Priyanka Gupta Know about Graduate Chai Wali 2022

The name of a graduate chai wali in Patna, the capital of Bihar, is very much discussed. This is not a girl from a common house with tea, this girl belongs to a business family. Her real name is Priyanka Gupta.

According to the information received, Priyanka Gupta has completed her graduation. Now graduates are in discussion in the name of Chaiwali. She currently sells tea by setting up stalls near Patna Womens College. The cost of a cup of tea is Rs 10, 15 and Rs 20 respectively.

Priyanka Gupta Chai Wali Biography

Name Priyanka Gupta
Date of birth/age 24 years
Father’s name There are no updates.
Mother’s name There are no updates.
Home district Purnia, Bihar
Graduate Year  2019
Graduate College  Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi
Start date of tea stall research 30 January 2022

After completing her graduation, Priyanka Gupta looked for a job in many cities but she did not get a job in any company of her choice and did not think it appropriate to wait for a long time for a government job, although Priyanka was preparing for a government job for 2 years. is of.

One day she was watching the video in her mobile and saw the video of MBA Chai Wala in the same act, due to which Priyanka Gupta suddenly became motivated and then decided to set up a tea stall.

After this Priyanka Gupta started doing research with her planning to set up tea stalls, she researched for about 2 months and finally decided that she would set up her first tea stall near Patna Mahila College.

Graduate Chai Wali

When Priyanka came from her house Purnia to set up a Patna tea stall, then she said to her father that I am going to prepare for Patna Bank PO. But Priyanka’s plan to do tea business had been set in her mind, what to do by going to Patna. Then after coming to Patna, Priyanka went to coaching for 2 days and stopped going to coaching due to lack of mind.

Priyanka did not have money to set up a tea stall, so Priyanka made a business proposal plan and requested for Prime Minister’s Mudra loan in the bank, but the bank refused to give them the loan, because it was not a local of Patna, saying that.

They wanted a loan of only 30-50 thousand rupees. Priyanka had lost many banks for loans. Priyanka took 30 thousand rupees from a friend as help for a few days.

After getting money from a friend, Priyanka bought all the items related to making tea, and started setting up tea stalls.

Priyanka Gupta Chai Wali

Many times she was discouraged by saying that she was doing tea business as a girl, but where did Priyanka give up, she continued to do her work. Because Priyanka had decided in her mind that I have to make me Self Dependent.

Priyanka Gupta with Akshra Singh

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh on 22 May 2022 , who came to know about Graduate Chai Wali, after that Akshara Singh could not stop herself and went to Patna Boring Road to meet Graduate Chai Wali where Priyanka Gupta’s tea. There are stalls. After coming Akshara Singh ate biscuits and also drank many teas and had a lot of fun.

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