More than 20 Blogging topics for beginners in 2023

Friends, if you are a Beginner in the field of blogging and you also want to start a new blog of yours and want to become a Successful Blogger by earning money from it, then it is very important for you to select a Best Blog Topics.

If you are a College Student, then in this article I am specifically going to tell you some High Volume – Student Blog Topics, on which if you start your own blog or website, then the chances of its ranking are very high. Here Blogging Topics for Beginners have also been told, in which all the Updated Blog Topics have been discussed.

Deeply research has been done on all the Niches mentioned in this article and it has been seen that if you work on any of these Niches, then traffic comes from Advance Countries as well. Almost all the Blog Topics mentioned are Internationally Targeted and on such Blogs you get tremendous CPC (Cost Per Click). 

What Is Blog Niche?

When you start a website or blog, you create it with a specific purpose that we will inform people about this specific topic in this blog, that is, whatever you provide information to people on your blog, It is called Niche of that blog.

Before telling all those Blog Ideas, I want to give you some important information about Blog Niche / Topic

Start Interest Based Niche Blog:

Friends, by the way, out of all the Blog Niches mentioned in this article, you can create your own blog on any Blog Topic and even though there may be High Volume and Low Competition in all these Niches, getting success in them is 80% your dedication and hard work. depends on Most Pro Bloggers and Experts believe that if you create your blog by copying the Niche of another Blogger, then it becomes difficult for you to get success in it and in most of the cases such Blogs fail.

Now the biggest reason for the failure of bloggers here is that they start their blog by copying another blogger. Because it may be that the Niche on which his blog is based does not have your expertise. Now if you do not have any knowledge about that topic, then what will you write in your articles! In such a situation, you will either spin and copy-paste the same articles in your articles or you will post your articles with half-incomplete information.

If you copy-paste someone else’s article in your articles, then Google will never rank your website. Techniques like this Article Spinner used to work earlier, but today Google has become very advanced and is continuously launching new updates, one of which is the recent update Helpful Content Update.

* That’s why you should always select the niche or category of your blog on the basis of your interest and knowledge, in which you can work for a long time without any return. Now as we all know that Blogging is a time consuming work and it may take you even one year to get good results because you have to develop many skills to get success in it. That’s why start your blog on such a blog topic in which you can provide content for a long time.

But if you want to start your blog on the blog topics mentioned in this article or on any other topic that you do not have knowledge about, then you should first get a good level of information about it, now you can get that information online or offline through any medium.

You can take it from and after that you can start your blog on that Blog Niche. Therefore, you do not have to copy other bloggers, but you can definitely take inspiration from them, which will increase your experience. Let us now know about those student blog topics on which you can create a successful blog of your own –

Blogging Topics For Beginners And Students:

1. Baby Care & Maternity

This Niche is also very famous. There can be many subcategories inside this Niche, such as how to take care of the child, how to take care of yourself during pregnancy, you can also write on child sitting. Female can write very good content inside this Niche, so if you are Female then there is a huge scope for you in this Niche. This Niche is now becoming popular in India as well, businesses have started being built on it like- To Trained the People, To Trained the Couples. So you can address such topics in it.

At present, everyone is running towards Digital Marketing, so there has been a lot of competition. But they probably do not know that the money is somewhere else. By working on this Niche, it can also be taken towards Digital Marketing, but not that the entire blog should be based on Digital Marketing.

2. Home Improvement

If you want traffic from USA and UK then you can work on Home Improvement first. This Niche is a very popular Niche in the advanced country. In this you can cover many topics like- how to do Flooring, how to do Silling, how to make wall etc. If you focus on Home Designing, then your average CPC will be 3$ to 4$ because in this you will get traffic from countries like USA and UK. There is a lot of potential inside this Niche, if you have interest in it then you can start it.

3. Block Chain And Cryptocurrency

Some people say that Cryptocurrency is a part of Block chain and Block chain has just started. Block chain started around 2009 when bitcoin came out. That’s why the future of block chain has not even started yet and it can go up to a very high level in the future.

So if you have knowledge about Block chain or Cryptocurrency then you can start your blog in this category and if you do not have much information about it and you want to start your blog on this topic then first you can do this Niche Get good knowledge about it and when you have a good knowledge of it, then you can start your blog on it. Even inside this Niche, you will get traffic from advanced country and there is a lot of potential in it.

