The 10 Rules of Customer Service for Entrepreneurs

Pursuing a perfect customer service model requires working through trial and error and going through some pain and frustration to patiently forge a culture that responds to the goals and expectations of our customers.

It requires involving all our staff so that each one contributes at every level to generate a positive and incredible experience that translates over time into more customers and therefore more sales.

And it is not easy to provide high quality customer service, unless we understand as an organization an elementary principle: the best service is the one that is personalized, genuine, natural and that is the product of a clear vision that the client is the one who generates the income of the company, or in other words, He is the one who pays our salaries.

So, these are 10 keys or customer service rules that I recommend you carefully consider. If you are an entrepreneur, I suggest you print them, share them with your collaborators, study them in depth, review them constantly and put them into practice until they make a difference in the experience of your clients and therefore in your profits.


1. The customer experience in your business transcends

After a customer has bought a product from you, required a service or after visiting your company, each customer will take away a unique experience that they will share with their friends, acquaintances and family.

Whether positive or negative, they will share it and not only by word of mouth , as is natural, but also with the hundreds of contacts they have on their social networks.

We must therefore understand that everything we do transcends and generates a side effect in our companies.

2. Customer service is about every detail

More than just the personalized treatment provided by the person serving you, customer service has to do with every detail in the business environment .


Service standards are made up of different factors that contribute to creating that experience that differentiates you and makes your customers feel that they are in a place where they are considered special and valued.

The decoration, the music, the presentation of your dependents and the cleanliness to mention just a few examples, contribute to a great experience.

3. Trust is the basis of good customer service

The fundamental foundation upon which excellent customer service is built is trust . Your client needs to feel that he is talking to reliable, committed, responsible people who will provide answers to his needs.

Therefore, lies, half-baked information or lack of preparation to advise cause that trust to weaken and therefore the client falls into an area of ​​doubt where the business is always at risk.

4. Serving is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes

In order to pave the way for your customer’s trust, you need empathy. That ability to put ourselves in his shoes and to deeply understand his needs, motivations and reasons.

Empathizing does not mean that the client is always right, but it does allow us to develop the ability to understand why he behaves as he does in order to resolve and make him feel in the best way.

5. Customers love friendliness.

If anything will conquer your customers , it is the kindness of the person who attends to them. We all love to be treated with care, with a smile and with a unique treatment.

No one wants to be just another number or feel like one. If you get your co-workers to naturally develop kindness, then you have gold on your hands.

In fact, kindness is contagious and your employees will undoubtedly be as kind to customers as you are to them.

6. Solving problems can make you a millionaire

If you base your company and your customer service culture on a vision capable of resolving and providing solutions to your customers’ problems, then you will grow and nothing can stop you.

The main characteristic of successful companies is their enormous capacity to provide practical and innovative solutions to their clients. In fact, finding solutions is something that customers always interpret as synonymous with excellent service .

7. Every client is different

If you understand that each person is different, that they think differently and that they have unique needs, then it will be easier for you to implement a good customer service program because you will break with the paradigm of wanting all your customers to appreciate and value your efforts in the same way.

No two customers are the same and therefore they must be treated individually, that adds value to your service , and believe me, that is worth a lot.

8. Service must be lived, not acted

Body language is the maximum expression in the moment of truth with your client. A pleasant and sincere smile, an affable tone of voice, body posture, eyes and gestures in general can transmit a powerful message: “you are welcome and I am happy to serve you”.

Or conversely, a nonchalant attitude, bureaucracy, or keeping people waiting sends a negative message of “I’m bored doing this but I have to look like I want to serve you with pleasure.”

9. Speed ​​that conquers

Between everything we have mentioned, your customers will love the speed. Nobody likes to wait, right?

Answer the phone promptly, improve service times, speed up deliveries and avoid making your customers wait beyond the reasonable time at all costs. Streamline your processes and be better and better.


10. Complaints are opportunity

Break this paradigm today. Complaints should not be a nuisance; On the contrary, they should be an opportunity to improve.

If your client makes a complaint, thank him, compensate him in some simple way and have the best attitude. Find in their complaint an opportunity to improve your processes or products.

It won’t be easy, but it’s even harder if you close down on a complaint. Moreover, you may lose some customers, but you will prevent your business from falling into the mire of failure due to a bad reputation.

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