What is Direct Selling and How it is Work in 2022?

If you are reading this post of ours, then somewhere you must have heard about this Direct Selling and want to know further about it like what is direct selling and how it works and how people earn money in this and b. There are different types of questions about which we will give you information.

If you are reading this post, then you must have met somewhere from your friend or relative to listen to you know about it, maybe you have heard about it right or you have heard it wrong.

Before giving you more information about it further, I would like to tell you a little bit about it so that you can enjoy wearing it further, many people say that direct selling, which we know by the name of network marketing, is a member company.

And you must have heard about it in such a way that it is a very good company, it changes people’s lives and in this you get a chance to earn a lot of money, your skills develop, all such things.

Right now it is a matter of what is right and what is wrong, some people are calling it right and some are trying to prove it very bad, after all what is this direct selling , so let’s know what is direct selling in this post? And about how it works.

What is Direct Selling?

direct sell

Direct selling is a type of company that gives very good quality goods to the people and at the same time gives people the opportunity to earn money, in which the goods made from the company are directly recognized to the people.

Just like there are common companies, they are B, but according to their work and their business model, these companies are called direct selling companies.

There are only two ways for a company to identify any B goods to its customer, one is that if it wants, it directly identifies itself to its customer and the second is that by keeping a lot of distributor inside it, it reaches its people.

The company that directly identifies its goods from the company to its customer, we call it direct selling company, where the distributor people are not used in the middle, which we will talk about next.

And the customers who buy goods in direct selling, B company gives them a chance to earn money, and through this people earn very good money by working in direct selling.

How does Direct Selling work?

Out of all the things that we have told you above, you must have come to know that what is direct selling, now you know how it works. After all, how do people earn money here in lakhs a month and how much money does the company earn? Let’s know about these

Before knowing all this how direct selling company works, it is very important for you to know how other companies work. If we talk about many companies today, B adopts a traditional method to identify their goods to their customers, which is called TMP (Traditional Marketing Plan) which has been going on for centuries.

Traditional Marketing Plan

Know that this Traditional Marketing Plan, then Jake will be easy for you to know Direct Selling. To share with TMP, we would like to give an example of Lux soap in front of you, how it reaches a bank branch from the soap company.


Here we talk about lux soap worth 10 rupees instead of any other item can be there. First of all the company spends 3 rupees from itself to make this soap.

Then the same soap is marketed for people to know, that is, it is advertised on TV and promoted through big actors and it costs lakhs to identify the same soap to the customer. So somewhere in the cost of 1 rupee is added, due to which the price of soap increases from 3 to 4 rupees.

Then apart from identifying the same soap directly to the customer, it also reaches the customer through many other people who are called distributer.

First of all, the company identifies its soap to the state distributer and there the company keeps its advantage of Re 1 due to which the price of soap becomes Rs 6 when it reaches the state distributer.

After that, after reaching the state distributer, he sends it to the dist distributor and there the state distributor keeps the benefit of 1 rupee, due to which the price of soap becomes 7 rupees when it reaches the dist distributor.

Then the dist distributor sends soap to the whole seller residing in his locality, in which he keeps a profit of 1 rupee, due to which the price of soap becomes 8 rupees before reaching the whole seller.

Then the whole seller goes to the villages in his local villages to identify the same soap to the small retailer ie the shopkeeper, for which he keeps a profit of one rupee from each soap, due to which the price of soap increases from 8 to 9 rupees. goes .

Then there are the customers i.e. we people who buy Jake from the same Sabu and there they keep the benefit of one rupee from every soap at the shop rate, due to which the price of soap becomes 10 rupees by reaching the same Lux soap.

In the same way, someone who recognizes the same thing from company to customer is called Traditional Marketing Plan and through this a lot of company recognizes its goods. In this, things of quality work are sold and in which people do not get that much benefit.

In the same way, companies and people earn money in lakhs, people who are distributors in their area and to become a distributor, you have to spend money somewhere. Let’s know a little bit how much money this company and distributor people earn.

A company sells one of its B products all over the country and makes a profit of one rupee from each soap, then B earns money in crores because the population of the whole country is 130 crores, there are 10 crore people in a month. If he buys soap, then he earns 10 crore rupees.

Then here is the state distributor who is the distributor of a state and the population of a state is around 8-10 crores, consider that only 1 crore B people buy Lux soap in a month, then a state distributor earns 1 crore in a month.

Then there is the dist distributor who sells soap in a district and the population of every district is at least 3-4 lakhs and 1 lakh b buys Lux soap every month, then the income of a dist distributor becomes 1 lakh every month. Is .

Then comes the whole seller who sells his goods to a small shop in one block and the population of one block is around 60-70 thousand, and suppose there are 10 thousand B people buying Lux soap. If so, the monthly income of a whole seller is 10 thousand, but a whole seller keeps all the things, due to which he easily earns 40/50 thousand a month.

