How to Make Money Online: 31 Ideas without Scams + Infographic

If you have searched in your favorite search engine: how to make money online…. You will have come across many things. Many platforms or blogs that promise you that you will earn hundreds of euros online every day.

I’m going to make things clear for you.

Very few ways will allow you to earn some significant money online. Unless you are willing to dedicate several hours to it every day and wait several months to start seeing the results of your efforts.

For the rest, stop fooling around and stop believing in Santa Claus. He doesn’t exist, sorry.

Together, we are going to review some  methods to earn money online. Later I will also tell you about some  scams  that you will often find on your way and that you have to avoid at all costs.

Only with your Internet connection

#1 Complete consumer and opinion surveys

It is about  answering paid surveys : you give your opinion and they give you money in return. Yes, it’s that simple!

The best known websites are:  Toluna  and also LifePoints , both available in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries  and the United States. Others like   i-Say  recommended for those who live in  Spain .

The main advantage of this method is that you do not need any special knowledge or previous experience. Here the important thing is your opinion.🙂

I tell you more about paid surveys, in this article .

#2 Read paid emails

If you want to know how to make money online but you’re a bit lazy, and you don’t want to bother too much, paid emails will be your favorite hobby.

Well… They will  pay you for reading emails .

Isn’t that great? Well, I have to tell you the truth. They are not going to give you money for reading YOUR emails, but the emails that some companies are going to send you.

Often, they will also ask you to register on a website or a contest. For this I have two tips for you: do not use your usual email account (create a new Gmail account for example) and after registering on these pages, do not forget to confirm your registration (generally, it is necessary to give click on some verification email).

Ok, now that I have convinced you, surely you want to know the websites that allow you all that. I mainly use these two that work great: Clickxti  and SumaClicks , both available all over the world.

Read this article to learn more  sites to earn money reading promotional emails .

# 3 Comprar con cashback

You’re going to freak it out!

There are  websites that give you money for… spending it .

Yes yes, just like that!

Well, it really consists of buying online with cashback.

For example, you buy an item at Zalando or Zara Online, some boots or jeans, and the cashback website gives you a part of your purchase back. It is usually between 2 and 10% of the total and can vary between each cashback page.

Among all the websites that exist, I recommend Beruby (available in Spain  and Latin America) and Aklamio  (only in Spain). They are the best known.

#4 Watch commercials

If you find it cool to answer surveys and read emails, then you will love this idea. It is about  seeing advertisements , or advertising banners to earn money online.

There are websites, like Neobux, that will give you money every time you visit their page and click on a banner. Those clicks usually make very little money, but you have to think big: what if you get 100 clicks in the same day? every day of the week? That’s the idea: generate lots of clicks.

But beware, I recommend this idea only if you have some free time during the day. Honestly, it is not a task that will generate a lot of money, so spend a little time on it.

#5 Bet on sports

Many think that sports betting is nothing more than scams and mafias. Others believe that it is necessary to always bet on the favorite team to win money. It is much more complicated than that, but yes, it can allow you to earn quite a lot of money if you follow the advice of the right experts .

Another way to earn money online and from home is with Matched Betting  (or Come Bonus). It is a mathematical technique that allows you to convert the bonuses offered by bookmakers into real money. For this you do not need to be an expert, but you can join the community  in Spain or Latin America and start earning extra money with this method. In addition, you can rest assured that it is a risk-free way to earn money online with bets, and the profit that can be achieved is up to € / $ 500 per month. Registration is free and you can win your first €15 (in Spain) or $20 (in Latin America).

#6 Play poker

If I talk to you about sports betting, I have to talk about poker.

Contrary to popular belief, poker is not about luck but about strategy . The best players know the probability that each card will appear, they know how to analyze the game of others and they take good care of their money; without getting excited and going all-in when it least suits them.

There are many resources online to learn how to play poker and be a professional.

And of course, there are also many online poker sites. I am not going to recommend any in particular, because I have not tried them.

If you are interested in betting and poker, take into account the recommendations on safe play .

# 7 Earn money online using applications

If you still do not know the applications that pay you to use them, do not worry. we fix that right now😉

There are several apps that pay you a few cents to watch videos, download apps and try them out, or just open the app.

One of my favorites is:  Gift Hunter Club (available for Android)

If you want to know more apps, I have prepared an article with a list of  Apps to earn money 😉

#8 Earn money doing missions

In addition to the applications that I mentioned above, there are also others that give you missions in supermarkets, stores or shopping centers,… and that pay you for them.

