I will be arrested in 3-4 days, PM Modi wants to stop – Manish Sisodia

New Delhi. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia held a press conference after the CBI raid, he termed the controversial new excise policy as the best policy. He said that we had implemented the policy with complete honesty. But LG intervened and changed it.

Targeting the central government, he said that my house was raided to stop Arvind Kejriwal. PM Modi wants to stop those who do good work. Meanwhile, he claimed that he would be arrested in the next two-four days.

He said that America’s largest newspaper New York Times had covered Delhi’s education model on the front page yesterday, it is a matter of pride for India. About 1.5 years ago another story was published on his behalf, in which Ganga was born.

Thousands of bodies were shown nearby. Sisodia said that there is no problem of liquor or excise center. Their problem is Arvind Kejriwal, their popularity. The action being taken against me is part of a conspiracy to stop Kejriwal. If liquor is the issue then why does CBI not go to Gujarat.

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