Then there is the shopkeeper ie the retailer who sells in his villages and the population of the villages is 1-2 thousand and if 100 people buy Lux soap in a month, then the earning of the month is 300 rupees but a shopkeeper has more than one thing. Keeps it in his shop, due to which a shopkeeper easily earns 10-12 thousand rupees a month.

Direct Marketing Plan

As you do this, you must have understood your traditional marketing plan correctly, if you have not read it, then read it so that you can easily understand the direct marketing plan.

Direct Marketing Plan

In the direct marketing plan, goods are sent directly from the company to the customer, in which the distributors living in the middle do not live. as you can see in the photo

And because of this, the millions of money that these distributors were earning, the direct selling company gives all the money to its customers, due to which you must have heard that in direct selling, people earn money in lakhs.

And apart from this, the direct selling company does not do any advertisement, due to which the money of tax is saved, B gives the same money to his customer.

Direct selling company is not a fraud, because of its similar business plan, people earn very good money here.

Apart from this, in direct selling, you get to see products of very good quality, which are certified by many certificates.

In today’s time, the reason for joining more and more people is that money is very good in it, as well as in this you get a lot of products of good quality.

Why should I work in Direct Selling?

You have come to know what is direct selling and because of this, how does a company recognize B goods to its customers. Right now all the people who are reading this post, it will be in their mind that if we do this work then what will we get i.e. why should we do this work? Let’s know about all these why you should do this work

First of all, we have told above that how does direct selling and in which way it makes its product known to its customers. And to do this work, every direct selling company does not keep any B people from itself, rather it uses man like you and me to distribute the product to the company.

That is, in the traditional marketing plan, as there are many people, there are different types of level distributors like state distributor, dist distributor to advertiser and product marketer.

And if someone will give so much money to a man, then those people will have to do something or the other? Now know what to do in a direct selling company. A direct selling company has to sell the company’s product to a person and you get commission from that product.

Now it is a matter of fact that to earn money in lakhs, you have to sell in these companies, then a person cannot sell so much alone by doing six, for which work is done as a team within these sari companies, due to which it is easy for people. In doing work and because of that, they get B commission from the same team and later on this commission is so high that you can earn money in lakhs.

In this company, you yourself have to sell the company’s product from marketing to promotion, due to which you get that much money. You can earn a little money, but if you work diligently, then you can get a lot of money later.

By working in other places, you get many good benefits because in this direct selling company, apart from just selling or earning money, you get a lot of things which are not available to see in any other company like them. you can see things

  • sales training
  • guide from senior
  • time and money freedom
  • to be a master
  • lots of rewards
  • can make your dream come true

After all, if you have a big dream that can be fulfilled with more money and want to be your own boss, do not want to work under anyone, then this is the job for you.

You cannot call it a job, there is a time limit for working in a job and it depends on your monthly income, but direct selling is a business, the more work you do in it, the more money you can earn.

In this, you do not have to work under anyone and you can do it whenever you want, then you can work in the night if you do not feel like, then you cannot work at all, there is no medicine in it.

Why is Direct Selling called bad by the people?

If you already have a little knowledge about direct selling, then you must have heard from many people that direct selling is bad and this work should not be done, people’s money gets buried in it and people are told lies. You get stuck in this, if you have heard your B like this before, then you will get the answer in it.

Many people call the direct selling company bad and this thing is right according to their experience, because before 2016, many companies used to run in our country and during that time there were no such rules and regulations in our country. About which due to which many companies have cheated people by taking advantage of this and have run away with people’s money.

And at the same time, there was not a lot of companies which were luring people in the name of direct selling in a way that they would double their money by giving them money and due to which people’s money has got sunk.

Then as soon as the government came to know about it, many rules and regulations have been made in our country, then all the companies have been closed all over the country which did not follow the guidelines of direct selling and in today’s time. The company which is working beading the rules of the government in the right way is all that company is running.

Direct selling is not a scheme where if you do then you will earn in lakhs only, it is 100% business where you have to do a lot of hard work then Jake you can earn money in it.

And most of the people are behind calling it bad and there is a reason like that because of the people who work in these sari company, its name is bad like some people include people by thugs to make their business bigger. And later as soon as they come to know, they leave the company and those same people further tell Jake people that the company cheats the people rather.

Apart from this, people who work for a year or two, then as soon as they fail, they do not earn money in the company, because of their incompetence, they say to hide their mistake that all this company is bad rather. For more information about this, our country’s best business advisor Dr. You can watch video B of Vivek Vindra where he has talked about it in details where you can find the answer.


Today we have talked about what is direct selling and why people call it bad and how it works, all about it. As we do, today we have given you all the information about what we had, and if you want some more information in this or if you are facing some problem then you can comment us, we will give your answer now.

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