Strange: There is such a ‘magical house’ in London

Strange: There is such a ‘magical house’ in London

You must have heard and seen about many types of houses. Mumbai-based Antilia is the most expensive house in the world, while there are also houses that look like matchboxes in the world, in which people are forced to live. You must have seen or lived in houses made of mud, stone, wood, etc. But do you know about a house that is not visible even though it is in front of your eyes?

Unseen house

We are not talking about a fairy house or a house with a king-queen story. We are talking about a house built on the streets of London, which is not visible even though it is in front of the eyes. Pictures of this house located in Richmond, London went viral on social media. People coming and going can see a big mirror on the road but it is a house in which the family lives.

London’s Vanishing House

According to media reports, a house like the London Invisible Home has probably never been seen before. Reddit A user shared a picture of this house on If we see a big mirror on the road while walking, then we will stop and look at ourselves for a moment. You can also try taking mirror selfies. Reddit users had a similar reaction as well.

People’s reaction after seeing the picture

One user wrote that he is trying to take a selfie but can the people living inside see him doing it?

Another user wrote that he has gone through this path many times but never noticed it.

Some users mentioned very natural problems, such as – how much effort it must have taken to keep it clean.

Family stays at home

My London spoke to the family residing in the house, this family requested to maintain confidentiality. The family told that this house was designed by architect and artist Alex Haw in 2015. This family is living in this unique house since 2019. The special thing is that the back part of the house looks like any ordinary house.

The people living in the house also told that they can see the people going out and their movements.

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