Top 10 Best Business Books in Hindi 2022

If you are planning to start a business or are running a business. So you should read business books to advance your business.

After doing a lot of research and after studying many business books, we have written this article on best business books in Hindi. In which we have included the best business books.

You can assimilate the things mentioned in these business books and the basic knowledge of doing business in no time. There is no need for you to spend lakhs of rupees for taking any kind of degree or course related to business.

Hindustan News Time, we have also told that from where you can get these best business books? Therefore, before buying any book, read thoroughly about the best business books mentioned here.

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Top 10 Best Business Books in Hindi

To run a business after we have studied a lot of business books; based on the knowledge required, top 10 business books in Hindi was selected. Whose list is listed below?

Mr. No Name Of Best Business Books In Hindi Author Name Of Best Business Books In Hindi  Buy Now Links
1. Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T Kiyosaki Buy Now
2. Think And Be Rich  Napoleon Hill  Buy Now
3. Business Strategy Book In Hindi Brian Tracy Buy Now
4. Learn To Sell And Be Successful Shiv Kheda Buy Now
5. Zero To One (Zero To One Book In Hindi) Peter Thiel & Blake Master Buy Now
6. Business School Book In Hindi Robert T Kiyosaki Buy Now
7. Corporate Chanakya Radhakrishnan Pillai Buy Now
8. Time Management Book In Hindi Dr Sudhir Said  Buy Now
9. Secret Of The Millionaire Mind T. Harv Acker Buy Now
10 Tips To Be Successful In Sales Napoleon Hill NA

List of best business books in hindi

By the way, all the Hindi business books mentioned here will give you the best knowledge and some of these books are also for best entrepreneur books of all time, which will help you a lot to become a good entrepreneur.

Humble request: now we will tell you a brief information about the features of these books, so that you can know why we selected them for best business books to read article?

Apart from this, I will also tell you what you will get to learn from these books? That’s why I request you, please read this entire article. If you don’t have time now, you can read it by taking time out.

Important books you should read:

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

If you want to be successful in your business, then I highly recommend you to read this book (rich dad poor dad). Because this book is considered to be the best for best business books for beginners.

Since its author is robert t. Kiyosaki himself, who has been a great motivational speaker, investor, businessman, and author. Apart from this, robert t kiyosaki has also given business training to many people.

I recommended this book because to be successful in any business, first of all, you must have the right understanding of money, only then will be able to use it properly. A businessman must know these things.

So if you are completely new in the field of business or are a student and want to do business, then first of all you should know how money works? Which you will get to know from this rich dad poor dad in hindi pdf download book.

Apart from this, you will also know what businessmen do, due to which they become richer than before. On the other hand, why do poor people become poorer than before?

This is one of my all-time favorite books from best business books and that’s why we called it the best book for beginners.

2. Think and be Rich

Think and be rich

Since everyone has to face many problems while doing business and to deal with these problems, every businessman should always be motivated about his business.

If you want to keep yourself motivated all the time, then think of one of the best motivational books mentioned by us and read be rich once.

As the name of this book is think and be rich, this book will work for you in the same way. Because many such business tips & tricks have been told in this book, knowing which will awaken the desire to become rich in your mind.

Two main features of the book think aur baniye amir are mentioned below, which you must know.

  • This book will always inspire you to make your business successful.
  • This book will guide you to get what you need.

That’s why think and become rich book is one of the best business motivational book in hindi.

Please note: we have also written an article on the best motivational books, in which we have compiled a list of such books, which will inspire you in every walk of life.

Apart from this, many successful people have recommended to read the best motivational books mentioned by us. You can read those books by clicking on the link given below.

3. Business Strategy

To successfully establish any business or startup, a right business strategy has to be created, which is difficult for most beginners.

Most of the people look for the best startup business books in hindi for this on the internet, for this we have also included the business strategy book in this article of best business books.

Because in the book business strategy, all those tips have been told, with the help of which a person can create a successful business or startup.

This book has been written by brian tracy and he has presented many real examples in this book, using which you can face the problems in your business.

For example, brian tracy, the author of this book, has told in this how you can capture the market in a market full of competition by creating new products according to your business.

4. Learn to Sell and be Successful

Learn to sell and be successful we have included the book in the list of best business books in hindi because the biggest challenge that any businessman faces is how to sell his products to as many people as possible?

You All Know That Profit In Any Business Is Directly Related To Sales.

In the book learn to sell and be successful, you will get to know such things, which will help you to sell your product in a better way than the competition. So you must read this book once.

5. Zero to One

As the name of this book is zero to one, which means that if you do a business which no one else does except you, then you will always be number one in your business sector.

