The Sandman Review: Web Series The Sandman Review

The Sandman Review: Netflix has got a winner on its hands in the new web series The Sandman . The web series is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s horror novel and there was a lot of anticipation building around its premiere for a long time.

Now, as the 10-part series has started streaming, fans are sharing their opinion on it. Gaiman’s Sandman has been a favorite for years and fans of the graphic novel are receiving the adaptation with open arms.

What is Sandman about?

Web Series The Sandman Review : This series follows the king of dreams, who escapes after being imprisoned for 105 years and sets out to restore order in his kingdom. After changing hands and formats, The Sandman was published by Netflix as a fantasy series in 2019 and finally premiered on August 5.

It tells the story of a powerful man who controls all dreams and nightmares and his interactions with the human world. In this first season, Netflix adapted Gaiman’s first two The Sandman books: Preludes and Nocturnes and The Dolls’ House.

Sandman Cast and Other Details

The runtime of each episode of The Sandman is approximately 37-54 minutes. There are total 10 episodes. In addition to Sturridge, the first season also stars Gwendoline Christie, Vivienne Achempong, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Asim Choudhary, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park and Donna Preston.

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill will voice fan favorite character Merv Pumpkinhead. Gaiman co-wrote the series with Alan Heinberg, who is also set to serve as showrunner.

Sandman Twitter Review and Reactions

The Sandman is receiving largely positive reviews. Horror movies and series have always enjoyed a loyal fan following and it looks like The Sandman will make a place in the hearts of fans as they eagerly await another season of the series.

Responding to The Sandman, one of the Twitter users said, “The performances are great and the world is big. It’s bold. It’s fun. It’s dreamy. It’s easily @netflix’s best, best ever. One of the creative series (sic).

Another seer said, “It’s pure creativity, pure magic and myth. Tom Sturridge looks and acts as if born for the role of Morpheus (sic).”

The Sandman Review: Watch the review of Hollywood web series The Sandman

The Sandman (Netflix), an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s famous comic-book series, has taken 30 years to make it to the screen, and little wonder. It’s a big, adventurous tale of gods and demons, so deep and rich that the idea of ​​cramming its wonders into 10 episodes seems borderline ridiculous.

Yet this is the era of megabudget fantasy television, with the impending arrival of the small screen Lord of the Rings and the return of the Game of Thrones universe to House of the Dragon. With its first season, The Sandman can stand proudly among them though as their moody goth older brother.

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