasthan State Government for the Department of Secondary Education where all the information is fed online and updated from time to time which is available to all.

What is school philosophy?

Shala Darpan Portal Launched on 27th June 2021, Scholarship Portal Shala Darpan was launched by Directorate of Secondary Education, Bikaner, Government of Rajasthan. Students can apply for all types of scholarships through this portal. Students from class I to XII can use this portal.

How to amend Form 10?

The name of the student will be displayed in front of you. In the student profile for which you want to change the details, finally click on Edit option. Make the necessary corrections now. Then click the Update button next to the Edit button and save all the information.

How to fill Personnel Form 10?

Technical Director NIC Jaipur,. Following is the procedure to make the detailed description form (Form-10) online regarding the personnel. 2. After Sankul School Portal Login, Click on Form-10 in Staff (Personnel) Tab.

What is available on Shala Darpan Portal?

You can get all the information related to education and education sector from Shala Darpan Portal. With the help of Shala Durban Portal, students, schools, teachers, all the employees of the State Education Department can see the information about what is new in the field of education.

Shaladarpan web portal is an initiative of which government?

This web portal has been started by the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of Rajasthan

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