What is PicsArt and How to use PicsArt?

If you are fond of photo editing or video editing, then you must have heard this name PicsArt. So in today’s article we are going to see what is Pics art and how to use PicsArt. PicsArt is a very popular application, with the help of which you can edit a great photo, you get this application in both paid and free ways!

If you buy its paid version, then you will get a chance to use more and more new features while editing photos and if you use its free version then you will be given less features to use. So if you have heard the name of pics art application and you still do not know what is pics art and how to use it, then definitely read this article completely because in this article we are going to teach you all the things related to pics art. is !

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What Is PicksArt

PicsArt is a video and photo editing app with the help of which you can give an attractive look to your photos. To do editing in Pics Art, you have been given many features and filters, with the help of which you can do a good editing.

You get this application both in paid and free way. If you want, you can also buy paid version of this application which will help in making your photo more attractive. In the paid version, you get many more features than the free version. You can easily download this application from Google Play Store.


  • To edit the photo, you have been given an eraser, with the help of which you can remove or change the background of the photo.
  • There are many different filters available to make the photo even better.
  • Service available to extract objects of photos.
  • The facility of blurring the background of the photo is available.
  • Facility to crop photo and background available.


  • With the help of Pics Art App, you can add music from the phone gallery to the video extracted from the phone.
  • Bring your exciting stories to life and create exciting videos.
  • Add music to your videos using an extensive library of popular songs.
  • Crop the video clip or use square fit to add a background, then post to your IG as you like.
  • Use Glitch Video Effects to instantly transform it by adding trendy video filters.


  • Create an amazing photo collage using all your favorite pictures.
  • Try photo grids, freestyle collages, scrapbooks and frames for photos.
  • Use story maker and create photos for your Instagram with story templates.


  • Selfie outline with hottest sketch effect.
  • Draw in artistic creations with the canvas effect.
  • You can convert your own picture into cartoon form with cartoon effect.
  • Create trending drip art.
  • Use dripping mode, stickers and customize mixing mode.

How to use PicsArt

Friends, if you are also fond of photo editing, then pics Art is a great photo editing app. So let’s know how to use this application, first of all you have to download the PicsArt application from Google Play Store.

You can also download PicsArt App by clicking on the button below – Download PicksArt

After downloading you have to open this application.

After opening, the process of creating an account will come in front of you, if you want, you can create an account in this application. If you do not want to create an account, then you have to click on the skip button above. After that the pics Art application will open in front of you!

After that many options will come in front of you like Edit Photo, Edit Video, Make a Collage, Backgrounds, such options will come in front of you. You have to edit the photo, that’s why you have to click on the photo option!

After clicking on the Edit Photo option, your phone gallery will open in front of you. Whichever photo you want to edit, you have to select that photo and do it next. After next, your photo will open in editing mode. To edit the photo, follow the information given below!

How to Edit a Photo in PicsArt

According to the information given above, you have selected the photo, now the photo editing mode will open in front of you. Where you will open many different features, all those features have been explained in detail below. Follow that info!


In the feature with TOOLS, you will find many different options, which include options like Crop, Free Crop, Shape Crop, Stretch, Adjust, Perspactive and Rotate. If you want to crop your photo and apply any other background, then you can crop the photo with the help of this tool.


In the option with EFFECTS, you get to see different types of photo effects such as FX, Canvas, Sketch, Blur, Artistic, Magic, Pop Art, Distort, Paper, Colors etc. You see some of these types of effects in this option, in which the function of each effect is different.


Beautify In this option, you will get to see things related to the face like with the help of this option you can change the color of the face, change the color of the eyes, change the size of the face, apart from this you also get other effects in this option. Such as Auto, Face, Wrinkle, Smooth, Smooth, Eye Bag, Face Fix, Blemish Fix, Skin Tone, Hair Color, Detail, Eye Color, Teeth Whiten, Reshape, Red Eye. etc.


You will need internet connection to use STICKER option. If you do not have internet connection in your mobile then you cannot use this option. You are given stickers in two ways, first is free sticker and second is premium sticker. If you want to experience good sticker then you can buy premium sticker. Otherwise you can use the free sticker!


With the CUTOUT option, you can crop the desired part in the right size, in this option you see the name of each part such as Person, Face, Clothes, Sky, Head, Hair, Background etc. By clicking on any part you want to crop, you will automatically crop that part correctly!


As you can understand from the name of this option, how will this option work for you. With the help of text option, you can add text by writing on your photo and according to you you can apply it in any corner of the photo. You have also been given different colors of text, in which you can also set the color according to you!


With the help of ADD PHOTO option, you can add any photo from your phone gallery to the photo you are editing. It is mostly used to add PNG photos. For this, you have to click on the option of add photo. As soon as you click on the option of add photo, your phone gallery will open in front of you. You have to select any photo from it and adjust it on the photo you are editing and add it!


In this option you get to see different types of brushes. The shape and working method of each brush is different. With the help of these, you can make a border on your photo or you can use it for any other work according to your own. You have also been given different colors for the brush, you can make a border using any color!


In DRAW option, you can draw anything on your photo or write name like a pen. Along with custom draw, you have been given the option of text. For this, you have to click on the text brush and write any text and select its font and color and apply it on your photo. Along with this, if you make a mistake while drawing, then you have also been given an eraser, with the help of which you can correct the mistake.


With the help of FRAME option, you can apply an attractive frame to your photo. You have been given many types of frames in the frame option, for example Birthday Frame, Colorful Frame, Love Frame etc. You can apply any type of frame you want to your photo and give a new look to the photo. But you must have internet connection to use this option.

We gave you information about 10 important features for editing photos. Apart from this, many more features are present in the Picsart application. But those features are not of much use to you, you can edit a very good photo only by using the 10 features mentioned!


So friends this was what is PicsArt and how to use PicsArt. Hope you have got complete information about PicsArt and with the help of this article you can edit a great photo. Hope you liked this article.

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