Viral: This woman Delivers food with a child in her arms

Viral Video: A video of a woman is going viral on social media, in which she has come to deliver food with two children. Seeing the style of the woman, people became emotional.

Woman Food Delivery Video: When on social media, nothing can be said if it goes viral? Some videos are so cute that they want to watch again and again. At the same time, it is quite surprising to see some videos.

In this episode, such a video of a woman has come to the fore, which has won the hearts of the people. Because, in this video (Trending Video), the woman is delivering food to the girl child. Alam is that people are saluting the mother power and sharing the video fiercely.

In this viral video, the woman is holding a baby girl. Whereas, the second child is with her. Wherever the woman goes, she takes her children with her. In the video you can see how the woman is holding the baby girl and also has a food packet in her hand.

At the same time, another child is standing with her. A man asks the woman Didi, do you keep children with you, to which the woman says yes, wherever I go, I take them with you. The man made a video of the woman and shared it on social media.

Woman won people’s heart

You must have become emotional for a moment after watching the video. Also saluting the spirit of the woman. Now this video is making a splash on different platforms of social media. This video has been shared on Twitter with an account named ‘@umda_panktiyan’.

More than 1.5 lakh people have watched the video so far. Whereas, more than nine thousand people have liked the video. At the same time, more than 16 hundred people have retweeted the video. People are reacting fiercely to the video. Some say that this is the real woman power. Some say that salute to Indian woman. So what is your opinion on this video by commenting and tell.

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