Never Make these 7 Mistakes while Making a Resume

We all know how much struggle has increased in today’s time, whether it is about studies or job. After completing his studies, everyone’s dream is to get a job in a big company. But before applying for your dream job, you need to focus on your resume. 

When you are looking for a job, the first thing that has to be taken care of is the resume. On the basis of resume you are shortlisted for interview. If your resume is not impressive, then despite having lakhs of qualifications, you do not get a chance to showcase your talent, nor do you get a call for interview. 

In such a situation, Motivational Speakers In India can help you. But you don’t need to panic. Today, through this article, we will tell some such tips, with the help of which you can make a good resume and get the job of your choice.

1. Avoid writing unnecessary things in the resume

Personal information has to be given in the resume. But many people start drawing unnecessary things in it like a long-drawn outline of their achievements, which has a very bad effect. Nothing redundant should be written in it. Do not use words that are difficult to understand in the resume. Also, be careful not to include any quotes or references in the resume.

2. Research is important

Before creating a resume, spend some time on the Internet. There are many websites and tools out there that can help you create a resume. After this, make a list of the skills given in the advertisement for the job. Mention in your resume the skills that match your personality. 

This will increase the chances of your name appearing in the list of shortlisted candidates for the interview. Do a little research on the internet about the company for which you are applying for the job. If you know someone in the company, then you can also talk to him.

3. Write the correct thing in objective

Often, many youths write such an objective in their resume without thinking which is not similar to their skills. Sometimes they themselves do not know what they have written. Here the candidate has to write about his career trend. In this, you should write briefly about the career you want to pursue. Obviously, you will write about the qualification you have and the field you want to go in.

4. Write the qualification correctly

While preparing the resume, you have to give the sequential details of educational qualification. Give information about degree, name of the institute, name of the place where the institute is located, year of passing, category of passing etc. Apart from this, if you have received any award, you can also write about it. 

Write first about what you have studied recently, and then write down the rest of your education. For example, if you have a post graduation, then write it above and then tell about the graduation. If you have recently left college, then you can contact Motivational Speakers in India for Students , so that you will be able to get the right direction in your career.

5. Add Experience and Additional Courses

If you have done any internship from somewhere or have taken any training related to any job, then also mention it. Along with this, if you have done any job, then also write about it. If you have done any additional course or have taken diploma while studying, then also give information about it. If you have achieved any special achievement in any field, then you can also mention that.

6. State Hobbies and Achievements

If you have a particular hobby, you can write about it too. But in hobby you write the truth only. Sometimes questions are also asked about the hobby during the interview. If you wrote music in hobby and could not answer the common questions related to it in the interview, then there will be a wrong effect.

Not only this, in the resume, you must mention the awards and academic achievements received in the school, which are related to your profession. Apart from this, if you have participated in any workshops, seminars, webinars etc., then highlight them as well.

7. Take care of fonts

Always create resumes in a word processing program. Also, use professional fonts like Times, Times New Roman and Arial. Never make a resume longer than one page and give at least two phone numbers and a professional email ID. The most important thing to keep in mind in the format is that you use black dark colored ink. 

Do not use any bright or light colour. When you export your resume, do it in PDF format. The look of the resume should be simple and of good format. You can also watch this video how to make resume and get job in desired company, it will give you detailed information about how to make resume.

When updating or re-creating your resume, take special care that it is easy to read. The employer usually only gives a few minutes to this. This means that you will have to show the power of your claim through resume within a few minutes. 

That is to say, the most important information has to be put first in the resume. By keeping these things in mind, you can make a good resume and leave a good impression on the company.

You can enter your comment about the article by commenting in the comment section. Apart from this, if you want to start a business along with a job, then you must choose Problem Solving Courses so that you can get good growth in your career.

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