What kind of missions? For example, see if a product is well placed on the store shelf, if all versions are available or check prices. You take some photos, answer some questions and mission accomplished!

You can earn up to 5 euros per mission, but you have to be attentive because there are many people signed up and the missions end quickly.

I recommend these Apps:  Mobey  and  Clic and Walk , both available in Spain.

#9 Evaluate web pages

And what do you think about being paid to test and analyze some websites?

You can do this on sites like User testing , which pays up to $10 to test web pages.

The analysis of a website can take between 15 and 20 minutes and sometimes they may ask you to record yourself so that the owner of the website can have more information about the real user experience.

The only downside is that there are few reviews, but hey, getting paid $10 for 20 minutes isn’t bad either.

# 10 Earn money online with your social networks

You don’t have to be a movie star or have millions of followers. Become an influencer and promote products or services through your social networks.

In SocialPubli for example, you can register and according to your profile you have different campaigns available. You just have to share a message on your profile with your friends, as you usually do and that’s it. You get paid for the number of followers you have on your social networks.

My advice: only sign up for campaigns for products or services that you know about. You can’t, for example, say that some sneakers are the best, if your friends know that the only sport you practice is changing the channel… You understand me, right? You must remain yourself.

A few days ago, Ismael El-Qudsi, co-founder and CEO of, stopped by the  Money blog to answer some questions about how we can earn money online with social networks. Here is the full interview . Do not miss it.

Earn money online with your talent

how to make money online on youtube
Do you know these famous Ecuadorian Youtubers?

#11 Upload your videos to YouTube

Now we go to a much higher level, and you know it!

If you like  to be in front of the camera , be it to make others laugh or to share something about your passions, you should consider being a Youtuber.

I’m not going to sell you miracles: many people try and few succeed. But if you like it so much, surely it won’t cost you much work to film yourself and upload those videos.

Do you want to know how to make money online thanks to YouTube? In this article I will tell you.😉

# 12 Give private lessons remotely

We all have something to  share with others . You may not know it, but think about it.

Many of us have very precise knowledge on some subject, due to our experience and our studies. Surely you think that this is of no use to anyone, but you are wrong.

Because if you have this to propose, rest assured that there are people who seek to learn it.

What am I talking about? Well, to teach math, music, dance, sports, IT, history or any other subject that you like.

To discover how to earn money online by sharing your knowledge, I recommend these two pages, they are the best known: Tutellus and  Superprof .


This is possible thanks to Fiverr . On this website you can offer your services, or buy services from others, for at least 5 dollars in any category.

For example, if you are good at drawing cartoons you can propose to make one for 5 dollars. Or you can compose a romantic song for 5 dollars, or make a video promoting a product,….

And you, what are you willing to do for 5 dollars?

How to make money online writing

Do you like to write? Do you want  to earn money writing  ?

Here are several ways to make money online with your passion for writing.

Earn income online
Get comfortable and start typing.

#14 Fix Items

Let’s start with the “simple”. In some  freelancing websites , there are companies or bloggers looking for people to correct their texts, they can be advertising texts, articles or brochures.

You who know the Spanish language well and handle it well, perhaps this is your opportunity to earn some extra money online for correcting the spelling and grammar mistakes of others.

#15 Write articles

That is the next step. You can  write for other magazines or blogs . Many sign up for freelancing sites, such as Freelancer ,  to seek help writing their content.

And there you are, to write for them. They will give you the topic that interests them, with their writing rules, and you just have to write.

Well, I’m not going to lie to you: you won’t always be asked to write about your passions. You may be asked for 500 words on the pros and cons of using a knife sharpener, but it’s part of the profession.

#16 Translate texts, messages or contracts

We have only talked about content writing. But what if you also  speak several languages ? Well, many things could happen, because more and more translators are needed.

Therefore, if you speak any language, you can propose your translation service.

And no, you don’t have to be an official translator. What happens is that surely you will not be able to offer the same rates as them, but anyway to start in this world, it is not very serious.

Are you a blogger?

I could have put it in the previous section, but it really requires some separate advice.

So if you already have your blog, or if you have read a lot about  blogging , and you are looking for how to make money online and  with your blog , this section is for you.

have a blog and earn money
If you already have a blog, start earning money

#17 Help bloggers start their own blog

Whether or not you make money from your blog is one thing. But  you know how to blog . So I suggest you propose your  help services to other bloggers .

