Know why Warren Buffett does not like Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency has made its mark all over the world, and is slowly gaining its hold in most of the countries of the world, people are continuously investing in it, and the king of this currency is Bitcoin, whose price in today’s time. by the world’s biggest investor, Warren Buffett not trusted

Bitcoin cost 0 for Warren Buffet

Such currency has no value for Warren Buffet, that is, the value of Bitcoin is 0 for him, recently Warren Buffett spoke on Cryptocurrency in his company’s annual meeting, and said “If I had to get all of the world’s Be made the owner of bitcoin or even offered to give all bitcoins for $25, even then I will not take it.

warren buffett on bitcoin

Warren Buffet explains

Warren Buffett explained that holding an immovable property increases its value, and renting out that property increases income, but you will be able to profit from bitcoin only if someone buys it from you for a higher price, before Many times Warren Buffett has also commented explaining about it, and he has also called Cryptocurrency as Red Poison.

Cryptocurrency in India

There is a large number of crypto investors in India too, but for a few days now the investors of India are worried because the tax on profits from Crypto has been fixed by the Government of India up to 30%, as well as digital currency has not yet been accepted. It is neither legal nor illegal, and you cannot invest your money in crypto through UPI, due to which investing in crypto has become a bit difficult.

And now the news is coming, that many investors are not getting their money back on selling crypto, nor is there any hearing, because it has not been ragulat yet, and many countries in the world do not get it back in their country. I am engaged in giving currency status, so this was some news related to crypto going on in the world.


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