Sawan Somwar 2022: Today is the First Monday of Sawan

Sawan First Monday Wishes: The month of Sawan is considered to have special significance in Hinduism. In this holy month, Lord Mahadev is worshiped. July 18 means today is the first Monday of Sawan. On this special day, devotees worship Bholenath and also keep a fast. Today you can send best wishes to Shiva devotees.

Sawan Somwar Puja Method

Take bath early in the morning on Sawan Monday and wear clean clothes. After this, take water in the right hand and take the resolution of Sawan Monday fast. Then anoint Lord Shiva with Gangajal.

Offer Panchamrit (milk, curd, ghee, nectar, honey) to Shiva. Offer white sandalwood, akshat, white flowers, datura, bel, betel leaf, betel nut etc. to Shiva. During this, chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

Show sunshine. Offer fruits and sweets to God. If possible, offer janeu and clothes as well. Read the story of Sawan Somwar Vrat. In the end, perform aarti and distribute prasad.

It is considered good to keep this fast with fruits and vegetables throughout the day. At the same time, some people observe this fast even after having one meal.

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