For example, you could help them choose the best hosting, or install a new WordPress, or configure different plugins. But you can also recommend a template or even customize the template they have already chosen.

Once they have launched the blog, you can also give them advice on positioning and the right social media strategy for their topic.

You see? The possibilities are almost endless. If you look at any freelancing website, there are many offers of this type.

#18 Put advertising on your blog

Generally, the easiest way to make money online with a blog is to use  Google Adsense . This tool allows you to display advertisements on your blog and you receive money in exchange for each click on these advertisements. Something between 5 and 50 cents per click.

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about how to choose the ads, or knowing which are the best ads for your audience, … because Google takes care of everything.

All you have to do is install the code for these ads on your blog, and voila!

In general, you can expect to earn between 2 and 8 euros for every 1000 page views of your blog.

#19 Promote other people’s services and products

It is the « higher » level of monetization of your blog. It is about recommending and promoting the services and products of other people or companies.  

Perhaps it is more difficult than a simple  Google Adsense , because you have to find the best offers for your audience. But the good thing is that you have more control over what you put, you can choose your favorite products, or the ones that will give you the most commissions for each registration.

Of course, this form of monetization usually gives much better results.

Some examples of what you can promote:  Amazon products , Groupon offers, Skyscanner flights…

# 20 How to make money online publishing your articles as usual

For you as a blogger, banner ads and affiliation can work quite well… but not so much for advertisers.

So these have had to be original and innovative. For a few years, they have decided  to pay bloggers  to talk (for good) about their product or service.

The content is embedded directly within a blog post, and highlights the benefits of the advertiser.

In exchange, you get a fixed sum of money.

My advice: you better be  transparent  with your audience and mention in your article that you have been paid to share your opinion.

# 21 Create and sell info products to generate income online

If you don’t know how to make money online, here’s another good idea:  info products.

Infoproducts are digital products with training or information on a specific topic. For example: finances, blogging, travel guides, personal development… Any topic is valid, but it should always be aimed at helping other people.

It seems very simple, right? But you have to know how to do it well so that this product becomes one of your sources of money. Therefore, I think it is important to know how the experts do it. In my case, I have followed Agustín Grau’s course. A very complete course where he explains in a clear and simple way how you can also “ Create infoproducts and generate income ”.

How to make money online selling things

If we often use the Internet to buy, we can also use it to sell things. Here are some ideas:

#22 Sell what you no longer use

Actually, this activity does not take place online but there are so many opportunities to do it online that it would be a shame not to say anything.

So what am I talking about? To  sell your used clothes !

You are right. Because if you’re like me, and you look in your closet, you’ll see that you haven’t  worn half your clothes for centuries . So… sell it!

There are many websites, online markets, and even pages to donate what you no longer need.

So you agree, right? Selling what you no longer use (and among other things, your used clothes) is one of the many ways to earn money online.

#23 Sell your photos

Is your hobby photography? How many photos do you have archived and have not yet come to light?

Show your talent now!… and earn money online.

There are several image banks where you can sell your photos . It is very simple.

You register in an image bank, for example Shutterstock or Fotolia. You upload the photos you want to sell and that’s it. You get between 20 and 50% of the price of the photo (the other part stays with the website). Some websites evaluate the quality of the photographs before accepting them.

My advice: Don’t put very high prices, think that it is better and more likely to sell many photos at lower prices than to sell one at a higher price.

#24 Sell your notes and other documents

Yes, this is also possible to sell online.

What notes and documents can you sell?

  • University notes.
  • Resume templates, motivation letters.
  • Contract templates
  • Business plans
  • Etc, etc,…

You can earn between 1 and 5 euros per document, depending on the quality and number of downloads.

In Spain these are the best known pages: MisDocs (all kinds of documents) and Stuvia (for university notes).

#25 Sell your own e-book

If writing is your thing, let your imagination run wild and start writing right now.

Write an adventure book, a romantic novel or maybe you like science fiction more… Whatever the subject, once you have written your e-book you can sell it through platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle.

Okay, I’m not saying it’s easy. You have to write, make yourself known, and sell your book. But an e-book has many advantages: anyone in the world can buy it with just one click, you don’t have to invest money or accumulate copies at home.

