Train forgot the way, had to go somewhere, reached somewhere else

You must have heard from pedestrians to two and four wheeler drivers forgetting the way. But hardly ever heard the train forgetting its way. A vehicle whose driver cannot turn the steering, then how can it forget the way.

But it is not a matter of hearing to say that it is a matter of 100% fact that the train which runs on the fixed track, the driver does not rotate the steering, even after that the train left its way and went on the other way. The DRM has taken action on this big negligence of the officials. He has suspended two senior officers. Simultaneously, inquiry has been set up.

What and where is the Matter

This matter is not of anywhere else but of Bihar. Where an express train lost its way. Jaana was on the second track, went on the second track. By the time the driver knew, the train had crossed a station. This case is of Bachwara of Begusarai district of Bihar.

It has been told that 15 Map 653 Amarnath Express running between Guwahati to Jammu Tawi, which was to go to Samastipur after leaving Barauni, but changed the route of this train, it started running on Hajipur Road.

Driver’s alertness came in handy

It is reported that Amarnath Express left Barauni at 4:45 am on Friday morning. The train was to go to Samastipur but that train went towards Bachwara Hajipur railway line. By the time the drivers could understand something, the train had reached the outer signal of Vidyapati Nagar station. In a hurry, the driver stopped the train and informed the railway control.

There was a ruckus

It is said that as soon as the train went astray, the railway administration came to know about it. There was a stir all around. People started making arrangements as soon as the phone rang of the officers sleeping in the deep sleep of the morning. The same thing reached DRM. After which taking action, DRM suspended ASN Kundan Kumar and Suraj Kumar of Bachwara railway station and orders have been given for investigation.

Big accident averted

Due to the driver’s understanding and alertness, the lives of hundreds of passengers aboard the train were saved. Because the next station was not aware of the train going on the wrong track. In such a situation, if the people of other stations also put another train on the track of this stray train, then the accident was sure to happen.

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