Top 30 Business Movies That will Tech You How to Do Business

If you want to know the list of movies related to business then read this article 30 business movies which can teach you to do business Telling about business movies, Hollywood business movies.

If you are interested in doing business and looking for a new business idea, then you must watch these 30 movies, these movies can show a new path in your life and can increase your financial knowledge and work efficiency manifold.

If you really want to be aware of the struggle of business and want to know what are the problems in business life and how to solve them, then read this complete post carefully 30 Business movies, Best business ideas movies.

30 Business movies which can give a new path to your life by increasing business, share market and financial knowledge

1. Guru

30 business movies in hindi

We have placed the film ‘Guru’ directed by Mani Ratnam at the first place in the list of Best Business Movies because in this film the life struggle of Reliance company founder Dhirubhai Ambani, father of Mukesh Ambani, the richest person of our country. shown from

It has been told in this film that even if you are born in a middle class family and your father is not a rich person, still you can become a very successful business man with your hard work and dedication.

In this film Abhishek Bachchan belongs to a middle class family in the village but his dreams are big and he wants something big in life in this even his family members do not support him but in spite of all this he continues his struggles and goes on a trip to a country like Mumbai and Turkey

During this, he has to face many difficulties, yet he does not give up and proves with his hard work and passion that no matter how poor a person is, if he is determined to do something with a true heart, then one day gets it

2. Corporate

30 business movies in hindi

Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, ‘Carporate’ was released in 2006 which stars Bipasha Basu, Kay Kay Menon, Minissha Lamba and Raj Babbar in the lead roles.

The film showcases the Indian corporate system, this business movie revolves around the conflict between two big industrialists.

In this film it has been shown that how are the working style of big industrialists, how they advertise their products and what strategies they adopt to defeat their competitors.

3. The Founder

Best business movies in hindi

The movie is based on the biography of Ray Kroc, an American business man who is known as the global expansion of the world’s largest fast food delivery company: MacDonald’s.

You will be surprised to know that Ray Cross was unsuccessful in every business till the age of 54 and he has also done delivery of a mobile milkshake making machine

But he never lost courage and started working on his hobby and got so much success that in 1961 he bought McDonald’s company and also worked as its CEO from 1967 to 1971.

It has been shown in this movie that no matter how old you are and whatever the circumstances are, if you work with a sincere heart, then one day you will get success.

4. Pirates of Silicon Valley

30 business movies in hindi

This movie is completely based on business in which it is shown that how big companies fight to compete with each other and what strategies are adopted to win in this competition.

This movie in real life is the story of the struggle between two biggest companies of the world, Apple and Microsoft. When you watch this movie, you will know that how big companies design their products to defeat each other and how to advertise them.

5. The Social Network

Best business ideas movies in hindi

This business movie is based on the biography of Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this movie shows how he came up with the idea of ​​​​creating Facebook and how he turned it into reality

Mark Zuckerberg was the master mind in terms of computer technology and hacking, a computer game he had made in childhood.

Once he hacked the computer data base of his college and stole the photos of the girls and uploaded them on a website to vote which girl he found more beautiful, his peers liked the feat, although the college staff later confirmed this. gets to know and they have to listen a lot

He got the idea to create Facebook from this, which together with his three friends Dustin Moskovitz , Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes led him to this point.

6. Band Baaja Baaraat

Best business ideas movies in hindi

Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Kapoor are in the lead roles in the film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ directed by Maneesh Sharma.

In this movie Anushka Sharma is a common girl living in Delhi who starts a business to do “wedding planning” and wants to get married only after being successful in it but during this she falls in love with Ranveer Kapoor. There are disputes and there are many problems in business too.

Then both of them adjust together and give a new look to their wedding planning business by forming a company named ‘Shaadi Mubarak’, which brings their life back on track.

7. TVF Pitchers

Business movies in hindi

‘TVF Pitchers’ is a YouTube web series created by Arunabh Kumar in which it has been shown in detail that if you have any business idea on which you want to work and create your own company, then for this fund rage from investors. what are the problems in doing

All this has been explained in this movie in detail that how you have to convince investors to invest money in it even though you have a business plan? What do they look for in your company? How to deal with them and what are the problems you have to face during this whole process

If you also have a business idea and want to start a company of your own and are thinking that the funds will be available for this easily, then you must watch this movie.

8. The Billionaire

Best business ideas movies in hindi

The film is based on the biography of one of Thailand’s youngest billionaire ‘Ittipat’ The film shows how he earned money from the prize money received in online games and tournaments by dropping out of college and then starting a company of his own with that money. According to the report of Forbes, his net worth in 2018 is stated to be $600 million.

Ittipat used to play online games as well as participate in some tournaments during his college time and with the money he started selling fried walnuts and later with the financial support from this work, he made packaged deep fried flavored seaweed. produced a product that became popular throughout Thailand

Its demand became so high that in no time he set up a company named ‘Tai Ke Noi’ and started exporting this fried flavored seaweed product to nearby countries as well.

