What is Godaddy and How to buy domain from godaddy?

Hello friends, what is Godaddy? And how to buy domain from GoDaddy?Know! If you are a blogger or want to create your own website, then you must have heard the name of GoDaddy! Godaddy company provides domain name and hosting service for website very cheaply!

A blogger or if you want to create your own website, then it is very important for you to know about Godaddy! Because you can buy an affordable and cheap domain name and hosting for your website from Godaddy!

So let’s start this Hindi article and what is Godaddy? And how to buy domain from GoDaddy? Along with this, know the history of Godaddy company and Godaddy in detail!

What is Godaddy

What is Godaddy: GoDaddy is an American company that works as an Internet Domain Registrar and Web Hosting provider for domain hosting, security, email and marketing! This company is the world’s largest provider of fast, secure web hosting!

Godaddy offers its customers the facility to purchase a domain which includes email service at a cost of ₹199.00/month!

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According to Wikipedia , Godaddy Company has 7000 employees and more than 20 million active customers all over the world! Along with this, 86 Million Domain Names have been registered on GoDaddy Company by their customers so far!

Who is the CEO of Godaddy company?

Presently the CEO of Godaddy company i.e. Chief Executive Officer is Aman Bhutani. Aman Bhutani took over as the CEO of Godaddy Company in 2011.

Aman Bhutani received his BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree in Economics from Delhi University and later completed his MBA from Lancaster University located in Lancashire, England.

Currently, Aman Bhutani, CEO of Godaddy Company, lives in Bellevue, Washington, United States.

What is Godaddy Company History ?

Godaddy Company, the world’s largest hosting provider, was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons, an entrepreneur from Phoenix City in Arizona, USA.

Before starting Godaddy, Bob Parsons sold one of his financial software services company to Intuit for $65 million!

Who named Godaddy as Godaddy

Initially the name of Godaddy was Jomax Technologies! So in 1999 the management of the company decided to change the name of the company. And in such a situation, an Employee of the company suggested the name of the company as “Big Daddy”! But this domain name was not available on searching the domain name!

So later Bob Parsons decided to change the name of the company to Godaddy, similar to “Big Daddy”!

Godaddy was also available on searching the domain name, so this domain name was also bought! And in February 2006 the company name was changed from Jomax Technologies to Godaddy!

When asked later, Bob Parsons told that this Godaddy Domain Name is a name to bring smiles on people’s faces and bring new memories!

Where is the headquarter of Godaddy company?

Headquarter of GoDaddy Company is located in Tempe, Arizona, United States.

How to do good domain search on Godaddy?

Every person who wants to buy domain name from Godaddy to make his website, how to do good domain search on godaddy? The question is very annoying! Because whatever domain name people search! So that domain name is either not available or it is very expensive!

So in such a situation, today we will tell you step by step how you can search and buy a good domain on Godaddy?

Step 1. First ofall, determine a niche of your website such as blogging , traveling and technical etc. in which you want to make your website!

Step 2. Nowchoose any one and two popular keywords for the purpose of your website ! And search on Godaddy’s website by making a new word from their combination!

For example, if you are building a technical website! So if you are making a website of Tech and Traveling, then you can choose the word travel!

Step 3. Use the .com extension for your website’s domain name! If you do not get the com extension domain name, you can buy other top level domain names such as .net, org, edu, .co and .co.in, etc. Domain Name!

Step 4. Never buy a domain name similar to an already existing brand!

Step 5. Now choose such a domain name which has less character so that people can easily remember the name of your website!

How to Buy Domain Name from Godaddy?

Let us now the most important and most asked question means that how to buy domain by Godaddy ? Let’s talk about it!

So here we will tell you the step by step process of buying a domain name from Godaddy! So let’s get started!

Step 1. First of all, open any of your favorite browser and search by typing Godaddy Domain Name!

godaddy domain name search in hindi

Step 2. Now you get the link of the official website of Godaddy first in the SERP result! So click on this link and open Godaddy’s website!

godaddy domain search hindi

Step 3. After this you get the option to search the domain name at the top! So you want to buy your domain name by searching on Find Your Perfect Domain! Write and search by clicking on the button of Search Domain!

Step 4. Now you see the domain name you searched for with your preferred extension as well as other domain name related extensions such as .in, .co.in, .live, .co and .org!

Godaddy Se sasta domain kaise kharide

Step 5. So after this you select your favorite domain name! And go ahead by clicking on the Add to Cart button!

Step 6. Here you now get options to buy domain names for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years!

godaddy domain name free buy

But we would suggest that you buy any domain name only for one year!

Step 7. After this you click on the option Look Goods Keep Going!

Step 8. Now you can take the facility of Full Domain Privacy & Protection and Professional Email id as per your requirementOtherwise click on Continue To Cart by ticking No Thanks! Then you click in the option of Ready to Pay!

Step 9. After this you sign in with your email id or your Facebook account! And also fill in the necessary information as well!

Now finally make your payment with your preferred payment method, such as Net Banking , Debit Card, Credit Card , PhonePe or UPI Id !

So in this way now after making payment, your order is completed! And you have successfully bought your domain name!


So in today’s Hindi article, what is Godaddy? And how to do good domain search on Godaddy? How to buy domain from godaddy? and know a lot more about Godaddy!

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