4. Online Education

Online education is also a very popular Niche. Today’s young generation mostly takes interest in online courses. In this type of blog, you can guide people about good courses, for whom which course is better and from where they should purchase this course. You can also make a very good Affiliate Commission in this Niche. There are many courses which if you promote, they give you good Affiliate Commission. These Blog Topics can prove to be very beneficial for the students.

5. Insurance

If you have good knowledge about Insurance , then you can take your blogging career in this Niche as well . It will be better for you if you take insurance from outside country like UK, USA , because in this you will get good CPC but for India also you will get good CPC in it. In this you can give information to people related to Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Bike Insurance and Home Insurance . To work on any Niche in all these Niches, you need to know about it, so if you have less knowledge about your Targeted Niche, then first increase your knowledge.

6. Online Banking

Due to everything being digital, all banks are shifting their banking online. Suppose you have a blog where you tell people how to use Google Pay, how to use BHIM App, how you can secure your transaction with any internet banking and how to do transaction with ATM?

Even if you give only similar advice to people, your blog is still inside the same Financial Niche. If you check the keyword Online Banking for USA, then you will get to see CPC of 6$ to 8$ in it. As you may know, the same principal is followed for online banking in all countries. Therefore, whether you work in this Niche for India or for Advance Countries, you are going to get good CPC in both.

7. Personal Finance

You must know this, what is Personal Finance means that where you should invest. Inside this Niche, you can discuss about loans like, home loan, car loan and with this you can put content about investment in it. Even if you start your blog within this type of Niche, all the banks will compete with you and that is why you will be able to monetize it in a good way.

8. Tool Website

Now comes our next Niche – Creating a Tool Website. You can create your blog by creating a tool website. You can create many different types of tools inside the tool website like – JPG to PNG, PNG to JPEG, PNG to WEBP etc. The most important thing in this Niche is that you do not have to write many articles in it. In this, initially you have to make a tool with the help of Coding and publish it by adding some important pages on it.

After this you can leave it to be ranked and if you can make good High Quality Backlinks for it, then you must make it. Apart from this, if you have any update related to your tool, then update it. In this you have to select a Low Competition – Tool Website Topic. But a Draw Back of this Blogging Niche is that for this you need to come to Coding because without it you will not be able to code your tool, so before working on this Blog Topic you have to understand coding only then you can get success in it. You can

9. E-Commerce Store Website

Ever since this Lockdown and Corona Virus has started, many people have come to Online Purchases, which means that now more online shopping is done than before. People who used to go to the local market to buy goods, today they also order things needed for home online, so because of this many people have started using E-Commerce stores. If you have any product, which you can sell in the format of online stores, then definitely you should start it. Very easily you can build your E-Commerce store and you can also list and sell products in it.

10. Gardening And Lawn Care

This Niche is also a popular topic in USA, UK and Canada. There is a deficiency inside this Niche, it is a Seasonally Niche, which means that by the time of winter, there will be less searches inside it, so it would be good that you work on Home Improvement and within that you create a subcategory of Gardening and Lawn Care. Can, which is very popular.

11. Pet Care

Keywords like Pet Care are also searched a lot in the standard country. Whichever pet you know more about and how it is taken care of, you can create a blog on it. Within that too, you can create many sub-categories like those related to dog and cat. So if you are interested in Pets then you can submit your content about them.

12. Telegram Groups Links

Many people have made such websites, where they share Telegram’s Groups links. You must have also seen that today a lot of traffic is on telegram. A lot of educational audience is coming here.

People are creating Websites here, and they are sharing the links of their own groups there. They are taking traffic there by promoting their own channel, there they are increasing their members, increasing Subscribers and from there they are earning money by sending traffic to their site again. Here you can also earn Affiliate Commission from Direct Telegram. If you can share such updates and information to people, then this Niche is for you only.

13. APK Downloading Website

Here I would recommend you to go towards Micro Niche. You do not have to provide all APKs here, it would be better if you share any particular APK or Group of APK here. You will get a lot of Search Volume inside this thing, if you do research properly!

Here you also get Earning on Per/APK Downloading along with many Apps. If you do research here properly, then you will grow quickly here and your site will also be ranked.

14. Legal Advice

If we talk about India, here the people working in IT companies have the ability to make the most money, where there are more employees, and similarly if we talk about developed countries, then the maximum amount of money there is Attorney (lawyer). Means they make Lawyers. If you have this type of blog or you want to create this type of blog, then you must have knowledge about it. Even if you are a Lawyer of India, you will get good CPC in it. So if you have a blog related to Legal Advice, then you can make a lot of money from it.

