Know About the Akasa Air uniform

How long waited for what Akasa Air has done for the female crew. Just look at the official Akasa Air uniform of Jhunjhunwala. In which utmost care has been taken for the comfort of women. The uniform has comfortable shoes instead of pencil heels. That knee-tight skirt…which used to be a problem for air hostess to wear, has been replaced by loose pants. At the same time, instead of tight shirt, there is now a comfortable jacket.

Female staff are feeling so relaxed wearing this uniform. How happy are they? This is clearly visible from his face. This is called right women’s rights, because there is no discrimination between them and male staff. This uniform has been designed by Delhi’s famous designer Rajesh Pratap Singh according to Akasa Air. He has focused more on the comfort of women than on the attractiveness of women.

Aakasa’s uniform is in Orange and Black color which looks quite beautiful. These colors make the crew members look warm, friendly and happy. All these things are making his personality positive. There are no more painfully high sandals for the women who work in the airlines and nothing can be better for the hustle and bustle of the flight.

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Not only this, the fabric of this uniform is very special, because it is made from recycled marine waste. Recycled rubber has been used to make uniform sneakers. These shoes are designed by Vanilla Moon. Which are very light and comfortable. We have understood enough that this uniform is eco-friendly, which will make the crew members feel comfortable wearing it.

We think this is the best uniform ever for the female crew. Which has put an end to the stereotype that women can only wear high-heeled sandals and pencil skirts in the airline. That is, now the female crew working in the airline are going to look very cool. Don’t you think this decision should be wholeheartedly welcomed? Thank you…somebody thought about the problems of the air hostess and took a good initiative…

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