NASA’s Big Discovery: 5000 New Planets

There is a lot of curiosity to know about the things that live behind the scenes. For example, take the universe itself. We have heard a lot about it but to date, we could not face its complete reality. This is the reason that many questions keep arising in the mind regarding this. One of these main questions is whether there is life in the universe other than Earth?

There are many planets in the universe


According to our knowledge, there is only one planet like Earth, about which scientists often do research. Scientists have discovered many such planets which revolve around the Sun and are located at a distance of billions of km. Together these planets make up our solar system. But now apart from these planets, new planets are also being discovered.

NASA discovered 5000 new planets

NASA discovered 5000 new planets

The US space agency NASA has now confirmed the discovery of new planets by going beyond the astronomical limit. According to NASA, there are more than 5000 planets in the depths of space, which are yet to be discovered.

This space exploration of NASA is being considered very special. NASA has confirmed that 65 new planets have been discovered by them and there are more than 5000 celestial bodies in total orbiting stars outside our solar system, which are yet to be discovered. The NASA Exoplanet Archive discovered 65 new planets for study on which water, microorganisms, gases, or life may be likely to form.

There are planets like earth

There are planets like earth

According to NASA, this new house is a new world in itself. It is being told that these 5000 exoplanets, which have been discovered, all belong to different categories based on structure and characteristics. These include small and rocky planets like Earth, gaseous planets many times larger than Jupiter, and extremely hot planets orbiting their stars very closely.

Apart from these, there are also such planets that are many times bigger and rocky than Earth. These are being called ‘Super-Earths’. Along with this, there are also ‘mini-Neptunes’ which are smaller than the Neptune of our solar system.

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