15. Make Money Online

This is the Niche of Make Money Online, it is a very good Niche. Here you get High CPC, and the traffic here is also very high. If you get both these things, then you can earn a lot of money. There is one more thing in Make Money Online that Referral Earning is also very good here. When someone purchases a service through your links, you also earn from it.

If you know from which apps Online Earning is done, then you must make your blog on this Niche. But on this Niche you have to work with your creativity because it is one of the High Competition Blogging Topics. Therefore, in this type of Niche, you have to present your articles and your content in a different way, only then people will be able to show interest in your content.

16. Govt. Scheme Portal

Inside this Niche, you will have to be a little News wise Active. Whatever schemes GOVT is launching, you have to share them on your site from time to time. Many people search this thing in India that what new schemes the government is running, how much money is being given to whom – and you have to put the same details on your site and share these things with maximum number of people on WhatsApp. Let’s share, due to which your shares will also increase and you will also get more traffic.

If you are making such a website, then you should also create a You Tube Channel , because there are too many searches on You Tube about this thing.

17. Health Blog:

Health Blog is a very popular Niche. On this Niche, you will say that the competition is very high, but you can be a little tricky here too. If you make this blog in any other language then there are more chances of your growth. You should work on it in a different language other than English language.

If you have good knowledge about physical life and you can tell beneficial things about a healthy life to people, then you can also work on this Niche. In this you can cover topics like Meditation, Yoga. This is also a highly searched Niche. With this type of blog, you can get better traffic than Pinterest.

Another big advantage of this Niche is that you can do Affiliate Marketing very well with this type of blog. You will find health related products on Click Bank from where you can make a good commission.

For Health Blog, I would like to give you an Alert that you should start Health Blog only when you have good information about it. If you have done any study related to Health, you have done Pharmacy or MABS, then you can start it or if you have done any study related to Medical, then you can start it even then.

You don’t have to start it by taking half-incomplete information from somewhere (by watching YouTube or other videos). This can be very dangerous. You have to give a disclaimer below on this Health Blog that this site of ours is only for information. We are not doing any treatment or diagnosis here.

In this, you can share the reviews of medicine, what is the benefit of which medicine, how should it be used, what are its side effects, etc.

18. Jobs Notification Website

Many websites related to Jobs are already available, but one thing is being seen there, that they are not providing Actual Knowledge there. That’s why people search more on this so that they get some good and good content from where they can apply for a job.

There is so much epidemic in India regarding similar jobs. Don’t know everyday how many searches are related to jobs. You can also create a blog on top of this. There is also a lot of traffic on this site. Let me tell you some sites from which you can take inspiration –

1 .   is a site where Jobs are updated everyday. You have to post that job on your blog after seeing the jobs from here.

Finding content here is very easy, but you have to keep your content right, keep it truly so that people give authority to your content and they trust your content. It is a bit difficult to do this thing, but if you believe in quality and you can provide content to the people, then this Niche is for you only. To create this type of website, you have to be up to date, only then you will be able to give the right information to your audience. If you try it, then there is a lot of scope in this type of blog.

19. Transparent Images Downloading Website

There is also a lot of Potential inside this Blog Topic because many people search Transparent Images on Google to make their Thumbnail. There is also a lot of traffic here. I want to tell you one more thing here that the traffic that comes in this Niche, mostly comes from countries like USA, which increases your chances of getting more CPC.

If you invest your time here and research well and the method which Pro-Sites use, if you also go with the same technique then you will definitely get Better Results. This is a Niche, it is running on a lot of trending in today’s time.

20. Architecture:

Do not get intimidated by the name of Architecture, because it is not as difficult as it seems. Let me tell you what types of Blog Topics you can cover in this-

A. Sample House Plan

Suppose there is a plot of 40 -50 Square or whatever you choose. How can a house be built on it, or how will the map of that tax be made? If you have studied in Architecture field, or you have knowledge about it, and you are working somewhere and you want to generate extra income, then you can do it.

B. Interior

In this you can tell people about the interior of the house. Suppose there is a house, in that you also told its map and you can define about its internal texture in the interior.

C. Cost Estimate

You can define Cost Estimate in this topic. Suppose there is a plot of 50 by 60 and on that you tell that – how much will it cost to build this type of house, how much will it cost to build a duplex or how much will it cost to build a single floor? There are many people who don’t know how many searches are done on Google every day about this.

You can separate all these parts of this Niche and tell that with so much material it will cost so much, Per Square Fit will cost so much! That is, you can display it with different examples. Achahomes is a website based on this Blog Topic, from where you can take some Inspiration and you can also do Affiliate Marketing from this website.

