Hello friends, today in this post I am going to talk about What is Google and what is the full form of Google. Apart from this, you can get many more information about google through this post.

In today’s time all the people who use the internet all over the world must have heard about google.

And there are many people who also use google, but those people do not know about google.

It is very important for all the people who use the internet to get information about google because google is needed the most to run the internet.

What is Google

Google is one of the largest search engine in the world. In today’s time, most people first search on google to know about anything on the internet.

Apart from Google search engine, it is also a very big multinational company. Google does many types of business at once.

Apart from internet service, it also earns money from other business like cloud computing, computer software , computer hardware, artificial intelligence and advertising.

The main income source of Google is advertising. Google earns more money from advertising only than the money Google earns from other services.

Google always keeps on providing some services and products to the people for free to make their business bigger.

Many of its free products are available on the Internet, such as Gmail , Chrome, Google photos, Google drive, Blogger, etc.

The main reason why Google is the most famous with people is that it has provided its own Android OS to the people.

Google mainly works as a search engine keeping in mind the User, Publisher and Advertiser.

He always wants to satisfy his internet user, publisher and advertiser, because he knows very well that if people do not get satisfied then business can never be big.

User: User is said to those people who want to get information about something by searching on google.

Publisher: Publisher is called those people who keep any information published on google.

Advertiser: Advertisers are called those people who advertise on google to make their business bigger.

Now let me explain to you in easy language what is user, publisher, and advertiser.

If you have come to read this article by searching on google, then you are a user, the publisher of the article you are reading, and the owner of all the advertisements you see in this article. is an advertiser.

When Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4, 1998, their main objective was to earn money only from advertisements, but later those people have made their business bigger by adding business to Google’s company in many ways. .

At present, the CEO of google is Sundar Pichai , and he is an Indian citizen. It is a matter of great pride for all of us that the CEO of the world’s largest company google is Indian.

Now you must have understood that what is Google .

Full form of Google

If you like to use google, then it is very important for you to know what is google as well as Full form of Google.

Although there are not many official full forms of google, but its full form has been made unofficially.

Google Full Form:

Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth

G – Global

O – Organization

O – Oriented

G – Group

L – Language

E – Earth

History of google

Google was started in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At that time both Larry Page and Sergey Brin were students of Stanford University.

He had created a website to do project research of his PHD and applied the technique to rank his website from other websites.

When he first created the website, its name was BACKRUB, but later its name has been changed to Google as a search engine.

The name of Google was earlier googol, but due to the mistake of spelling it has been named google.

In 1998, google made its first doodle homepage. In the same year, google has become a completely successful search engine.

In the beginning, Google started the work of advertising by creating AdWords to earn money, due to which Google used to earn a lot of money.

Later, apart from its advertising work, Google has started many other types of business, due to which Google has become the largest company of the Internet.

In 2006, google bought the world’s 2nd largest search engine YouTube for US$1.65 billion, and now youtube has become the most famous platform for video sharing.

How does google make money

I have told you earlier that google earns the most money from its advertising service.

And google uses two methods to earn money from advertising. The first is AdWords and the second is Google Adsense.

● AdWords (google ads)

Many people get confused about adwords and google ads because a few years ago the name of AdWords has been changed to google ads by google, both of them are the same thing.

Google started its business first with adwords. When many people or companies want to promote their product or service, then they run a campaign by creating their account on adwords.

Google has to pay money to run a product campaign on Adwords. Paying money for the campaign depends on the promotion of the product.

If your product is a competition then you will have to pay more money for google ads.

When you run a campaign for the product, then google will deliver your product to the right people i.e. the targeted customer.

In this way google earns money through its google ads service.

● Adsense

This is another way by which google earns money. Adsense earns through google “publisher”.

When the blogger or website owner places ads on their blog, then the publisher or blogger earns through those ads.

Google pays money to publishers through “adsense”. But out of the money that publishers earn, Google keeps some money and gives some money to publishers.

In this way google earns money through “adsense”.

So friends, I have told you that there are many types of information about what is google and google, which was very important for you to know.

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