It can be the beginning of a successful career as a writer or writer.🙂

Create your own online business

Online business and generate income
Start your own online business

# 26 Create your own virtual store

You don’t need to be an expert programmer to set up your own online store. And it is that thanks to platforms like Facebook or Pinterest; and marketplaces like Etsy or Dawanda, you can have your virtual showcase in a few minutes.

Once you have your product catalog you can start selling to customers from anywhere in the world, or define where you want to sell.

What can you sell?

In the marketplaces that I mentioned before, mainly handmade products are sold .

But if you don’t have your own creations, you can also sell other people’s products. In this article, I’ll tell you what sells the most on the Internet .

# 27 Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become one of the best options to earn money online with your own business but without having to buy the products first.

I explain…

Dropshipping allows you to sell through a web page, passing the purchase order directly to the supplier, who will also be in charge of sending the product to the buyer.

The advantages: You don’t have to buy and accumulate merchandise in advance so there is no risk of losing money if nobody buys it. You do not have to take care of shipping the orders. But you must have trusted suppliers, who fulfill the orders and in case of an incident you must intervene.

Work as a freelancer

It is increasingly common to hire professional services for work or specific projects without the need for a specific geographical location. For example, before I told you that you can do translations to earn money online.

In this section I want to talk to you about other specific jobs that you can do from home or from anywhere in the world to earn money online.

How to get money on internet
Work as a freelance from anywhere in the world

#28 Designer

Designers are highly sought after by different companies, for example to create logos, book covers, magazine covers, catalogues,…

But they are also demanded by some bloggers to give their blog a new image or create covers.

The tasks of a designer are many, and the best thing is that you can do it from anywhere.

# 29 Programming a WordPress

If you are a WordPress expert and you know it like the back of your hand, then give a hand to the bloggers who are a bit lost on this topic.

Perhaps for you, it is something very simple, but for those of us who do not know we do not dare to touch code issues.🙂

There is more and more demand for WordPress programmers, so if you are one of them you will find many opportunities.

#30 Are you an SEO crack?

We move on to talk about other experts, which we bloggers also like: SEO experts.

SEO services are increasingly in demand and with the same objectives: increase your visits and be the first in searches.

If you have specialized training and you know the best tricks to be the best on the Internet, don’t hesitate. I assure you that opportunities will not be missing.

#31 Become a Community manager

Another profession that in recent years has been very successful.

But why? Because social networks are a very valuable tool to promote yourself and attract new customers or readers. This is why it is very important to know how to manage them.

Large companies, small businesses and blogs need expert people who know how to manage the content on the different social networks.

If you know how to deal with people and you know social networks better than anyone, this may interest you😉

The most common scams

As I told you in the introduction, when you Google how to make money online, numerous scams appear. They will try to  manipulate you, make you believe anything and even use your  urgent need for  money to… make you spend what little money you already have.

So read this section carefully. I promise you it will stop you from spending money on scams.

Because never forget: the best way to earn money is not to spend the money you already have.

Let’s get to the point.

  • First of all, if something looks too pretty, it probably isn’t. There are no  miracles ,  secrets , or  tricks  to earn  big  money  easily . Perhaps you can earn a lot of money (in several years) or earn money easily (a few euros) but of course both things at the same time is impossible. So, avoid all these scam sites.
  • Do  they ask you for money before anything else ? As we have already said several times in this blog, you should never pay money before accessing a service, a list of services or whatever.
  • In spite of everything, if you want to pay money, make sure that the page uses  reliable payment methods  such as  PayPal , and that it offers you a  guarantee to the buyer , which will allow you to cancel your payment and get a refund if the product or service is not of your pleasantless.
  • Beware  of multilevel marketing ! There are very reliable companies and people in this world, but there are also people who only want one thing: to make money at all costs. Even if they have to ask others for money and swindle them. So, before joining a network  marketing company , try to find information about this company, success stories of people making money just by selling products (and not by recruiting other members)

There are other scams on the Internet that you should know about,  read this article  where I tell you everything in more detail.

Infographic: 31 methods to generate income online

Here you have all these ideas summarized in this infographic.

Use it as your guide on this path to earn money online and achieve your goal.😉

It’s your turn

Now, you know more ideas and you have no excuses. If someone asks you how to make money online, this article you are reading is your reference. So share it with all your friends, your family, your dog, your teacher, your grandmother, your neighbor, … with everyone right now. They will thank you.

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