Top 5 Places You can Travel Without Money

No matter how much a person is fond of traveling, there is definitely an effort to be able to enjoy maximum in the least amount of money and if there is a chance, then definitely save your money. There are many such places in India, where people are given better facilities at very low prices, but due to lack of information, they are not able to take advantage of it.

If you are planning to visit Coimbatore then you can stay here by visiting Isha Foundation Coimbatore. It is at a distance of about 40 kms from Coimbatore and it does not cost a single penny to stay there. It is run by the donations given by the people and if you want, you can also donate in it.

If you can go to Ganga Ghat and feel the peace there. If you want to calm your mind by roaming in temples and ashrams, if you want to understand life then you can go to Rishikesh. Here you will get complete facilities free of cost in Geeta Bhawan.

In the Manikaran Gurdwara Sahib in Himachal Pradesh, you are given good free accommodation and food arrangements. Apart from this, if you have a vehicle then you can easily park it for free.

At the same time, in Kerala also, free arrangement for stay and three-time meals is available in Anandashram Kerala.

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