Twitter Blue: Twitter Begins Removing Blue Checks from users who Don’t Pay

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Billionaire Elon Musk-led Twitter has removed the blue ticks of verified users from its platform. Twitter has said that they have removed blue ticks from the accounts of only those people who did not buy the blue plan. As previously stated by the CEOs of SpaceX and Tesla, from April 20, 2023, all accounts that have not subscribed to Twitter Blue will have their blue badges removed.

Twitter removed the verified badge of users

Although it is not yet confirmed whether all the legacy Twitter verified accounts have lost their blue tick or not, but it is certain that Twitter has definitely started the process of removing the verified badge. People who have subscribed to Twitter Blue subscription have been sent a message – “This account is verified because you have subscribed to Twitter Blue and verified your phone number.”

How to take membership of ‘Twitter Blue’

After the new changes made by Elon Musk, it is confirmed that now the only way to get the Blue Badge on Twitter is by paying for the membership of ‘Twitter Blue’. According to the information, if someone signs up through the browser, then he will have to pay $ 7 every month. The thing to note here is that the charges for subscribing to Twitter Blue through browser and app are different.

Will have to pay Rs.

If someone wants to subscribe to Twitter in India, then he will have to pay 6800 rupees annually. iOS and Android users will have to pay Rs 900 per month for Twitter subscription. On the other hand, if you want to use Twitter through the Blue app, then you will have to pay Rs 650 per month for this.

Benefits of Twitter Blue

Elon Musk has included Twitter’s Blue Tick in the subscription plan only for premium customers. Users subscribing to Twitter Blue will not only get a blue tick/verified badge in front of their name, but will also get several other benefits like priority tweets, edit tweets and tweet with more characters.

Musk Twitter, which is paying these people,

Removed the blue badge from many high-profile accounts including politicians and celebrities. However, there are still some accounts whose blue tick is still present, while they have not even subscribed for it. These names are LeBron James, William Shatner and Stephen King, Rihanna… Musk himself is paying to maintain verification on their accounts.

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