Turned down a job of Rs 1 crore Now they earn 100 crore Annually

In the year 2007, a girl got a job package of 1 crore after completing her studies, she decided to start her own business by rejecting that package. That girl must have been a fool in the eyes of all the people then, but where did that girl make a difference in all these things.

If she had not taken this decision at that time, then today the business turnover of that girl would never have been more than 100 crores. We are talking about Vinita Singh, the CEO of the successful cosmetic brand and judge of the Shark Tank show.

Start your own business by rejecting the package of 1 crore

Vinita Singh completed her studies from IIM Ahmedabad and instead of doing a big package job, Vinita decided to start her own business. During a placement, Vineeta Singh got a job offer with a package of about Rs 1 crore, but Vineeta Singh flatly refused to take it.

After refusing the job, Vinita along with her friend Kaushik Mukherjee decided to start her own business. Along with this, the business of both of them grew very fast and along with this they had also become the life partner of both of them.

Came to Mumbai to fulfill dreams

Once Vinita Singh said that at the age of 23 she had come to Mumbai. Vinita Singh had to live in a very small house the size of a matchbox during the monsoons. No one liked his decision of not doing such a good job, but despite this, he did not give up.

Start sugar

The passion for business never allowed Vinita to give up. Vineeta Singh had been doing research continuously and for this reason Vineeta Singh understood that there is a great need for quality in the cosmetic sector of the country.

Then this thinking of Vinita Singh gave birth to a very big brand like Sugar. He invested his money to start this business and also collected funds along with it. In today’s time, a team of more than 1500 people works in a brand like Sugar, in which about 75% are women employees.

As a judge on Shark Tank India, the Indian adaptation of the global startup reality show, or to say, a shark, Vinita is now well known across the country.

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