The Kerala Story – Will Reveal the Truth of the Sudden Disappearance of 32000 Girls

After the success of the film, ‘The Kashmir Files‘ made on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, now a film is going to be made on another true and heart-wrenching incident. This time producer Vipul Shah has taken the responsibility of revealing the truth. this film A teaser has also been released.

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The Kerala Story after The Kashmir Files

This time the story will be from Kerala, which has been named ‘The Kerala Story’. The 1 minute 10-second teaser of this film has been prepared in a very interesting way. As soon as the teaser starts, you will see the clock running. Starting at 11:56, this clock stops at 12:01. After the showtime of 12 to 1 minute, you will see on the screen that ‘If your daughter does not reach home by midnight, how will you feel?’

Story of 32k Missing Girls

Next to this, you will be able to write that ‘Thousands of girls disappeared in Kerala and did not return home for the last 12 years. In this video, the sound of crying of many people is heard in the background. Let us tell that this film is based on those 32 thousand girls who suddenly disappeared and could never return to their homes again.

The video also shows a clip of the speech that VS Achuthanandan, the Chief Minister of Kerala from 2006 to 11, gave on 24 July 2010. His speech was in the Malayalam language which is shown in this video with English translation. He has said in this video that ‘Popular Front is also making an agenda like the agenda of the banned organization NDF and it is trying to make Kerala a Muslim state. They have to make Kerala a Muslim state in the coming 20 years.

Video going viral fast

It is further written in the video that in the last 10 years, thousands of girls have been trafficked to ISIS and other Islamic war zones. After the name of the film, it has been written at the end of the video that this story is the true story of 32 thousand girls. Now, this video is becoming increasingly viral. People say that after ‘The Kashmir Files’, now many producers are gathering the courage to bring the truth in front of the people.

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