The 10 Best Businesses to Start in 2022

If one of your goals in 2022 is to become independent and take the step of starting your own business, surely these ideas will help you start.

The digital age has given life to new business concepts that have been evolving and that represent opportunities for anyone in this new economy.

And although it is not easy to predict the future, today more than ever innovation has incalculable value and ideas related to the development of new applications, solutions for information management, artificial intelligence and robotics, to mention just a few thematic lines can be transform into highly profitable businesses.


1. Digital Consulting Agency

Today more than ever people want to learn how to promote their products online and generate more sales. The simple traditional actions of posting commercial offers on facebook are less and less effective.

In such a way that consultants specialized in digital strategy that handle topics such as SEO, geomarketing, mobile marketing and social selling that guide organizations to obtain real results, will be highly valued.

2. Technical Service For Mobile Phones

The cell phone has acquired such a level of importance for communication and business purposes that people cannot afford to live without their devices working at 100%.

Common incidents of technical failures or part replacements make companies offering mobile device repair services very profitable due to the huge demand there.

2. 3D Printing Centers

The idea of ​​this business has to do with the manufacture of items with low-cost 3D printers.

Today there is a strong trend towards 3D printing, so having printing centers where anyone can request the printing of a product will be a guaranteed success.

3. Online Training Channels

Contrary to popular belief, online training (of good quality) is invaluable. Anyone can access it in the same way that anyone can make their knowledge available to many people through different video channels.

Starting a professional digital training platform for different topics can become a highly attractive organization if it is built on the back of a good marketing strategy.

4. Application Development

I know a lot of people with amazing ideas that could be turned into highly profitable applications. However, they rarely know how to build such applications or do not have reliable and technically specialized development companies to develop such products.

The price is usually another limitation, so the assembly of web development companies that have the vision of being part of large projects will surely be the favorites of the best startups.


I know an entrepreneur who has worked hard to improve the digital strategy of his business. However, he recently told me about how complicated it has been to find an audiovisual production company for small companies that is formal and that delivers good quality products at a good price.

He has come across a lot of informal and unprofessional growers and that is quite frustrating.

Hence, entrepreneurs who understand the importance and the enormous demand that there will be in the coming years for digital photography and video products, and who can work responsibly, will have a lot of work guaranteed.

6. Blockchain companies

Blockchain is the technology that will surely revolutionize the future of the Internet due to the growing interest of people in getting hold of digital currencies and making secure transactions that multiply their investments.

It will interest you: Bitcoin, what are they and how do they work?

7. Creation of Housing Solutions

In all parts of the world there is a housing deficit and the development companies are not always able to meet the enormous demand for housing for their inhabitants. And if they do, they are almost always focused on the high ticket segment.

Hence, the creation of innovative and accessible concepts to supply housing solutions can become another highly profitable business to start in 2022.

8. Big Data Specialist Agency

Organizations are increasingly understanding the importance of data analysis to make better business decisions.

Hence, more than just storing them, many seek to make sense of their data to better structure information about customers and competitors and transform it into better marketing and sales strategies.

9. Coachingand Therapy

Today more than ever people are understanding the importance of seeking help to deal with personal, family and work problems.

They want to live better and for this they seek professionals to help them improve their levels of communication, self-esteem and even their personal appreciation of their environment and life in general.

10. Bottled Oxygen Production

This idea may sound a bit crazy, but it won’t be so if we remember that a few years ago the concept of bottled water didn’t even exist.

The high levels of pollution that are observed every day in many of the world’s cities inevitably lead us to seek solutions of this kind.

In some Chinese cities like Changai or Bejing this is already a reality and it may be that sooner than we imagine we will be needing air with bottled oxygen and someone will have to provide it.

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