What is Dream 11? How to Earn by Playing it?

If you are a sports lover then you must be familiar with Dream 11 as well. Yes, at present, people who are very fond of sports and if they have correct and proper information about sports. So they can also earn their money by playing this game called Dream 11. This is the reason why we have chosen Dream11 as our theme today. And today we are trying to give complete information on this subject, what is this? And how to earn by playing it.

In the absence of information, people often think that anyone can earn by playing this kind of game. This is the reason that even if people are aware of the games or not, they do not shy away from playing this game, as a result either they lose the game or they are able to win a very small amount.

That is to say that it is a game in which the knowledge of the person is tested. So the one who has proper knowledge of sports can win in this game. If you also want to earn your money from this game then first of all you have to increase your knowledge of games. Only then maybe you will be able to earn from this game.


What is Dream 11?

Dream 11 is India’s most popular and big sports game, according to one figure, it is currently played by more than 20 million sports fans. And this number is increasing rapidly, its users can increase even more in the coming time. Anyone can play Dream11 on the basis of their knowledge and skill related to the game.

The player can choose a team made up of original players for any sport like cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey etc. Individuals can create their own team within a budget of up to 100 credits. The individual team then earns points based on the performance of the selected players in the actual matches.

How to play Dream11?

Although in practice, if we talk about playing Dream 11, then it is very easy to play, but as we have already told in the above sentence that if we want to win in this game then it is very important to have knowledge of the games. So let’s know how a person can start playing this game.

  • Such persons who want to play a game called Dream 11, they will first have to go to Google Play Store or Itune Store and from there download and install this game in their mobile.
  • After the game is installed, open this app and select a match, the match the person wants to play. The list of upcoming matches comes automatically, the person playing the game only has to choose one match from the upcoming matches.
  • After selecting the match, a person has to form a team on the basis of his own sports knowledge and skills. In this, a person can create his own team under 100 credits.
  • After that the person wishing to play has to choose the contest, the person can choose either free or cash contest.
  • One has to follow the match he/she has chosen and see how the actual players are doing during that match. The Fantasy Scorecard is updated every two minutes based on the performance of actual players. Keep tracking him.
  • After playing Dream 11, the person’s winning amount can be withdrawn immediately to his account or through other payment channels. It requires verification only once.

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