It is important to know what is the relation of Shani Dev First of all, it is also important to know that Shani Graha and Shani Dev are two different. Shani Graha is not called Shani Dev. Lord Bhairav ​​is the presiding deity of the planet Shani.

In the sky, the planet Saturn is visible in the west direction. The lord of wind direction is Lord Pawandev. All the planets in our solar system, including the Sun, are not any kind of gods or goddesses as astrologers propagate about them.

Yes, the names of the above planets have been named after the deities. Worshiping planets is foolish. Planets have an effect on your body, your home and the environment around you. To avoid their bad effects, one should meet an objectologist and a good knowledgeable of astrology.

Scientific point of view: According to astronomy, the diameter of Saturn is 120500 km, at an average speed of 10 km per second, it is on an average 1.5 billion km from the Sun.

This planet completes its orbit around the Sun in 29 years. Guru Shakti is 95 times more than the earth and in size comes after Jupiter this number. It is believed that this planet takes nine hours to rotate on its axis.

According to the Puranas

Golden crown on the head of Shanidev, garland around the neck and blue clothes on the body and the body is also like Indranilmani. He rides on a vulture.

They have bow, arrow and trident in their hands. Shani is considered to be the son of Lord Surya, one of the 33 deities. His sister’s name is Devi Yamuna. A river has been named Yamuna after Yamuna itself.

In the Puranas, however, many contradictory stories are found in relation to Shani. According to the Brahma Purana, his father married him to the daughter of Chitrarath.

His wife was Param Tejaswini. One night she approached him with the desire to have a son, but he was immersed in the meditation of Vishnu. The wife got tired of waiting. His season was fruitless.

So the wife got angry and cursed Shani Dev that from today whatever you see will be destroyed. But later the wife repented of her mistake, but she did not have the power to symbolize the curse, since then Shani Dev started living with his head low. Because they did not want anyone to be harmed by them.

However, once Shani’s vision fell on Shiva, he had to wander from forest to forest as a bull. When it fell on Ravana, he too had to become helpless and go to the shelter of death.

If Lord Shani sees someone in anger, then understand that his shield is divided. Hanumanji is the only deity on whom Shani has no effect and he also saves his devotees from his influence.

Judge is Shani

The elements of all the nine planets are present in the body. There is a difference between a planet and a deity, but the deity or the deity is considered to be the lord of the planets. That is why in ancient times everyone’s tasks were assigned.

It is believed that Sun is the king, Mercury is the minister, Mars is the commander, Saturn is the judge and Rahu-Ketu is the administrator. Similarly, Guru is the guide of the good path, the Moon the mother and the demonstrator of the mind, Venus is the wife for the husband and the husband and the semen force for the wife.

When a person commits a crime in the society, Rahu and Ketu under the orders of Shani become active to punish him. The punishment is given first in the court of Shani, later the case goes on for that if the behavior of this person is fine, then after the period of punishment, it should be made happy again or not.

Shani does not like this

Shani does not like to play gambling, betting, drinking alcohol, interest, indulge in adultery, unnatural sex, giving false testimony, torturing innocent people.

Shani does not like to do any work against someone behind one’s back, insulting uncle-aunt, parents, servants and guru, being against God, keeping the teeth dirty, freeing the imprisoned air of the basement, buffalo or Killing buffaloes, harassing snakes, dogs and crows etc.

Before going to the original temple of Shani, it is necessary to ban the above things, otherwise the offender is definitely punished for his crime.

Sign of inauspiciouS

Planet Saturn (not Shani Dev), the house or part of the house falls or gets damaged, otherwise the house is sold due to debt or quarrel. A sudden fire can happen. Wealth and property are destroyed in any way. Due to the bad effect of the planet Saturn, there is a problem in eyesight, hair, eyebrows, temples etc. The hair on the limbs falls out rapidly. Eyesight becomes weak. Premature teeth and eye weakness. Constipation and gas remain in the stomach all the time.

Sign of auspiciousness

If the planet Saturn is having a good effect on your body, then the person progresses in every field. There was no trouble in his life. Hair and nails are strong. Such a person is fair and has a lot of respect and respect in the society.


First of all worship Lord Bhairav. One can also chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for the peace of Shani. Sesame, urad, buffalo, iron, oil, black clothes, black cow, and shoes should be donated. Feed the crow with bread daily.

Do shadow donation, that is, take a little mustard oil in a bowl and see your face and keep it in Shani temple asking for forgiveness of your sins. Keep teeth clean Don’t get drunk Keep your stomach clean. Have good behavior with blind and handicapped, servants and sweepers.


Never donate copper or copper coin to a beggar if it is in the first house of the horoscope i.e. ascendant, otherwise the son will suffer.

If it is situated in the house of age, then do not get the Dharamshala built. Do not build or buy a house if it is in the eighth house. The above measures should also be done by asking a person knowledgeable of Lal Kitab.

Gotra of Shani Veda: Kashyap

Caste of Shani Dev: Kshatriya

Color of Shani Dev: Black, Blue

Vehicle of Shani Dev: Vulture, Buffalo

Other names of Saturn: Yamagraja, Chhayaatmaja, Nilakaya, Krura Kushanga, Kapilaksha, Akaisuban, Asitasauri and Pangu.

Now know the things of the planet Saturn

Direction of Saturn: Vayavya

Object of Saturn: Iron, Steel

Saturn Dress: Socks, Shoes

Animal of Saturn: Buffalo or buffalo

Tree of Saturn: Keekar, Aak, Palm tree

Sign of the planet Saturn: B.S.R. Soo, Ch.M. bruh.

Visit of Saturn: Two and a half years

Parts of the body of Saturn: Vision, Hair, Eyebrows, Temple

Profession related to Saturn: Blacksmith, Tarkhan, Cobbler and Machineman.

Effect of Saturn: Foolish, arrogant, artisan

The properties of the effect of the planet Saturn: seeing, guile, cunning, death, disease.

Power of Saturn Effect: Power to show magic spells, most powerful if it is with Mars.

Sign of Saturn: Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. It is considered exalted in Libra and low in Aries. Eleventh house pucca house.

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