Shrikant Tyagi Noida: Can’t find Shrikant Tyagi, wife in custody

Shrikant Tyagi News: The accused Shrikant Tyagi, who misbehaved with the woman, is absconding. Several police teams are looking for him. His last location was found in Rishikesh but arrest has not been made yet.
Police have detained his wife at 6 am on Tuesday for collecting information related to Shrikant Tyagi. Earlier also on Friday, he was taken into custody and questioned. The condition is that after this case, many cases related to Shrikant are also coming out now.

Wife Interrogation

As the days are passing, the pressure on the police to nab the accused is also increasing. In such a situation, the police are adopting all the methods through which the accused can be reached.
To nab the accused Shrikant, the police has once again detained his wife from her flat at 6 in the morning. Police is interrogating the wife of the accused.

Previous Inquiries

It is said that on Friday, the wife of the accused Shrikant was taken into custody and interrogated her. In this interrogation that took about 24 hours, many important information came to the fore. On the basis of which the police is looking for cases related to the accused against him.
In such a situation, it is believed that after the earlier interrogation, the police got some more cases, to collect information about which and to collect information about the location of Shrikant, his wife has been taken into custody.

Close on Target

Unless the accused is arrested, especially those very close to him are also on the target of the police. The police can also call them for questioning. It is being told that the police is preparing a list of Srikant’s close friends.
It is believed that if Srikanth is not caught soon, the police may call his close ones for questioning. The last location of accused Shrikant was found in Rishikesh. There the police is also laying a trap to find the accused.

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