9. 3 Idiots

Best business movies in hindi

The film ‘3 Idiots’, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, made the record for the highest grossing on the first day of its release. And it has won many awards.

It has been told in this film that one should focus on real knowledge rather than running after just degree and most importantly focus on his passion instead of copying people.

This movie tells that you should not take any decision of life just thinking that my friend and neighbor’s boys are doing engineering etc., so I also do engineering, but you should work on your passion i.e. to do that work. In which your mind feels the most, your chances of being successful become very high because you are doing the work in which you are also interested.

10. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

Best business movies in hindi

Directed by Shimit Amin, ‘Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year’ is a source of inspiration for every entrepreneur.

This movie is based on the common problem of Indian youth i.e. searching for job Ranveer Kapoor b. Com completes graduation with 39 percent marks and knocks on the doors of many companies in search of jobs, but he gets disappointed.

Then one day he suddenly realizes that there is a great quality hidden in him which is his stylish personality, cheerful nature and gentle demeanor which he can use well by working as a salesman.

Thinking this, he starts the job of a delivery boy in a company and does this work so well that he sets the record of delivering the most products in that year, due to which the company declares him ‘Salsemain of the year’.

After some time, he leaves the company in which he works and creates a bigger company with his hard work, passion, business mind, although during this he has to face a lot of difficulties, which you can find out yourself by watching the movie.

11. Market (2018)

Best share market movies in hindi

This Saif Ali Khan (Shakun Kothari) is a very big business man from Gujarat who considers himself the king of Mumbai Stock Exchange and his way of doing business is different from others, he forces others to bow down with his style. give so that other merchants are jealous of him

In this movie, how the prices of shares are raised and how they are dropped, it is clearly shown, this movie can be easily understood by the person who is not aware of the stock market, if you already know about the stock market. If yes then you must watch this movie

There is a great dialogue of Saif Ali Khan in this film which is like “Tu Emotion Par Chala Hai Aur Main Math Par”

12. The Wolf of wall street

Share market movies in hindi

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is an American film which teaches a lot about stock market and business, inspired by this movie, many traders and investors from all over the world made huge profits, this movie is my favorite movie.

The movie is based on the life of Jordan Welford, who was once a stockbroker in America and is now working as a motivational speaker.

He earned billions of rupees by working as a stock broker in the stock market, but due to earning so much, he came under the suspicion of the government, due to which he was investigated and was jailed for a few months for manipulating the stock market.

After his release from prison, he wrote a book on himself, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, based on this book, this film has been made.

13. Badass Company

Business ideas movies in hindi

Shahid Kapoor’s movie ‘Badmash Company’, released in 2010, is one of the best business ideas movie in which the whole process from thinking business idea to its implementation has been shown well.

It has been shown in this movie that you can start a new business and earn millions of crores from it, but it is also necessary to maintain it.

Otherwise, after reaching the pinnacle of success, you can fall into the pit of failure.

This movie also shows import export business, banking fraud and how to manipulate stock market.

Note: As the name of this movie suggests that some such things were also shown in this movie which are against government rules but you do not have to be inspired by them but focus on good ideas for your business life.

14. VIP 2 Challenge

Best business ideas movies in hindi

This is a South Indian movie in which Dhanush and Kajol are in lead roles. In this movie, initially both of them are college friends, then Kajol becomes a business woman. Dhanush is a hardworking engineer who works in a company. Kajol gives him his own company. I offers a job but Dhanush refuses it and sets up a company of his own.

This is where the competition starts and then both of them have competition to get tender and contract. Dhanush is smart with one mind but clean in heart but Kajol adopts wrong tactics to defeat him.

Overall this business movie shows you what are the competitions you face in business and how to deal with them.

15. Manzil (1979)

In the 1979 film Manzil, directed by Basu Chatterjee, Amitabh Bachchan is in the lead role. The film depicts him as Ajay Chandra, a very hardworking and ambitious young man who instead of doing a small job, wants to work on his own. wants to start a company of

One day at the wedding of one of his friends, he meets a girl named Aruna who happens to be a lawyer’s girl and falls in love with her.

He thinks that he will be successful in his business before marriage and till then shows his friend’s expensive car and apartments etc. to impress her.

But he is implicated in a business fraud and all his investment is sunk, then the girl’s father also refuses to marry, he has to face many problems.

He tries again to fix all this but how does all this happen and what problems does he face, then you will know only by watching Manjil : Best business movies.

16. Scam 1992 : The Harshad Mehta

Best share market movies in hindi

This movie is completely based on the stock market, in which the scam in the stock market in 1992 is shown in detail.

This web series is based on a true incident of characters like Harshad Mehta, Ashwin Mehta, Vijay Kedia, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Radhakishan Damani and Mani Manek.

