What are Gromo Apps? How to earn money from Gromo App?

What is GroMo App – Hello friends, in today’s article, what is Gromo App? Going to know about Gromo How to earn money from Gromo App ! This is an online business app from which you can earn from Rs 50000 to 1 lakh every month sitting at home by selling online financial services!

Actually, products and services of different companies like Demat Account , Saving Account, Current Account, Credit Card , Digital Gold and Pay Later Card etc. are promoted on Gromo app!

The more services you promote and sell in this money earning app, the more money you can earn! In this, you get 100 rupees to 500 rupees in the promotion of one service!

So let’s friends know in detail about this fun money earning app without any delay and after all what is this Gromo App? And how to earn money from gromon app? How to earn money from Gromo App know!

What is Gromo App?

Gromo App is a Mobile App to promote and sell Financial Products and Services! It is also called a type of financial product resale application! Gromo App Apart from opening a trading account or investing in the stock market, in this app you get to promote and sell the services of all the banks available in India!

In the field of finance, this app itself does not sell any service or product of any bank directly, but promotes and sells the services listed in its dashboard from other people!

That is, we and people like you who want to earn money sitting at home earn money by promoting the financial services available in this application!

The best part is that in Gromo App, apart from financial services, you also get to see many facilities like finance related courses, training and other ways to earn money!

Gromo App Is Real or Fake

With so many financed services and products available to promote and sell at one place, many people have a question whether Gromo is a real application or not? (Gromo App Is Real or Fake) And can you really trust this app? Can you earn money from Gromo App, then let us tell you that Gromo is a very original and original mobile application and you can also earn very good money with the help of this application!

Also, you do not have to make any investment in this application, which means there is no chance of you being cheated! That is, the more you sell by promoting financial products, the more money you earn! In simple words, the harder you work in this, the more money you can earn!

How to download Gromo App?

Let us tell you that it is very easy to download Gromo App because this Gromo App is available on Google Play Store of your phone! So you open your play store and then you can easily download and use it!

For this, first you just have to go to playstore where you will see the search bar above, in this search bar you have to search by typing Gromo App!

After this you get to see this Gromo App first! Then you click on its Install button and download and install it in your mobile phone!

By now you must have understood that what is Gromo App about downloading, but to earn money from Gromo App, you have to create an account for Gromo App, so let’s know about it!

How to Create Account on Gromo App?

Let us tell you that it is very easy to create an account on Gromo App, but to create your account in this application, you need some important documents in the beginning, otherwise you cannot create an account on Gromo App!

So let’s know about the documents required to create an account on Gromo app!

Documents required to create an account on Gromo App

So you need the following documents to create an account on this Gromo application!

  • Aadhar card
  • pan card
  • Aadhar card ( mobile number should be linked )
  • E mail ID
  • bank statement

So if you also have the above documents available then you can start earning money by registering in Gromo App.

How to Register on Gromo App?

Friends, the process of registering on Gromo App is very simple! So let us now know step by step the complete process of registering on Gromo Application!

Step 1 . To create an account on Gromo, you must first download the Gromo application! For this, you can visit the Google Play Store on the phone or you can directly download the Gromo application by clicking on the download button given below!

Step 2. After downloading, open the Gromo app in your mobile and choose your language and click on the button of “Continue”!

Step 3. Now you will see some screen related to the features of Gromo App like Sell over 40+ Products, Earn over 1 Lakh/Month, Refer & Earn and Timely Payment etc.

For this, you can see all the features by clicking on Next and if you do not want to see all these then you can click on the Skip button on the bottom left side!

Step 4 . Now you get to see the option of ‘Verify Mobile Number’, where you have to verify by entering your mobile number!

Step 5. After that on the next page, you have to enter the information related to your profile such as your full name, email id, your profession, qualification and your total annual income etc.

After this, if you want to get future updates related to this Gromo App on your WhatsApp, then accept the option given below!

Step 6 . Now after this you have to do PAN Card Verification and then Aadhar Card verification to complete your KYC and finally you will also have to do a video verification of about 10 seconds!

How to do KYC in Gromo App?

Completing KYC in Gromo App is a very easy yet meticulous process in itself! So whenever you are going to do KYC in Gromo application, then take special care of all the things mentioned below!

  • Your mobile number must be linked with your Aadhar card for your KYC!
  • When you do your video verification, it is important to have enough light at that time! So complete the video verification only by going to a place with proper lighting!
  • Make sure to check all before submitting your documents!

Once the KYC process is completed, you have to enter your bank details such as account number, IFSC code of the bank and the name of the account holder.

How to earn money with Gromo App?

After knowing in detail about Gromo App, let us now know about our most important question i.e. how to earn money from Gromo App!

Let us tell you that you do not need any special equipment or space to earn money from this app! Rather if you have a mobile phone or computer and internet connection then you can earn lakhs of rupees every month from Gromo App!

So you can use your social media accounts to earn money! If you have more followers on your Instagram and Twitter accounts then you can refer them to your Gromon App referral link!

Along with this, you can earn a lot of money by sharing the link of Gromo App with the Subscribers of your YouTube account and Followers of Facebook Page !

Gromo App allows you to earn money by selling financial products through referral links of finance companies, opening demat account, savings account, getting credit card and taking loan!

Apart from this, you can earn even more money by referring your friends, relatives and your social media followers from the Gromo app!


So friends, in today’s article, we have discussed what is Gromo App? How to earn money with GroMo app? And got detailed information about how to create an account in Gromo app!

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