What is Freelancing? And How to Earn Money?

As the Internet is expanding, you must have heard the word Freelancing many times. Because when you talk to any of your friends or relatives, there must be someone or the other who will be running their livelihood through Freelancing. Or there must be some person who is telling you that the next person is earning money through freelancing. Then even if you do not hesitate to ask him about it, what is it? And how to earn money from it.

But you must want to know about Freelancing. So that if possible, you can also earn by making it your full time business. Although many people feel that to become a freelancer, no educational qualification is required, which is also absolutely true. But this does not mean that you can do this kind of work without skill. Educational qualification may not be required, but to earn through freelancing, you must have some or the other skill.

What is Freelancing

When you work for any company etc it is called job, but when you work independently for yourself then it is called freelancing. That is to say that freelancers do not work for any other company or person but for themselves, so they are their own boss. It differs from business because freelancers work on a short-term basis for companies or individuals based on one of their skills.

The point to be noted here is that freelancers can be given small tasks by a single company or individual, which can be completed in a few minutes or hours or even days. For example, if you are a web developer, you can be given the task of developing your website by some company or person. Which you can complete in a few hours or days and take your remuneration from them.

In other words, we can say that Freelancing is a contract based profession where an individual uses his skills and experience not to provide to a single company or organization, but to multiple clients. And in simple words if we define Freelancing then we will find that when a person uses his/her skill, education, experience not to do job under one company but to work with many clients, then we will say Can that person is associated with freelancing. Its special thing is that it allows the person to work from home or from anywhere.

How does freelancing work?

As far as the working of Freelancing is concerned, it is generally seen that Freelancers are hired by the company or individuals to get some work done which takes very less time. So here two types of freelancers are seen, in the first category they come, who are doing freelancing as a full time business, in the second category those people come who are doing extra income with some other work. Freelancing to earn.

However, freelancers may have to work not only from their home but also by visiting their clients’ offices. But freelancers who work from their home are often freelancing through freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. People who want to get some work done, they post their requirement here. And after that a proposal is sent to them by the registered freelancer to get that work done. The freelancer whose proposal is liked by the company or person doing the work, they get the work done by them and make the prescribed payment through the same portal.

Benefits of Freelancing:

If you would ask someone this question during a normal conversation called who is good at jobs and freelancing. So maybe if that person knows about freelancing, then his answer is freelancing. This concept must not have taken birth in the mind of man just like this, there must have been some such advantages, which must have affected him. So let’s know what such benefits can be.

  • Freelancers can choose their clients themselves. That is to say, in Freelancing, there is freedom in which customer they work with, and with which customer they should not work.
  • In a job, you may be given more work than your capacity, due to which the workload may be more on you, whereas in freelancing you can control your workload. If you already have a lot of work, then you can avoid taking on new work.
  • In freelancing, you also have the freedom to work in which season, how many hours you want to work, if you want, you can set to work full time or part time or even a few hours. It gives you complete flexibility.
  • It gives the freedom to the freelancer to work from anywhere at any time, even you can do this kind of work online sitting at home.
  • In a job, even if you are getting bored with some work, you still have to do it, whereas in freelancing you can take a break or fix the mood when you are bored.        

 Disadvantages of Freelancing

There may be some disadvantages of freelancing as compared to job, whose list is as follows.

  • By doing a permanent job in a company, you get the benefit of schemes ranging from health insurance to bonus, EPF etc., whereas nothing like this happens in freelancing.
  • Income earned through freelancing is also liable to income tax if he earns taxable income as per applicable tax rules.
  • In a job where you get a fixed income in a month, in freelancing there is no guarantee that you will get a fixed income in a month.
  • Although people think that freelancers lead a stress-free life by working from home, but the truth is that your role here is that of a business owner. And you are burdened with many responsibilities.
  • The earning of freelancers completely depends on the clients, they may also face some clients who refuse to pay.
  • One of the disadvantages of freelancing is that until you are able to earn enough to hire someone else, you have to work alone. Which makes one feel lonely.

How to start Freelancing?

If you are a job seeker and now tired of your job? Or you feel that you are not getting remuneration according to your skill, qualification, experience and hard work. So maybe you are also thinking of starting Freelancing. But if you do not understand how you can start this kind of work, then in this article we are going to tell you this. So let’s get started.

Know your skills, qualifications and experience

Keep in mind that whatever steps we are telling here to start Freelancing, they have been tried by us ourselves. So follow them very carefully and thoughtfully. While on the job, first of all know your skills that in the company in which you are working, what work are you doing there that the company is paying you salary? And do you feel that the company is paying you less than your qualification?

So it is meant to say that first of all know your skills, qualifications and experience. Because skill, ability and experience are going to play an important role in what you are planning for the future. Like can you do website design? Can you create a company logo or other graphic design? Or you can help a company with taxes etc.     

find out the demand for that job

Now if you have figured out your skills, then your next step towards starting freelancing is to find out how much demand is there in the market for the skills you possess. Keep in mind that you have to do all this work while on the job. As far as time is concerned, if you want to do something new, you have to find time. To get an idea of ​​the demand for that particular skill, you need to go to at least 10 different freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork etc. and search about that job.     

For example, if you are a graphic designer , and you want to provide logo, poster, website graphic etc. to the people, then you can search through these keywords. There the number of people willing to get that particular work done and up to what price they are willing to pay, all these details will be on your screen. With this you will be able to guess whether you should move towards freelancing based on that particular skill or not.   

Create your profile in various freelancing websites

Now if you feel that based on the skills, qualifications and experience you have, you can go a long way in freelancing. So, while you are on the job, prepare a good profile on various popular and favorite freelancing websites.

Keep in mind that the more influential your profile is, the more likely you are to get a job. Because any company or individual will be able to decide whether they should hire you or not by looking at your profile and talking to you through chat or phone.    

complete the work on time

The thing to note here is that today you have created your profile in various freelancing websites and from tomorrow you will start getting work, it will not happen at all. No matter how proficient you are at your skills, it can take months before you find a job. Therefore, if you want that you can earn well in future from freelancing, then you will need to be patient especially.

Take an analytical assessment of your profile and re-update the profile by removing any gaps you find. If you have the skill that is in demand in the Philanthropic market, then believe me it will be late but you will definitely get the job.    

When you feel that you have started earning well, then leave the job.

Keep in mind that in the initial phase, do not refuse any small work, even if someone is offering less money, then you can do his work for less money too. Because at this time you are on the job, then you do not even need that much money. But once you get the job, and you do that customer’s job well, he/she gives you a review of your work. And a positive review increases the ranking of the freelancer in that particular freelancing website.

Due to which more and more people see the profile of the freelancer and the review of his work, and he also gets more work than others. After that when you start getting work regularly, and it becomes difficult for you to manage job and freelancing together, then you can leave the job and move towards full time freelancing.

Freelancing related questions and answers

Question – What is the skill required to start freelancing?

Answer – Yes, you must have some or the other skill that solves any problem of the people.

Question – What are the challenges in freelancing?

Answer – The customer can refuse to pay after getting the work done, there is a risk of being a victim of scam, some customers have the habit of doing things other than work which can waste your time.

Question – Is any kind of license required for freelancing?

Answer – It depends on the nature of the service you are providing, most of the freelancers pay income tax only. The process which they can easily do through their PAN card.

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