PM Modi to reach Kuno National Park shortly, to Inaugurate Project Cheetah

Today after 7 decades, cheetahs are making a comeback in the country. Project Cheetah has succeeded today to bring them back. A special aircraft was sent to Namibia to bring 8 African cheetahs to India, which has arrived at Gwalior airport at 8 am today. 

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also reached Gwalior. From here he will reach Kuno National Park in a short time and will inaugurate Project Cheetah, leaving the cheetahs in a special enclosure. 

Three Chinooks brought from Namibia have reached Kuno National Park by helicopter and PM Modi will also reach here in a short time and will leave these cheetahs in special enclosures of the national park. 

In fact, according to the report of ANI, the Indian special aircraft that went to Namibia to take 8 cheetahs has come to India with cheetahs. This plane has landed at the Indian Air Force station this morning. According to the information, these cheetahs will be released in special enclosures of Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

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