What is Cricbuzz and Its benefits in 2022

Cricbuzz: Maybe you enjoy watching and playing cricket like me, don’t you? Cricket is my favorite sport” Can you imagine that you too would love to watch live cricket scores. Imagine when the last over of IPL is going on and there is a power cut. Can you imagine how useless it is for you, me or any cricket lover? But you can leave all these worries because we will tell you that you can not enjoy low speed net and light in your house neither you can enjoy live cricket score .

What is Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz is an online social media platform where users can post and comment on cricket related content. The website is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian . Users can post and comment on various topics and games. There are different social media platforms for different

Cricbuzz is a social media platform where users can post and comment on cricket related content. It is an international social media platform that hosts fans of all sports and cricket in particular. The website is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian .

company name _ CricBuzz
the headquarters Bengaluru , Karnataka , India
founders Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agarwal and Praveen Hegde
established 2004, Mobile App – 2010
Revenue $7.8 million
parent organization/owner Times Internet
Website cricbuzz.com

Cricbuzz has over 25 million monthly users and is active in 200 different languages . The platform is used by people of all ages and around the world. Users upload content such as videos, images and user reviews. They also comment on what they have seen and what they think about different aspects of the game.

Users can follow certain users or channels . This helps him to stay connected with other cricket enthusiasts around the world . They will receive updates on upcoming cricket events as well as interviews and feature articles on cricket personalities.

Users can also post their own content and share their favorite videos, pictures and user reviews. This is a great way to connect with like – minded people.

How to use Cricbuzz

Using cricbuzz is absolutely simple, just you have to go to their official website to see about Cricbuzz Logo, Live scores, Schedule Archives News, SeriesTeams, Videos, Ranking etc. If you take premium version of it then you will get a good service from cricbuzz . Will get

Use the menu at the top of the page to find the topic you want to use Cricbuzz for. Once you have selected a topic, go to the “ Filter ” menu and select “Subject” from the drop-down menu . From there, select the category you want to use and then select sub-categories under that category. Next, select the users you want to follow from the drop-down menu and then select the specific channels you want to join. You can also search other users by category. Once you choose who to follow and what to post

Highlights of Cricbuzz

We are attracted to many of its features, due to which you are attracted to know about it, we will talk about it and know about it and know about its main features.

  • The biggest advantage of this is that wherever you are sitting, you just need to have internet and a phone or computer should be there, you can see from any corner of the world.
  • You can also find out how many wickets a bowler has taken, how many overs he has scored, or how many runs a player has scored with the live score in the phone.
  • Along with this, you can also watch the match’s highlight video, news video etc.
  • By visiting this site, you can easily find out the place of which player in the cricket ranking.
  • You can read the commentary on Live TV .

Live Cricket Scores:

A cricket score is the result of a match between two teams in which players from both teams compete to score as many runs as possible. Spectators or cricket lovers can do anything to see Jasiko . And on Cricbuzz , we get live information about this, apart from which player has scored how many runs, which player has scored how many runs during the match, which player has hit how many fours sixes during the match  or Then in how many overs did the bowler kiss?How many runs and wickets has the bowler given? Here, the way we see on TV, in the same way , how many balls the bowler has taken wickets or all of them are known here.

Cricket Score with Commentary

We have good news for you. Cricket is now available on many streaming websites . You can watch live cricket series on these websites , here you can enjoy by reading match scores as well as match commentary even if you are not a cricket subscriber. So you can also enjoy the match on Cricbuzz easily and in light mode , in this you will get ODI cricket match, test match, T20 , so here you will get information about the series which is coming or whether it is completely over. and what is its resultRaha means who won the series , who lost means that you will get every information related to the series.

There are many ways to watch online in- cricket these days . You can watch live cricket online using your laptop , tablet or smartphone . You can also download the Cricket mobile app and get live scores, commentary and more. The way you watch live cricket depends on the device you are using. If you are going somewhere.

Match Schedule

As we all know that for any match, it is announced first and apart from that later the list of matches comes out, which has a fixed schedule, for which according to the schedule of the match, before the cricket match, already its own. Finishes the work and gets ready to watch the match.

Match Ranking

The ranking of all the players in a match is told in different fields according to their position, which team has won how many matches and how many matches they have lost, if we talk about the format, then we get to know this. 

Similarly, the ranking of Best Bowler, Best Batsman and Best Team is also given for One Day and T20 matches. Which players have contributed in the match, what are the top 10 batsmen, top 10 bowlers and top 10 teams in Test cricket, which players have been placed in the top 10 ranks by the International Cricket Council in which format. 

Or you can get information about the rank in which ICC has placed him from here. Its complete information can be seen from here. Or which team is on which position. How many points does he have, in which match which player has got how many and in which match which position he has got.

The ultimate resource for online cricket fans

Cricbuzz is the only place you should stay to stay updated with the latest cricket news and videos . We have it all: batting, bowling, team news, match previews, live commentary, videos, blogs and even a scoring section so you can stay updated with the latest cricket scores from all your favorite cricket countries.

Cricket fans around the world are flooded with information through social media channels every day. However, it may take a lot to do. In an age when everything is 24/7, it can be difficult to keep tabs on your favorite sport. That’s where Cricbuzz comes in. Using a variety of tools, our team of analysts is able to create content that keeps you informed, even when you are eagerly waiting for the next exciting moment in Indian or international cricket . For those who are interested in staying up to date with the latest developments in the world of cricket , Cricbuzz is the place to be.

How to access Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz is an invaluable source of information about all forms of cricket. You ‘ll find everything you need to know , straight from the source, including team news, bowling averages, results, fixtures, squads and more.

  • You’ll first need an email and a secure password for this.
  • Click here given earlier .
  • After that enter a valid email and confirm its email.

How to access Cricbuzz App?

Read and understand the scores and notes of all your favorite teams and players. – Follow scores and updates on the Twitter accounts of your favorite teams and players.

The Cricbuzz app provides fast match scores, speed news and editorials to keep you updated, player and team rankings, points tables for all major tournaments, player profiles and more.

  • First of all download the app .
  • After that you login and signup and take advantage of the app.


Cricbuzz is a social media platform where users can post and comment on cricket related content. The website is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Users can post and comment on various topics and games. 

There are different social media platforms for different sports. Cricbuzz is also known as “cricket social media” as it is used to interact with other cricket enthusiasts around the world. The website is easy to use and allows you to easily create and share content. You can also access Cricbuzz from your computer, laptop or smartphone.

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