The reason for keeping it in the list of best business books in hindi is that after reading this book you will know how you can always stay at number one in your business by upgrading any new products or old products?

For example, we can take companies like facebook, youtube, google etc., which are number one in their business and there is no one to compete with them.

The Book Zero To One Teaches You How To Take Your Business To Number One.

6. Business School

Business school book is best for those people who search best books for entrepreneurs in hindi on internet. Apart from this, people who have started their new business or are thinking of starting this book can also read this book.

It is very important for any entrepreneur that he has a network or relationship with good people. Business school is the best book for this.

After reading this book I came to know that the secret of your business success lies in your network.

If more and more customers are in your network, then no one can stop your business from being successful. This book will help in building a good network for your business.

“The Richest People In The World Build Networks, Everyone Else Is Trained To Do The Work.”

Business School Book Excerpts

It has been told in this book, what makes the rich rich? And for this, the business school book has also been told about the success secret of rich people.

Why read the Business school Book?

Since if you want to become an entrepreneur or businessman, then first of all you should have the desire to become an entrepreneur or the passion to do business.

But you may not have this passion because you are not taught to do business from your school time. Well, you have the business school book, so what are you worried about?

Many such things have been told in the business school book, after reading which you will understand why a business is better than a 9:00 to 5:00 job?

According to the business school book:

"Learn To Make Money Work For Yourself Instead Of Working For Money."

Apart from this, most entrepreneurs do not already have any business experience, but you do not need to worry. The business school book will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

7. Corporate Chanakya

Since during the time of the maurya dynasty, chanakya was a brilliant and clever economist and one of the leading figures of political science. And the credit for the creation of the maurya empire can be attributed to the principles of acharya chanakya.

Due to the mention of the best principles of acharya chanakya in this book, this book has been named corporate chanakya.

This book is divided into three major sections; including leadership, management and training. Therefore the author has mentioned the best formulas to achieve success in these three areas as given by chanakya.

Because to be successful in any business, a person should have knowledge about these three areas ( leadership, management, and training ).

Therefore this book can be considered as the best book for best books for management and leadership.

Whether you are a businessman or an entrepreneur and want to achieve success in the corporate world. This book is the best book for all of you to enhance your management and leadership skills.

8. Best business book in Hindi: Time Management

Whatever you want to achieve is almost impossible without time management. So you must read time management book once to learn time management.

You must have knowledge about time management to be successful in any business. Because if you don’t take the right decision at the right time. So the chances that you will be successful in what you want will be greatly reduced.

For example, if you don’t know what your customers like the most at the present time, you will not be able to make your business more successful, and your competitor will be defeated.

9. Secret of the Millionaire Mind

If we talk about any such best business books in Hindi, in which it is told that how people become millionaires?

So for this, the secret of the millionaire mind is a very good book, which every entrepreneur or businessman must read once.

Excerpts from the book secrets of the millionaire mind:

“Your income can only grow to the extent you increase it!”

This is the best business adventure book, in which the reason for many millionaires become successful has been told. Apart from this, the minds secrets of millionaires have also been revealed, how do they think about business?

Secret of millionaire mind is a life-changing book, which if you read it, you will also know how you can become a millionaire. And what should be the mind of a millionaire or a millionaire?

The author of this book is t. Harv acker, who has told in this book that why very few people become rich in their life. Whereas the rest of the people are troubled by the problem of money all their life.

If You Want To Know About The Basics Of Success In Business, Then Definitely Read This Book.

T. Harv Acker

10. Ways to succeed in sales

This book is one of the best books of best business management books, after reading which you can easily manage your business by increasing the sales of products.

Every businessman should know that his business will be successful only when he will be able to sell his product well.

In this book, such special tips have been given, which you can apply in your business and increase the sales of your products.

Why read the best business books we mentioned?

There is indeed truth in this; that the person who does business, his life becomes very happy, but doing business is not so easy!

For this, people get degrees up to mba from big colleges, but it is of no use; if you do not have experience related to business.

In this situation, reading books written by experienced people of business can be of great help to you. Whether you want to start your own business or contribute to someone else’s business.

The books which have been given in this article have been told keeping in mind the things of planning and starting a new business and growing that business.

So that you can get complete information related to any business and you can know, how can you take your business to a higher level? These books will prove to be very important and beneficial for all of you.

Conclusion – Best Business Books in Hindi

We are glad that you stopped and read our article till now, we would like to thank you for this.

You must tell about which book you liked the most mentioned in this article of best business books in Hindi.

If you know of any other best business books that are not mentioned here, then to recommend them; you can inform us through the comment section.

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