Shark Tank 2 judge Anupam Mittal criticizes Air India on Pee-Gate, tweets ‘Moot Point’

Anupam Mittal, the founder of the famous website and who is seen as a judge on the famous TV show Shark Tank India, has tweeted on the Pee-Gate scandal that took place on an Air India flight.

In his tweet, Anupam criticized Air India over the incident and wrote that flying on Air India is fast becoming a controversial point. Taking a dig at the airline, he also asked, “Do you think the airline could have handled the situation better?”

What is Air India’s Pee-Gate controversy?

Let us tell you that in Air India flight AI-102 coming from New York to Delhi, the incident of a man allegedly urinating on an elderly female co-passenger came to light. This incident is of 26 November 2022. Many people had also accused the airline that proper action has not been taken in this matter. Anupam Mittal also believes that it was the responsibility of the airline to take up the whole matter with speed and responsibility.

What did anupam say

Responding to a tweet, Anupam wrote that the issue is what did the airline do on this matter? If they have done a good job on it then I agree with you. On this tweet made by Anupam Mittal, where some social media users are seen in his support, some people have also opposed him.

Dirt happens in foreign airlines too

Some social media users are also opposing Anupam Mittal for criticizing Air India. They say that foreign airlines also have dirt, but the issue here is how Air India deals with the matter. It is unfair to blame the entire airline for the misbehavior of one passenger.

That passenger should be punished as per the law. Commenting on Anupam’s tweet, another user also wrote that also sometimes works to match people and sometimes not. It doesn’t mean that you are responsible for it. While replying another user also wrote that in future the airline will force people to wear diapers.

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