Harshad Mehta is from a middle class family, he does not believe in jobs and jobs and wants to do something big in life, for this he goes to Mumbai and hits the stock market and within a few years his wealth up to four thousand crores. reaches

Some of the famous dialogues of this web series are as follows

‘If there is risk, there is love’

‘The stock market is such a deep well that the entire nation can quench the thirst for money and I want to take a dip in it’

‘When there is no money in the pocket, it does not matter if there is Saturn in the horoscope’

If you want to understand the stakes of the stock market in detail, then definitely watch this web series.

17. Answers (1995)

The film ‘Jawaab’ released in 1995 is a Bollywood movie starring Rajkumar and Mukesh Khanna in the lead roles. In the film, Rajeshwar (Mukesh Khanna) is a very big business man and Ashwini Kumar (Rajkumar) is absolutely poor. friends live

But one day a coincidence happens that Rajeshwar insults Ashwini Kumar due to which their friendship turns into enmity.

Then Ashwini Kumar wants to start a ship business to avenge his humiliation, but he lacks money, due to which Rajeshwar makes fun of him and says that for this, crores of rupees are needed from where you will bring

Then the prince makes use of his vicious mind to make Mukesh Khanna’s pride his weapon and buys an old ship with a sense of humor and gives it a new look and without exposing his name, by bidding for a few lakh ships, 25 crores. sells for Rs.

Rajeshwar later learns that the ship he bought for Rs 25 crore is Ashwini Kumar, which is worth only a few lakh rupees.

In short, this movie teaches you that of course you are poor but if you have brain and ability then you too can become a successful business man.

18. The Pursuit of Happyness

30 Best business ideas movies in hindi

It is a Motivational and Inspirational movie in this there is a father and son they do not get success in any work, whatever work they do goes bad but they never give up and every time they start afresh by finding new business ideas

In this movie, his life struggle from extreme poverty and depressing life to becoming a millionaire is shown in detail.

19. Catch me if you can

Catch If You Can is an American film based on a true event in the life of Frank Abagnale, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, and Nathalie Bay.

Frank used to do any of his work with so much confidence and skill that even though he was a minor, he could make himself look like a mature man of 30 years, even though he was not a pilate, he could present himself better than Pilate without being a doctor. Can also show himself as a doctor

By fraud in all these works, Frank had already become the owner of millions of dollars before his 19th birthday, his biggest fraud was to scam crores of rupees from the bank by making fake checks.

Eventually the FBI exposes all his actions and also sentences him, but seeing his excellent talent, waives some of his punishment on the condition that he will help the FBI to expose other fraudsters.

It is not our intention at all to tell this movie that you should also become like Frank, but by watching this movie, you can understand what kind of fraud can happen to you in business or company? If it does, how can it be dealt with?

20. Harishchandrachi factory

This film is based on the biography of ‘Dada Saheb Phalke’, the father of Indian cinema, he founded Indian cinema, he started his work from a photo studio and went on to make India’s first film Raja Harishchandra in 1913 which is a silent film. Completed the journey, in this movie, he himself did all the work related to the director, producer, screen player and editor.

But in this journey to establish Indian cinema, he had to face many troubles, his struggle has been shown well in the movie ‘Harishchandranchi Factory’.

21. Trishul (1978)

This is a Bollywood movie in which one more thing has been shown along with business that if you have great body language and strong confidence then you can easily meet and deal with any business man without appointment.

22. Middle Man

The movie is based on an online business, in which two friends set up a company and cheat their customers of millions of dollars.

In this movie it is shown how fraud can happen to you in online business and how you can avoid them

23. The Godfather

The film has been hailed as one of the greatest films of all time. The film perfectly presents the tussle between the quest for a simple life and the inevitable violent and risky business relationships of a crowded life.

24. Becoming Warren Buffet

This movie is based on the biography of Warren Buffet, one of the richest man in the world, in which it is shown how he has traveled from a state of extreme poverty to become the richest person in the world.

Today, Warren Buffett is considered to be the greatest investor in the world, he has a famous statement about the stock market and investment, whose importance is well known to everyone who knows the stock market and investment, which is as follows.

‘When everyone is selling out of fear, then you buy, and when everyone becomes greedy and does not want to sell, then you sell’

25. Startup

The movie is based on the romantic internet revolution which takes a rigorous investigation of today’s economy and issues warnings to schemes like ‘Get Rich Quick’

26. Peter Jones : How We Made Our Millions

The movie is based on some of the secret arts of the industry and the film narrates the story of many of the top UK success stories as well as a series of interviews.

27. The Big Short

The movie is the story of a housing market bubble and a group of industrialists who try to capitalize on their foresight and research in times of a weakening economy.

Basically this business movie shows the greed and opportunism of industrialists.

Apart from all this, there are many other movies which are based on business and financial knowledge.

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In this post, 30 business movies, business related movies, business ideas movies, best business movies, bollywood business movies, hollywood business movies have been explained in detail in this post, from which you will get new Get to learn new business ideas.

You can implement the business ideas shown in these movies in your personal life according to your financial understanding and personal needs and make your business life smooth.

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