Know About What is domain and types of Domains?

Welcome to all of you and in a wonderful blog, we are going to cover the entire blogging series here, here we will tell the methods of blogging. If you are new then you can easily learn blogging. Today’s topic is What is Domain?

If you do not know at all about the domain, then here you will get complete information about the domain. You must have found some website somewhere in your web browser like Here is a domain.

Here the domain is the link to access a website. A domain is like a landmark to reach a website or blog. You can call it an easy way to reach any website, because there are millions of crores of websites in the Internet.

You must have understood a little bit about the domain, so let us know today what is a domain in depth and about the working of the domain and about the type of domain.

What is Domain?

A website is identified by the name of its domain in the internet world. We know the domain as DNS, which is its full form Domain Naming System . Every website is connected with a single server, that is, every website is connected with an IP address.

Each IP address is in the form of a number which helps the web browser to reach the right place on the Internet.

All the things on the Internet have been written in different languages ​​​​of the computer such as HTML, Css, Javascript etc. In the same way, we have just created a domain for our ease of understanding, but the domain name is in reality. There is an IP address,, there is a similar IP address, you can reach any website by giving IP address instead of domain.

How domain works

All the B websites we are seeing live on a server somewhere, that is, the data of a website and the website itself needs some space to live. So all the websites are hosted on one server and our domain points to the same server through IP address.

As soon as you enter the domain of a website in your browser, the same domain points to a particular IP address and it loads your website by taking data from your server. This is how a domain works.

Types of Domains

Just as everything has a difference in its type, in the same way B has its own type. Let us know today about the type of domain

What is TLD – Top Level Domains

Top Level Domain We call that domain which is the part after the dot at the end. TLDs are easy to remember and Google ranks maximum TLDs in today’s time. The purpose of creating a TLD was just to rank it.

Top Level Domain is used the most in today’s time because it is SEO friendly and helps to rank.

Let’s know today some examples of top level domain

  • .com (commercial)
  • .org (organization)
  • .net (network/technology)
  • .gov (government)
  • .edu (education)
  • .biz (business)
  • .info (infromation)

You can see above examples of many top level domains, you can take your domain in the B area in which you want to make your website.

If you give examples of insub top level domains like, and like our blog is on tech, then we have put using dot net .

CCTLD ( Country Code Top Level Domain )

Like we told you above, it is exactly the same way about TLD, but CCTLD has a slightly different feature in it. As here the domain is taken by targeting a particular country. For example, if we want to target in India, then we use dot in.

The full form of CCTLD is Country Code Top Level Domain, here we use 2 digit code after the dot here to target a specific country. You can see below their domains according to all the countries

  • .us : United States
  • .in : India
  • .id : Indonesia
  • .cn : China
  • .br : Brazil

If you want to target in all these countries then you can use all these CCTLDs. Here only one country is targeted but the top level domain is used to target all the countries simultaneously.

What is subdomain

If you have come to know what a domain is , then it will be easy for you to understand what a subdomain is. The subdomain is our original domain i.e. the domain we have taken together.

If you have a B domain, then you can easily create a B subdomain according to it, for that you do not have to pay a B, it is absolutely free.

Like I would like to give you an example like my domain is so if I want then I can create a subdomain of my domain like blog.hindustannewstime. In this way you can make as much as you want.

You get the option to create a subdomain in your hosting’s cPanel, from there you can create your subdomain in one click.

For your information, let me tell you that if you want, there are many other types of domains, you can go with them, but all bloggers and big websites use them because all these are SEO friendly and Google gives more value to them. Is .

If you want, you can take our B domain in Hindi like dot India by example.India. But all this is not seo friendly due to which you may face problem in ranking.

How to buy domain

Let me tell you that the people who use the domain B, have bought them from some place somewhere. A lot of handing over domains provide, you have to buy from there.

Here you have to keep in mind that you cannot buy a domain that someone has bought again as long as he is using the same domain.

If you want to buy then you can go to any B domain providing company and see whether the type of domain you want is there or not, then you can buy from there.

We have given you the name of the company providing all the domains below, you can see if you go down

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Hostinger
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost

There are many such companies from where you can buy, here you have to pay attention that you should always buy the domain from the names you have heard about, you may have to face the problem in future.


Today we have told you what is the domain and its types and from where you can buy this and how does it work, we have talked about it today. If you want to ask anything related to blogging, then you can ask us on the comment.

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