Top 10 Amazing Facts About Thor Love and Thunder Movie 2022

You may already know a lot about Thor Love and Thunder. But today you will know 10 facts about it, which many people will not know.

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Thor Love and Thunder Movie Amazing 10 Facts

All the individual characters in Marvel mean the characters on which more than one movie has been made. The strongest of them all is our Thor [Chris Hamesworth]. And now Marvel has made this fourth movie on Thor and made dangerous Thor Love and Thunder Movie.

Fact No. 1

Christian Bale who is playing the role of Villan’s Gorr The God Butcher in this movie. He had earlier refused this role. Now he does not want to work in a super hero movie. Tired of wearing Batman’s costume. But later on the insistence of his children, he said yes to the role of Gorr The God Butcher. Anyway, no one else could have played the role of Gorr The God Butcher better than him.

Fact No. 2

For Thor Love and Thunder, we mean Thor, Chris Hemsworth has increased his muscles by building his body. And not only this, he also increased the weight for the movie and did 105 kg.

Fact No. 3

So far as many stand alone movies of Marvel have come. Out of that, only Thor is the only character on which 4 movies have been made individually. Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America also have only three come.

Fact No. 4

In the trailer, you must have seen a small child running in Thor’s Life Journey. That child is none other than Chris Hemsworth’s boy. Not only his son, his daughter has also played a small cameo role in this movie. Not only this, the children of Lady Thor and Director have also played roles. By the way, the name of Thor’s real daughter is India.

Fact No. 5

Christian Bale is not the only Batman to have worked in Marvel’s movies. There is another who played the role of Vulture in Homecoming. He has previously played the role of Batman for DC.

Fact No. 6

Gorr’s look is more dependent on CGI less makeup in this movie. Because of this, the first 3 to 4 hours of every shoot are spent in their makeup. So much so that there is no movie even today. Dedication and Patience is a little like that in the guy, he is the Method Actor.

Fact No. 7

For the role of Gorr, Christian Bale had made a condition that his role should be physical. He did not want a CGI role like Thanos had. Its actor played his role by staying behind the screen. Christine Bale didn’t want that. And that’s why Gorr couldn’t see the comic.

Fact No. 8

The director of the film was also going to have a dance of Gorr as Joker was in the film. But later he dropped this idea. Because maybe then he does not know how to match the character of Gorr.

Fact No. 9

There are five Oscar Winner Actor in this movie. Christian Bale, Natali Portman, Matt Damon, Taika Waititi and Russell Crowe. Not one, not two, but five, which means cast is dangerous.

Fact No. 10

No Way Home which came in 2021, Multiverse of Madness which came in 2022 and Thor Love and Thunder which released in 2022. The Marvels which will release in 2023 and Antman Wasp Quantumania which will be released in 2023 itself. 

The shooting of all these movies was happening simultaneously. We keep wondering why Marvel brings so much content. In Reality Marvel already has the concept available for content up to 20 years later.

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