Trishnit Arora : At Age of 23 Created a Company worth Crores of Rupees

After failing in school days, many times students get so frustrated that they feel that their life is worthless. Whereas, failing in studies does not mean that you cannot be successful in life. Trishnit Arora, CEO of cyber security company, ‘Tech Security’, is the biggest example of this.

Born in the middle family of Ludhiana, this boy did not feel like studying since his childhood. Trishnit was so crazy about the computer that he did not open the book of other subjects and see it. As a result, he could not pass the examination till 8th standard. Further, the parents tried a lot, but Trishnit did not agree. After failing, he left regular studies and studied till 12th with correspondence.

Trishnit had decided to make a career in computer itself. Trishnit was just 19 years old when he got a check of 60 thousand rupees for his work. Further, he did so much work in the field of ethical hacking that he became a well-known ethical hacker. After learning the work, Trishnit started a company named ‘Tech Security’, which today does business of crores of rupees.

Trishnit has also written great books on hacking like ‘Hacking Talk with Trishnit Arora’, ‘The Hacking Era’. The position at which 23-year-old Trishnit is today tells that if we have passion for something, and move towards our dream with full hard work, then no one can stop us from being successful.

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