Top 10 Useful Kitchen Accessories in 2022

There is a particular group of kitchen utensils that are widely used in daily life. When you spend all day cooking all kinds of food or just want to make breakfast, having the essentials on hand will make the cooking process easier and you can focus on cooking your favorite recipes.

With these essential little items, you can easily gauge the doneness of the meat, take the buns out of the oven on time, add ground ginger root to the dish, etc. In this article, you will find a list of essential kitchen accessories that should be part of any cook or host’s arsenal.

1. Japanese Damascus Chef knife

Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set are the most important of all kitchen tools. They can handle small tasks such as chopping herbs, carrots, and mincing garlic as well as large tasks such as chopping a large onion, splicing a chicken, and slicing ham.

2. Kitchen scissors

Have you ever used kitchen scissors? Then you should consider buying it! These little helpers are perfect for chopping green vegetables and green salads, and they’ll carve ready-made fish or poultry with no problem. You won’t regret it if you buy it!

3. Timer

Planning a party and planning to cook more than one dish? In this case, you will need a programmable timer to control the cooking time. This little helper slips easily into your pocket, so when you’re cooking something that needs constant monitoring, the timer will remind you that the dish is ready with a long, noisy beep. . Very useful stuff.

4. A meat thermometer

When preparing a meat dish, whether it’s steak, pork, or roast beef, it’s important to remember the temperature at which the meat can be considered done. The best way to quickly and accurately know the temperature inside a piece of meat is to attach a thermometer to it. The device will need only a few seconds to determine the stage of preparation of this or that meat dish.

5. Manual cutting

A manual slicer is a very elegant accessory that allows you to cut food into perfectly transparent slices. Cutting options and methods are very diverse. If you love french fries that are served in restaurants, then this gadget is what you need. The best slicers come with a safety trigger to keep your fingers safe and sound.

6. Non-stick baking paper

Any hostess knows that baking not only brings a lot of joy (for those who bake it), but also brings a lot of trouble: cleaning the kitchen, washing the baking sheet, and more. The solution to this problem can safely be called editing paper. Thanks to this, the cakes do not stick to the shape – the baking sheet remains clean. A good buy for any host.

7. Opener can

The basic mechanism of the can opener hasn’t changed much since it first appeared in the 1930s, but its design hasn’t completely changed. Kitchen equipment manufacturers today offer a wide range of options for this equipment. You can buy a mechanical or electric opener. Of particular note is the bottle opener, with which you can open jars. Not in the traditional “top” way, but “on the side” to avoid rough edges and cut fingers.

8. Microscraper

When you need a little ginger, onion, or orange zest. A small scraper should be used. These scrapers were used to sand wood until Canadian housewives decided to use them in the kitchen. Since then, tiny humans have been respected in the range of kitchen gadgets. Very important

9. Kitchen spoon

A spoon is very important in the kitchen. Especially if you use it frequently. Their main activity is frying the prepared food in the pot. You can also spread cream on cakes by flipping pies and pancakes with this accessory. High-quality blades withstand temperatures up to +500°C.

10. Whiskey

Have you decided to make an omelet or make a cake and add whipped cream? Then you can not do without a whisk. Of course, you can do anything with Blender. But some ingredients require very light mixing, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to clean the batter. Just rinse it off with running water. And when it’s in hand, it will serve you for a long time.

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