In today’s time everyone uses Computer / Laptop. Computer has become the need of everyone in today’s era. We use it for School, Colleges, Offices, Business Purposes and for household works at our home. But today in this post we will know about Computer shortcut keys.

We mostly do all our work with the mouse and use the mouse the most. Many of us use keyboard only for typing. There are many keys given in the keyboard. With the help of Shortcut Keys in Computer Keyboard, we can make our work much easier and faster. So let’s know  Computer shortcut keys.

Computer Shortcut Keys

We use many types of keys in the computer. Such as Basic Keyboard Shortcut Keys, Alternate Key (Alt), Function Shortcut Keys, Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys, Special Characters Shortcut Keys, Windows Shortcut Keys, Internet Browser Shortcut Keys. Come know about these computer shortcut keys.

Basic Keyboard Shortcut Keys | Control Shortcut Keys

This is the shortcut keys. Which we use the most in our daily life and we should know about them.

  • Ctrl + C: Can copy text, image or any file.
  • Ctrl + V: If any text, image or any file is copied. So you can paste it in any other place.
  • Ctrl + X: Cut any text, image or any file and move it to any other place.
  • Ctrl + A: Can fully select or highlight the page or document.
  • Ctrl + F: We use to find any word or sentence in any file, folder or browser. 
  • Ctrl + S: Used to save a selected text, document or file.
  • Ctrl + Z: Can bring back (Undo) the previous activity. 
  • Ctrl + P: Can print text, image or any document. 
  • Ctrl + N: Use it to create New Document or New Window. 
  • Delete: Used to delete a selected text, image, document or file. 
  • Shift + Delete: Used to permanently delete a selected folder, image, document or file.

Alternate Key (Alt)

We also use the Alt key a lot. Come know its Shortcut Combinations.

Alternate key
  • Alt + E: Can open the option of Edit in the current program.
  • Alt + F: Open the File menu in the current program.
  • Alt + F4: Can close a program or window.
  • Alt + Enter: Used to view Properties. 
  • Alt + Tab: Used to switch to the open program. 
  • Alt + Shift + Tab: Switch to the previous program
  • Alt + Print Screen: You can take a screenshot of the current program. 

Function Shortcut Keys

Function Keys are very important. And they have many functions/uses. This is a total of 12 keys. Come to know about them.

Function keys
  • F1: You can open the Help and Support Center of any program or software.
  • F2: Rename the selected file. 
  • F3: Press F3 in the computer or on the Internet browser. Then the Search Bar will open.
  • F4: If we press this Function key by doing Alt + F4. So any program or software will be closed. And if you press on Desktop, then the option of Shut Down Computer will come. 
  • F5: You can refresh the desktop. And if we have any website open in the browser, then we will be able to reload it. 
  • F6: If a website is open in Internet browser, then we can go directly to its address bar/URL. 
  • F7: Spell and Grammar check option can be used in Ms Word.
  • F8: This key is used while installing Windows in Computer/Laptop.
  • F9: You can refresh the document in Microsoft Word. With the help of this key.
  • F10: Select the menu of software or program.
  • F11: Can run any software, browser or application in Full Screen Mode.
  • F12: By pressing this in Ms Word, the option of Save comes.

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

We use Microsoft Word a lot. In this we have articles, paragraphs etc. And does many other things. In this also we do Shortcut Keys. Come to know about them.

  • Ctrl + B: Can bold and un-bold the text. 
  • Ctrl + I: Italicize the text. 
  • Ctrl + U: We can underline the text. 
  • Ctrl + K: With this we can create Hyperlink. 
  • Ctrl + L: Can Left Align Paragraph. 
  • Ctrl + R: Right Align Paragraph.
  • Ctrl + E: Align the paragraph to the center. 

Special Characters Shortcut Keys

We have to use special characters many times. Like (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ) ) we call them as Special Characters. And to put them, we need Shift + and here the symbol of the character we want is given on the number buttons of the keyboard. We have to press

Special characters shortcut keys
  • Shift + 1: Exclamation Mark ‘!’ Comes. 
  • Shift + 2: At the rate ‘@’ symbol appears. 
  • Shift + 3: Hashtag ‘#’ appears. 
  • Shift + 4: Dollar ‘$’ symbol appears. 
  • Shift + 5: Percentage ‘%’ mark appears.
  • Shift + 6: Caret ‘^’ symbol appears.
  • Shift + 7: Ampersand ‘&’ symbol appears.
  • Shift + 8: Asterisk ‘*’ mark appears.
  • Shift + 9: Left Parenthesis ‘(‘ comes up. 
  • Shift + 0: Right Parenthesis ‘)’ आता है।

Windows Shortcut Keys

Windows logo is given on the keyboard. With its help too, we can use many shortcut keys.

Windows shortcut keys
  • Windows Key + D: With this we can display and hide our desktop. 
  • Windows Key + E: Open Explorer with this. 
  • Windows Key + F: Can search Files and Folders.  
  • Windows Key + M: Minimize all Windows. 
  • Windows Key + R: Run Menu opens. 
  • Windows Key + F1: Windows Help and Support opens. 
  • Windows Key + Tab: Opens Task view. 
  • Windows Key + Break: System Properties opens. 
  • Windows Key + Up Arrow: Maximize the size of the current window. 

Internet Browser Shortcut Keys

We use Keyboard Shortcuts in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer web browsers to run the Internet in the computer. Due to which our work gets done quickly.

  • Ctrl + T: This will open a new tab. 
  • Ctrl + N: This will open a new window. 
  • Ctrl + I: This will allow us to see our favorites.
  • Ctrl + D: Add the current site to your favorites. 
  • Ctrl + P: Print the current page. 
  • Ctrl + J: Downloads can be seen.
  • Ctrl + H: You can see the history of your web browser. 
  • Ctrl + F4: Background tabs will be closed. 
  • Ctrl + Tab: Can switch tabs.
  • Ctrl + Shift + T: With this we will be able to open the tab which we had closed. 
  • Ctrl + Shift + Delete: We can delete the history of the web browser. 
  • Ctrl + (+ or -): Can increase or decrease the size of the page. 

FAQs For Computer Keyboard

Q1. How many buttons are there in a computer keyboard?

Standard keyboard has 104 keys . And in some keyboards nowadays, the number of keys is 3 or 4 more or less.

Q2. How many types of keyboards are there?

There are 3 types of keyboards : Normal Keyboard, Wireless Keyboard and Ergonomic Keyboard.

Q3. What is another name for keyboard?

Keyboard another name is same keyboard.

Q4. Who invented the keyboard and when?

The keyboard was invented by American scientist Christopher Latham Sholes in the year 1868.

What did you learn today?

Today we have read about Computer shortcut keys. That’s how Shortcut Keys save our time and our work also gets done quickly. Hope you have liked this information on Computer shortcut keys. I will continue to bring such information to you in future also. 

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