Rules instead of going from India to Nepal, may have to show these papers

India To Nepal Travel New Rules: Nepal, the neighboring country of India, where till now there was no restriction in the movement of Indians. Now keeping in view the security reasons, the Government of Nepal has prepared some rules.

According to the new rule, now Indians will also have to carry the necessary documents to prove their country’s identity with them upon entering the Nepal border.

It is not as of now that visa and passport will be required to go to Nepal. Nevertheless, according to the order issued by the Government of Nepal, if a person is going from India to Nepal, then it has been made mandatory to keep documents with him.

What documents will be required

According to the information, the Government of Nepal, citing its security reasons, has said that now any Indian citizen will have to show his permanent identity card on entering the Nepal border by road. It will be illegal to enter the border of Nepal without showing a permanent identity card.

People of India go to Kathmandu

Most of the Indians travel to Nepal to visit Kathmandu. There is a grand and ancient temple of Lord Pashupatinath in Kathmandu, Nepal. People from India come here to have darshan. In view of all these reasons, the Government of Nepal had not imposed any restriction on entry in the past. But now it has to be done due to security reasons.

What is the whole matter

According to the information, in recent days, a person was caught while entering Nepal from the Indian border. Aadhar card as Indian identity card was found from this suspect. But when the Aadhaar card was checked to prove its authenticity, it was found to be fake.

Due to all these reasons, this issue was raised in the meeting related to security of India and Nepal government in the past also. On which it was agreed to take effective steps jointly.

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