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Hello friends are you looking for (story in hindi) collection of hindi stories. Do not worry, I have made a collection of such stories for you which is very inspiring, educational, entertaining, funny, historical and priceless, so let me tell you the benefits of reading some stories.

The benefits of reading stories are many, but what is most important is that through stories, along with entertainment, education is also received, education is definitely hidden in every turn of the stories, if there is a need, then only to understand them, in the same way Panchatantra There are also stories of this. It works to make wise through stories. The ability to read from stories is also good.

People like different stories according to them, so I have given all types of stories below, you can read them easily. If you have any doubt or you want to add more stories in this collection then definitely comment me and yes if you want to know about new Hindi stories then you can like my Facebook page.

Short Motivational – Story in Hindi


  1. drug addiction
  2. human imperfection
  3. eligibility test
  4. even the gods can’t
  5. refresh your mind
  6. pursuit
  7. don’t die just doing something
  8. Significance of Shabari
  9. love of god
  10. remorse
  11. Rupee draws Rupee
  12. donkeys hospitality
  13. ego of perfection
  14. Give understanding to the foolish, not a boon
  15. go on reading
  16. less for yourself
  17. honest poor
  18. big mistake of small mistake
  19. don’t follow the dream
  20. in heaven and hell feelings
  21. remedy for fear
  22. preparation for success
  23. Opportunity Identification
  24. religion deal
  25. copy is not good
  26. shell toys
  27. Conscience is the greatest religion
  28. Are you afraid of dying?
  29. no greater power than struggle
  30. alien money dust
  31. will not cheat
  32. before teaching
  33. The mind became like the food you ate

Stories of Swami Vivekananda | Swami Vivekananda Story in Hindi


  1. Story of Swami Viveka Nanda‘s America Journey
  2. Swami Vivekananda’s story to achieve the goal (
  3. Childhood Story Story of Guru and Disciple
  4. Story of Guru and Disciple

Inspirational Stories of Gautam Buddha | Gautam Buddha Story in Hindi


  1. Buddha’s teachings
  2. more power of the savior than the slayer
  3. teachings of mahatma buddha
  4. it happens to everyone
  5. What would you like to have ? sadness or smile
  6. Buddha and followers
  7. The robber Angulimala and Mahatma Buddha
  8. untouchable person
  9. sand house
  10. three bales

10 Funny Story in Hindi Shekh chilli

  1. Who was Sheikh Chilli?
  2. Why did Abbu hit me?
  3. resolve not to steal
  4. Give one yard of milk!
  5. If a root is destroyed there will be no cause for the fight.
  6. sick sickle
  7. guest who was unwilling to leave
  8. Who’s the most liar?
  9. watermelon and thief
  10. sheikh new job

Short motivational – Story in Hindi

short motivational stories in hindi with moral

  1. elephant tied with rope
  2. embrace the qualities of others
  3. secret of success
  4. 1009 failures

15 Best Stories of Tenali Rama | Tenali Raman Story in Hindi

tenali raman stories in hindi

  1. gold mango
  2. magic well
  3. debt burden
  4. que’s wedding
  5. dog tail straight
  6. fool
  7. mouth in pot
  8. who is the elder
  9. Tenali Rama’s wisdom
  10. Tenali’s marial horse
  11. tenali ki chutiya
  12. Tenali and Kanjus Seth
  13. , winter dessert
  14. caught stealing
  15. precious gift

Akbar Birbal  Hindi  Stories ~ Akbar Birbal Story In Hindi

akbar birbal stories in hindi

  1. count of fools
  2. how many stairs
  3. difference between true and false
  4. how many stairs
  5. nothing left
  6. Which season is best?
  7. fruit of action
  8. forgotten promise
  9. the line shortened
  10. water instead of milk
  11. a thousand shoes
  12. Birbal’s witchy cleverness
  13. who came on time
  14. answer three questions
  15. king’s parrot
  16. Kala Patthar and Birbal’s Wisdom
  17. Birbal and the golden egg laying hen
  18. When Birbal was bought
  19. Birbal’s Chess
  20. When Birbal escaped from the gallows

Funny Story in Hindi

  1. a farmer
  2. of a tv ad
  3. new husband wife jokes
  4. story of turtle family
  5. school memories

Motivational Success Story in Hindi


  1. find your profession
  2. be diligent
  3. Success comes in working with faith.

Simple and Moral Stories of Panchatantra 2022 | Panchatantra Story in Hindi


(A) Mitrabheda (discord and separation among friends)

  1. The story of the bird and the elephant
  2. the story of a turtle falling from the wood
  3. tale of three fishes
  4. The story of Titihri and the sea
  5. The story of lion, jackal, cheetah, crow and camel
  6. The story of a jackal that fell in a blue pot
  7. Lice and Bedbug Story
  8. The Story of the Wise Rabbit and the Lion
  9. Story of crow and black snake
  10. jackal and nigga
  11. nail puller
  12. The story of iron scales and bania
  13. the story of the heron and the snake
  14. The Story of Friends of Dharma Wisdom and Sin Wisdom
  15. the story of the bird and the monkey

(B) Mitrasamprapti (Mitrasamprapti and its benefits)

  1. The story of the hunter, the boar and the jackal
  2. story of brahmin and mole
  3. the story of the monk and the mouse
  4. The story of the jackal following the bull
  5. Weaver and Wealth Story

(C) Kakulukiya (Tale of crows and owls)

  1. The story of the mouse and the sage
  2. The story of a snake living in the stomach of a king’s son
  3. story of brahmin thief and demon
  4. The story of the pigeon-pigeon and the hunter
  5. The story of the golden swan and the king
  6. The story of three deceivers and a Brahmin
  7. the story of the farmer and the snake
  8. The Story of the Crow, the Rabbit and the Pheasant
  9. The story of elephants and rabbits
  10. The story of the eagle, the owl and the crow
  11. snake frog story
  12. The story of the lion, the jackal and the talking cave