21. News Site:

The news site which is Niche is a very popular and highly competitive topic. If we talk about traffic in this Niche, then it comes in full. You can create the content of this type of website in many languages. Which is your language, in which you can write content well, start in it.

The condition in this is that you should have a small team with you. Not too many, even 3-4 people will do. Because in this Niche you have to stay Up to Date. If you publish 8 -10 articles every day , then your chances of getting traffic here increase.

22. Food /Cooking Recipes Blog:

food / cooking recipes Blog which we also call Food Blog. There is also a lot of demand for this type of blog. Due to increasing internet connection, it is growing rapidly in India. You can also make this blog in any language. If you start it on any other language except English language, then it can prove to be a plus point for you. Anyone who has interest in cooking can work on this niche.

These are the sites which write above Food Blog. You can take Idea from these websites that how they write, what is the way of writing and what is their design etc. This Blog Topic is also more beneficial for women because a woman knows more about cooking than a man, so another Opportunity is available here for women. Apart from this, if you also create a YouTube Channel and Instagram Page related to this Niche, then this is a good chance to grow because there is a lot of traffic here.

23. Hosting Review

If you are interested in doing reviews of Hosting Companies, then you can start a Micro Niche blog of your own inside this Niche as well. You can earn money from this type of blog in many ways.

In this, you can also target any one specific Web Hosting Company and if you want to target Multiple Hosting Companies, then you can do that too. With this type of blog, you can make a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Post.

Once you become an authority inside it, big companies contact you for their promotion and for this they pay you a very good amount. In this, you have to target the Specific Audience who knows about Web Hosting because not everyone needs Hosting.

That’s why you have to target such audience who are interested in fields like Blogging and SEO because only those people can generate your sales.

24. Coupon Website

If you can give people a discount through a Coupon while buying a service or product, then you can enter in this Niche.

You all know that whenever we do any online shopping or buy any service online, then for that we definitely search for a Discounted coupon so that we can get a discount on it and there are many companies that sell their products or services. To do this, it launches Offers and Coupons from time to time.

25. Web Series

Web Series has gained a lot of popularity during the time of lockdown in India. Although people already knew about Web Series, but due to the closure of all Theaters and Halls during the time of lock down, people liked them more and a lot of traffic started coming on the websites of Web Series blogs.

One of the main reasons for getting so much traffic on blogs like Web Series is that when people see these Web Series, many questions related to them keep roaming in their mind and they come and search them on Google. You can also work on YouTube on this Niche. Web Series has now become more consuming content than Movies. To be successful in these Niche, you can research and write about Upcoming Web Series and tell people about it.

26. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of Futuristic Niche, although now it is slowly increasing in the market because nowadays almost all the big online tools and websites use AI (Artificial Intelligence), which we also use daily. And its craze is only going to increase in the coming times.

Artificial Intelligence Blog Niche Image.

If you have interest in such topics and you have knowledge about them, then you can tell people about AI through your blog. You may get less traffic in the beginning on such a blog, but as we have told you that this is a Futuristic Niche and on this type of blog you will get good results in the coming time. From this blog you can do both Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense. You can earn money in different ways. In this you can promote AI Based Tools and Applications.

27. Agriculture/Farming                        

As we all know, now slowly the internet is spreading widely in the villages as well, due to which such people who are related to agriculture are connecting with the internet. Now his main business is farming, so it is obvious that he will search about it on the internet as well. Therefore, if you make a blog on Agriculture or Farming and tell people the solutions to the problems related to agriculture or tell them some new tips, then your blog can get a good Reach.

28. Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles is such a topic which is going to boom a lot in the coming times. Electric Vehicles are being liked everywhere and its growth is going to be very high in the coming time because every government is preferring only Electric Vehicles. Although there are many problems related to this, due to which the Government is not making these Electric Vehicles Compulsory, but gradually it will definitely be resolved.

If you look inside this Niche, you will find many Micro Niches , on which you can start your blog. In this blog, you can cover the parts and products used inside these Electric Vehicles and can also post their reviews.


Friends, these were the blogging topics for beginners on which if you work then you can earn a lot of money. The biggest problem here is that we work within the same Niche which is already filled with millions of content.

If you really want to earn money from blogging, then you do not have to be a part of this crowd, rather you have to do something different by moving away from them and this rule is not only in blogging but also in real life. You have to do something new and something special only then your name will come forward.

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