Petrol-Diesel Prices Increased 8 Times in 9 Days

New Delhi, Hindustan News Time : Petrol diesel prices increased for the eighth time in 9 days on Wednesday. On Wednesday, 80-80 paise increased on petrol and diesel. After the by-election, on November 4, 2021, the relief given by the Center by removing the tax of Rs 5 per liter on petrol is over.

In the capital Bhopal, petrol has increased by Rs 6.10 and diesel by Rs 8.11 from March 22 to 30. In October 2021, in the by-elections to 29 assembly and 3 Lok Sabha seats in 13 states, the BJP did not get the expected results, after which 5 tax on petrol was reduced. In March, elections were held in five states including UP, crude oil prices rose by 72.6% from November to March, but the oil company did not increase the prices of petrol and diesel.

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Oil Price in Madhya Pradesh Cities

Petrol: 113.34, Diesel: 96.63

Petrol: 113.65, Diesel: 96.93

Petrol: 114.36, Diesel: 97.53

Petrol: 113.74, Diesel: 96.71

Petrol: 115.99, Diesel: 99.36

Saudi will increase the price

Saudi Arabia, the largest oil export, is preparing to increase the price of crude oil. Saudi company Aramco will increase the price of Arab light crude by 5 liters per barrel for Asian customers. This will make its difference from the Oman Dubai benchmark price to $9.95 per barrel.

Price may increase by Rs 12 to 14

In November 2021, the price of crude oil was $82 per barrel. Then the central government had reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel. In February, the price of crude oil in the international market was then up to $ 98 per barrel.

After this, on March 8, the price of crude oil reached $ 130 per barrel. Currently the price is near $110. In this way, the price of crude oil increased by about $28 per barrel in 5 months, but due to elections in five states, the prices were stable. Now the prices can increase by Rs 12 to 14.

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