(D) Abdpranasha (on the coming of death or destruction)

  1. the tale of the hour and the camel
  2. Story of Stree, Thug and Ciyaran
  3. The story of the donkey and the washerman
  4. story of brahmin husband wife
  5. Story of the potter and the king
  6. the story of the lion and the donkey
  7. The story of snakes and frogs
  8. a dog’s Tale
  9. the story of the jackal and the lion

(E) Untested (don’t take hasty steps)

  1. Story of Brahmin and Sattu
  2. donkey story
  3. Frogs and Fishes Story
  4. story of four foolish brahmins
  5. story of stupid scientists
  6. story of brahmin and mongoose

Funny Kids Stories (Top-7) ~ Kids Story in Hindi

  1. prophetic parrot
  2. poor farmer
  3. Thanks to good
  4. greed
  5. Honesty
  6. tinkling
  7. Unity

Vikram betal Story in hindi – True Stories of Vikram Betal

stories in hindi

  1. story of padmavati
  2. Story of three young brahmins
  3. Story of Shuka-Sarika
  4. story of hero
  5. story of rajak-kanya
  6. story of sattvasheel
  7. the story of three clever men
  8. Story of Princess Anangati
  9. story of madanasena
  10. Story of King Dharmadhwaj
  11. story of yashketu
  12. Story of Brahmin Hariswami
  13. Story of Vanik-putri
  14. Story of Shashiprabha
  15. story of jimutvahan
  16. story of frenzy
  17. story of brahminkumar
  18. Story of Chandraswami
  19. The story of the king and the brahmin-son
  20. Story of Anangmanjari and Manivarma
  21. story of four brahmin brothers
  22. story of aghori ascetic
  23. a wonderful story
  24. The story of the monk Shantashil

3 True Horror Stories | Horror Story in Hindi


  1. True Story of a Doll
  2. Call center ghost story
  3. mysterious train

Moral Story in Hindi


  1. Thirsty Crow – the thirsty crow story in Hindi
  2. never brag
  3. Don’t laugh at someone’s talent. tale of two pots
  4. woodcutter’s ax
  5. honest dog and greedy cat
  6. Inspirational story of a wise father. There is strength in unity.
  7. those who work hard never give up
  8. Incomplete knowledge is the cause of wastage.
  9. golden egg laying hen
  10. Inspirational story of two poor friends
  11. the story of the king and the monkey

Second class moral Story in Hindi

  1. fruit of labor
  2. jealousy and jealousy
  3. who is the best
  4. the one whose job
  5. rogue’s company
  6. greed is evil

Third class moral stories in hindi

  1. bouncing fly
  2. moon wali amma
  3. when I was bitten by a snake
  4. when will i come
  5. Mira sister and tiger
  6. best tree
  7. Tip

Fifth class moral Story in Hindi

  1. seven tailed rat
  2. The grapes are sour
  3. Two heads are better than one
  4. silly eagle
  5. fruit of labor

Seventh class moral Story in Hindi

  1. bird baby
  2. The most beautiful girl
  3. grandma
  4. Marble

8 class moral Story in Hindi

  1. virtue of respect
  2. Be the verbalism
  3. effect of promise
  4. collection
  5. illiterate

Ninth class moral Story in Hindi

  1. get rid of wisdom
  2. own fault
  3. miracle of wisdom
  4. Teacher and student
  5. Shri Krishna and Pandavas
  6. devotion to goal
  7. giving up greed
  8. true meaning of words
  9. benefit from faith
  10. true wisdom of the unobtrusive

10 class moral Story in Hindi

  1. tree daddy
  2. remorse
  3. friend duty
  4. selfish friend
  5. color of holi
  6. lessons of diwali
  7. broken pride
  8. unique prize

12 Class moral Storyin Hindi

  1. lessons from diwali
  2. Who is Abhay?
  3. what’s the worst
  4. sandalwood and mud
  5. benefit from gum

Success Story in Hindi


  1. success story of sandeep maheshwari in hindi – success story of sandeep maheshwari
  2. Success story of Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu. success story of harnaaz sandhu in hindi
  3. Neeraj Chopra Success Story | Success life story of neeraj chopra.
  4. Google Success Story | Google Success Story In Hindi
  5. Success Story of Steve Jobs (Apple) | Steve Jobs Success Story In Hindi
  6. Kaka Singer | Life Story Of Kaka Singer
  7. Success Story Of Narendra Modi In Hindi

Munsi Premchand Story in Hindi


  1. man and woman
  2. skills
  3. test
  4. Goddess
  5. closed door
  6. reason for marriage
  7. second marriage
  8. Base
  9. one flame
  10. servant of the nation
  11. last floor
  12. the dark
  13. Problem
  14. three
  15. Thakur’s well
  16. pus ki raat
  17. bohani
  18. tongawala’s elder
  19. Moteram Ji Shastri
  20. macoo
  21. soul music
  22. Durga Temple
  23. conch shell
  24. way to hell
  25. exile
  26. Tentar
  27. damn
  28. carved
  29. fruit of action
  30. orphan girl
  31. virtuous
  32. only one voice
  33. Kingdom
  34. son love
  35. links of lust
  36. solder
  37. Pride
  38. Atmaram
  39. do yours
  40. Laila
  41. punishment
  42. Temple and Mosque
  43. tourist monkey
  44. Farce
  45. gulli-danda
  46. tableau
  47. innocent friend
  48. skewer of pride

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