India’s First Bullet Train is Passing Under the Sea

Under sea bullet train India: A 21 km long tunnel will be built in the High Speed ​​Rail Corridor for the bullet train running between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in India. Seven km of the tunnel will be under the sea. This is said to be the first tunnel to be built under the sea. Bullet train will run between Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

First train tunnel under the sea

According to the Indian Railways Ministry, this part of the High Speed ​​Rail Corridor to be built under sea will be between Bandra-Kurla Complex Shilphata stations in Maharashtra. The bullet train line will have a single tube tunnel to accommodate the up and down tracks.

39 Rooms under the sea

This part of the package will also include construction of 39 equipment rooms at 37 locations around the tunnel site. TBMs with a diameter of 13.1 m and a cutter head of K will be used for the construction of the tunnel. 

Cutter heads of five to six meters in diameter are generally used for urban tunnels used in metro systems. Three tunnel boring machines will be used to make about 16 km of the tunnel. The Lesser Austrian Tunneling System will be used for the remaining five km of tunnel.

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